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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frost Feathers

Let me

keep my mind on what matters,

which is my work,

which is mostly standing still and learning to be 

~Mary Oliver (excerpt from her poem Messenger)


To sit still.

To witness.

To listen. 

To pay attention to the sweet sighing snores of the cat sleeping on a sweater in a dresser drawer.

To notice the breath of cold air that slips beneath the thin space between window sash and sill, a startling chill upon my neck as I meditate in the quiet before my family stirs.

To be present to the frost feathers that formed on the glass pane above my bed overnight, as I open my eyes and turn my face toward morning.

Amazed by the delicate crystals that were not there when I laid down the night before.

Yet here they are, a gift waiting for my eyes to unwrap in the soft glow just past dawn.

I too am learning this lesson in my slowed down life. 

I savor these moments of Yirah, awe.

Astonished by the beauty of simply being alive 
-and awake. 

This is my work too.

I am joyful, 

Thank you to my friend Carol Egan for introducing me to the poem "Messenger" this past week

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  1. Beautiful words....
    This morning I prayed for you - like I have since becoming aware of you - every morning and evening - did I find you or did you find me?
    I told the Lord - she is so young, the age of one of my children.
    Please place your healing hand on her....she is such a blessing to so many who read her words. Her dear husband and daughter's need her - please heal her. You have answered every prayer I have ever prayed. Maybe not in the way I expected but you answered and the peace came. So I am asking and believing you will grant my wish.

  2. Lovely quote from Mary oliver

  3. "learning to be astonished"...
    such a natural state when we're two!
    relearning...with a headset and while standing
    still rather than rushing from one awakening
    to another, savoring each slice of silence and
    each spark of light

    good work shared.

  4. Last night, my sweet old 70lb dog crawled up on the couch, and snuggled into a pile of cloths fresh out of the dryer. In the past I would have been a bit upset that he was on top of so many clean clothes, but I just sat in awe of his breathing as he fell asleep.

    The poem & your words are wonderful reminders to continue to be still & to take enough time to simply be astonished by all the beauty that IS.

    thank you!

  5. Beautiful...I think some of the best moments in life are unexpected and only as a result of us slowing down and being aware of what is around us...our culture teaches us to move quickly but we miss blessings when moving too quickly.

  6. Beautiful post this morning. Mary Oliver is my favorite poet - and your words are as beautiful as the frost fingers on your window!

  7. Beautiful words, both yours and Mary's. The ability to feel awe and gratitude is one of God's greatest gifts to us. Thank you so much for sharing yours.

  8. Yes, to be is enough and to be in awe is marvelous. Lovely writing Laura.

  9. Mother Nature (or should I commend Jack Frost) make the most beautiful impressions...

    Gorgeous quote and simply beautiful poem, Laura.

  10. I have just discovered your blog, as I also discovered an illness in my own body which has set my life upside down. As I await surgery, I am looking and listening differently. A song I keep hearing, that I don't like much but one line keeps hitting me : Live like you're dying. Anyway, your words are comforting me at this time in my life, and I thank you for that. Lois from Ontario

  11. Oh Laura, your reflections on these verses are as precious as Mary's poem. I am so moved by you.. Blessings to you dear one. May you be healthy. May you be strong. xo

  12. I love the poem and how you put it into practice. Beautiful :o)

  13. Yes . . . "learning to be astonished" . . . "a gift for my eyes to unwrap" upon waking . . . lovely sharing. _/\_

  14. Simply and earnestly put Laura, I loved reading this, have gone through it three times and still finding new meaning here.

  15. So beautiful and so temporary ... Lovely photo and words too

  16. sigh and i am finding my way back to the peace of that slowed down life...thank you for the smiles...

  17. Such beauty and wisdom in each of these words knitted together...I am learning to appreciate and just be in these moments in which life slows down because of my high pain stop fretting about the pain or what isn't getting just take in what is before me...sometimes I forget...and then I am reminded of the gift of the moment...I've been thinking about you Laura...praying...hoping...sending you love and hugs...(((Laura)))

  18. I stand astonished at these beautiful words, how you see the simple things that are important instead of placing importance on the things that are nothing.....

  19. I didn't know this poem by Mary Oliver, and it wasn't in either of the books I have of her poems. I found it online...and it suits you, Laura. You live the line, "My work is loving the world." Thank you ~

  20. I love the title -- "Frost Feathers." A quietly beautiful poem.

  21. What a beautiful image. And a poignant sentiment - sometimes standing still means that we are moving plenty within our perception...
    Have a lovely, tranquil day dear Laura,

  22. I can feel love and mindfulness as we continue to respond one being at a time. What we do now will impact our tomorrow and beyond. Laura, you have a beautiful heart full of compassion for yourself and others. You have passed that love onto me and I deeply Thank you. Cindy

  23. Excellent photo and beautiful words. I also love this - To pay attention to the sweet sighing snores of the cat sleeping on a sweater in a dresser drawer.

  24. awe. I love this word.

    blessings to you, beautiful one.

  25. And I am awed and inspired by this post that just made me sigh and glide into a bubble of my own.. where everything was calm... where I all I do is sit, reflect and appreciate it all... just for being there..

    thanks for this superbly relaxing One Shot, Laura!! It was a delight to the sense.. just what I needed!!

  26. I enjoyed it.. its so beautiful.. and made my day ... thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay


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