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When we see through our hearts, we recognize that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to be courageous, to look and listen deeply, to find the sparks, gather and release them back into the universe, transformed into something new. Join me as we wake up to the sacred-ordinary blessings waiting to greet us each and every day.


Sunday, February 6, 2011


There is a fracture in a windowpane above Gordon’s side of the bed. It has always been there; well, since before we moved into this 5O+ year old house ten years ago.

The glass is cold. I tentatively trace the uneven indentation for the first time, with my finger.

All these years lying in the bed beneath and never did it occur to me to touch it, until this moment. Curious how we can see something for years, but avoid really connecting with that thing, thought, person, emotion. I don’t know the story of the crack. I’m not even sure of what the story of never touching it before now is (or if there really IS a story), but it is interesting to contemplate, what draws us to something, what we feel indifferent about, and what repels us.

Curiosity opens us to awareness.  Awareness opens us to alternate possibilities, answers and questions we may not have considered before. Thank you small fracture in the window for being my muse today, for inviting me to take a second look and a third, for not cutting my finger as I traced you, and for being too illusive to photograph so that I am left with a bit of mystery to steep myself in today.

And now for something completely different…
the mysterious back of my head!!!  
Fresh haircut and luscious red color, ‘cause a girl’s gotta have fun! “Hair-therapy”, does wonders for body, mind, heart, and soul! I wouldn't want you should think I'm always serious and don't know how to play. It seems my posts have been pretty heavy of late and not a complete representation of my wholeness. Yes friends, I have a zany side...the flip on the bottom is actually a stripe that is redder in real life, (like too red for real life!) than it appears in this self portrait. I think the flash washed it out a bit, oh well. And a close up of my pixie ear, and yes a matching red stripe in the bangs. (no make-up, because what would be the point with all that color on top???)

And since it's Macro Monday, and I'm feeling kind of silly:


  1. You look maaahvelous! The red looks so good on you, and in the middle of winter who couldn't use a little color? I've been wearing bright-colored turtlenecks to offset my silver hair.

  2. Made me laugh. :)

    The crack in the window pane was interesting. 10 yrs. of living there and never thought to touch it before now. How much we must miss in our every day lives...

  3. I love your hair, it matches your spirit. Gorgeous hair and a great macro!

  4. Love the rich beautiful color of your hair! I especially appreciate the sassy streaks of RED RED. It makes me happy to see it! YAY!

  5. A gorgeous haircut and color! Wow. I like your thoughts on the window. I am thinking now of the many things I have lived with but have not questioned--but should have! And why. Thanks for getting my mind to work.

  6. With that beautiful pixie cut, you're ready to go and play with all the faeries, sprites and brownies down at the bottom of the garden (as the Brits say)!

  7. Yep. Red is your color; it looks good on you, As for me, I am embracing the gray as it comes in. I like it; It looks like I've streaked my hair.

    Totally understand ignoring a crack in a window. My kitchen window has had a major crack in it for nearly ten years!

  8. nothing like a treat at the hairdressers... your hair looks lovely!!!

  9. Wonderful post for my Monday morning. Yes indeed, I have many such experiences, where we simply just accept something being present in our reality, however simple or mundane, without questioning or investigating it. Until one day it occurs to us that it is indeed there as we see it in a new way, as it suddenly represents something profound...
    LOVE your new hair! I wish I was brave enough to cut my hair short.;) I have had a few urges to try to have short hair, but it simply is not me.;) So my hair has not been cut for half a decade and the tip reaches way low, almost touching the back of my thighs.;) That red is absolutely gorgeous.;)
    Have a wonderful Monday dear Laura,

  10. Dear Laura,

    THANK YOU so much for being silly this morning and making me feel silly too. *****
    At least a five star post.
    And of course the being serious bit at the start is very helpful as well.
    Recognition as a first step, facing up and/or taking on board second.

    Marvellous new hair style.

  11. You are right, we see so many things but don't really "see" them...I will look at old pictures and see something in them that I never noticed before...people that don't see the little's very often will see them and exclaim about how big they have grown and I hadn't even really they are right in front of me and while I know their clothes are getting too small and such, I really don't see how much they've grown until someone else points it out.

    I LOVE your looks so good on are surely are a beautiful woman inside and out. (((Laura)))

  12. You are redder than i! I love it girl!, Glad to see the humorous side of you, i love looking at the un-obvious inlife. I miss you and love you sweetie!!

  13. I love your hair - once I used to have mine cut very short and, yes, very red - too red for real life:)
    It suits you!
    Have a great day:)

  14. Your hair is great! If I were going to change my hair color, I'd be a redhead.
    I, too, appreciate the shift in awareness that causes us to look closely at something we've previously overlooked. New insight is always instructive.

  15. What a beautiful, insightful, and fun post! :-) I loved the writing on the fracture, how "Curious how we can see something for years, but avoid really connecting with that . . . " Wonderful awareness of following the curiosity, the image, the depths.

    And to 'top' it off (ha!) with the hair is great; love it -- and I colored my hair that shade many years ago and it was so much FUN! Good for you! (((BIGHUG)))

  16. LOVING that short cut. Loving even more the red racing stripes. Loving more than that, your zany side : )

  17. It's true. Sometimes we just awaken to something that has been in our lives all along. Great food for thought.

    I too am ready for haircut therapy. I couldn't pull off a head of red hair, but I'm happy to just cover the grey and help the mirror lie to me. I've always suspected a playful side to you, how else could you be so sensitive.

  18. I love your hair, both the cut and the color!

    It is amazing what we don't see until we do. Some people never see at all, or at least beyond their own boxes. Your seeing is one of your many gifts.

  19. Love your hair
    Think of something like this for myself :)
    Thought at 60 I would get a tatoo -
    Did not
    Will probably do nothing.../
    You make me smile
    on this snowy day...

  20. I love that you didn't share a picture of the fractured glass. Sometimes it's fun to let the imagination draw a picture of what that fractured glass would look like for each of us.

    BTW, the picture of the sunset over the bridge is not mine, simply borrowed:) I'm grateful someone else did capture what I was trying to express with words. Lucky me!

  21. the red is wonderful! I loved reading your post today. I too notice things suddenly that have been there forever....we humans are so interesting are we not?

  22. Red racing stripes - Vrroom! Vrroom! I always felt you were a playful sprite of a soul; the playful among us seem to often be the strongest and bravest and most adaptable, too. Not rigid and unyielding, but ready to play and laugh and live life fully!
    Perspectives are interesting; I was on the floor doing some yoga in my bedroom yesterday morning and noticed things from that point of view that I don't usually see (like dust on the baseboards!). Reminds me that looking at things from a different angle gives us a different perspective. Have to ask: when you washed that window, did you ever trace that crack?

  23. Laura, Your new cut is beautiful--artfully cut and even more artfully colored...Color on hair does a lot to boost well-being--I love getting "lowlights" of various colors in my grey-white hair.

    About the crack in the window. I had a sense of deja-vu when I read this--I have these experiences every so often where I encounter an object or a person and I see them in a way that I have never before seen them--although they may have been there all along offering an opportunity for insight.

  24. ooh what a ravishing red
    perhaps the new do helped you see things clearly

  25. Ah, hair therapy! I engage in that as well! Nothing like a new do or even just a bit of a trim to make you feel like a million bucks! I love you color too!

  26. Very shiny color! Mine's a bit dull. And a small bald spot up top has chosen to visit me. But that can be your and my little secret.

    We have a couple cracked panes too. I almost never think of them. Mysterious in their origin indeed.


  27. Everything about this is light.

    ( and my red is a little dreary of late.. perhaps I need some zany. )

  28. With my grey hair, I salute your colour!


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