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Friday, February 18, 2011

Reflecting on the Sacred-Ordinary

Belin, four and a half-Rosie eighteen months

I read these thoughts at Trains, Tutus and Tea Time, earlier this week: "And I feel myself falling into the dailiness. The chores and motherhood and marriage. And faith.” These words woke up ghostly window reflections into the past for me; the feeling of being caught and lost in the daily-ness when my kids were small. (Not all the time, we had lots of love and fun...but if you were/are a parent, you may have had similar thoughts and feelings from time to time.) I would wonder about the repetitive, mundane nature of my life, as I cleaned up the table, counters and floors for the billionth time in a day, stickiness everywhere, cheerios mocking me from corners. I’d trip over toys in my young mother brain-fog, they seemed to make a daily pilgrimage, a trail of dolls, chunky-board-books, blocks, dress-up shoes, fairy wings, tutus and  yes trains, winding through the few rooms of our tiny, two bedroom condo ending in a reverential altar of toddler joy, beneath our circular café table in the closet-sized, sunny kitchen. Exhausted from my little one fussing through the night and waking early (I was not a lover of sunrise at that time in my life) faced with my "big girl," all blue eyes, blond curls and endless curiosity she was armed with an on-slaught of insightful run-on-sentences that began with “Momma, why? How come? When? What if?”...Accompanied by my own silent query to God "Is this IT?”

And for a long time that WAS it... well it felt long and tedious THEN...but now my little girls are rapidly approaching adulthood. At seventeen and fourteen, in hindsight, it seems only a short while has passed, and it is precisely the daily-ness I crave and delight in.

Our routines that have been disrupted and simplified in the past two years since I’ve gotten so much sicker, feel more like sacred rituals than ordinary minutia.  The way the girls greet me in my bedroom after school to share the "stories” of their day. Taking a damp paper towel to the sink basin to remove the toothpaste that no one else seems to see. Even the sharp, irritating sound of the alarm clock and the "Sorry Mom," as the light switches on in a mad search for socks from the ‘common sock basket’ (that has lived in Mom & Dad’s bedroom forever), while I'm meditating in the formerly darkened room… all of this feels holy to me. 

Each moment a blessing as it quietly evaporates. It is these sacred-ordinary exchanges and observations I cherish, and must relinquish to memory, one by one; old photographs, the only proof of what is now gone, except for the sweet, sticky-finger residue that I never want to wipe away from the kitchen table of my heart.

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Thank you Corinne for stirring sweet memories and inspiring this post:)


  1. Your words obviously hit places in my heart :) It's really beautiful to hear stories of dailiness from the other end of parenting... and it's almost comforting to know that it still exists :)

  2. Oh yes, old photographs are all that remain..I went through many yesterday, my thoughts through the night.
    Your daughter's are beautiful.
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  3. "Each moment a blessing as it quietly evaporates. It is these sacred-ordinary exchanges and observations I cherish, and must relinquish to memory, one by one; old photographs, the only proof of what is now gone, except for the sweet, sticky-finger residue that I never want to wipe away from the kitchen table of my heart."

    hauntingly beautiful my dearest friend...these words written and the rest heart aches with joy and sorrow all the a mama...i know and feel such emotions deeply...even thought mine are still a wee bit younger the time spent in those early years...go by the quickest...i often speak with my husband about such...where the first five years went with our second...i sometimes feel he never recieved the time our first becomes so much more busy and yes a constant battle to keep a home orderly...yet when we look back would we do it differently??? possible but the time has passed and all we can do is hold on to the minutes that are now...i have learned along the way...a house has to be a in which all feel only if the dishes remain after dinner for the sake of playing with one then so be it...if someone happens to drop by and see a mess...well tis life...turn your head or do something about it...hehehe...accepting this for me was quite freeing...i thank you for these words as they will act as a reminder for me in the days ahead...they grow so quickly...

    i thank you once more for all of your strength and blessings and love you have sent forth to me...a beacon of light you are in my days and forever grateful i am to have you walk this journey with well my dearest friend...much love light and blessings always shining brightly upon you and yours~

  4. My sweet sweet Laura,
    What a beautiful post! Memories those are which can only be back when visiting that kitchen table of our heart (oh- how I loved that!)
    This proves once again how badly we must enjoy every 'present' second of our lives...I am still living that period of time when dinosaurs and cars and flying saucers and the like fill up my house... it feels so weird when he is not here and everything is tidy and clean...

    Hugs- and hoping you enjoy the most of it, jut the way it is... as i know you do


  5. "Common sock basket" -- interesting concept!

  6. This was truly beuatiful dear Laura. Sadly, I am not a mother, but I can feel the sentiments and imagine the love in my perception, all the emotions you describe, the ties of a family, the bonds between mother and daughters.
    Love the picture, how cute are they...
    Have a lovely weekend,

  7. A lot of people overlook the extraordinary inside the ordinary and it's such a shame.

    This was beautiful, Laura.

  8. This post resonates deeply with my soul...having done this already...this mommy gig of the daily mundane tasks..."lost in the daily-ness" with each day blending into the next...looking back on those years of my 5 children growing up I can now say it happens so quickly...those tasks that seem endless came to an end and oh how I missed them in the quietness and cleanness of my house...

    ..having them grown and gone I experienced an emptiness but was okay with it as I ever so slowly moved on to the next phase of my life and was excited to experience "my time"...of hot bubble baths while reading a good book in silence and sipping on a glass of one pounding on the it was during that time that I realized what I missed most was the small moments I had shared with my children..the every day moments that get missed if you are not paying attention.

    As you know my story doesn't end there...meeting the love of my life had me filled with excitement over all that we planned on doing together...3 weeks after our wedding when little lady was born and I thought this is just a little bump in the each week passed and her and little man were more mine than her' more time passed and the more it became reaility that I am a mommy again I came to accept this new here I am with a new mommy gig and fresh perspective..after having done this from start to finish already I look at everything so differently...I now know the importance of the small moments, the mundane and the time you put into being I am again surrounded by daily messes, sticky fingers and faces and hand printed windows...and yes the day's get exhausting and monotonous...but I've learned to enjoy every bit of it and them...each moment is a blessing that will eventually evaporate into the next...the other night as I held my little girl while she vomited and shook from being cold, I couldn't help but know this was a priviledge to be there with her...these sacred moments of being in the depths of what it means to be a parent do not always come when it is convenient...thank you for sharing where you are at...your girls are so beautiful Laura and as you describe what life is like with them it makes me smile...thank you Laura for reminding me to keep enjoy and appreciating the mundane..the every day...sending you much love and hugs my friend...9(((Laura)))

  9. You so get it , Laura.
    I continually inspired by how to live so intentionally.

  10. And Corinne is one of my favourite bloggers !

  11. A great post! The cute girls in the photo and the great words.

  12. Yes, when I go through the photos of my boys when they were young I often find myself reflecting on those days, the days when we enjoyed each other and the days when I was overwhelmed and short tempered. I wish that I could say that there were few of the latter but alas, no. I wish I could go back and be as patient with my sons as with my grandson Michael but then, Michael is special and little is expected of him.

  13. The picture says it all, reflections of a mother's heart! Beautiful Laura.

  14. Laura, this is a sweet outpouring, so much more profound than my "reflection" post you visited today. I am not a mother, yet I understand the value of living mindfully in the present and authentically. Each day, if not each hour, has it's own specialness. Beautiful reflective post.

  15. One of your most beautiful posts yet. So often in life we do a thing for the last time without knowing it's the last, without awareness that we'll never do that thing again. And when we live each moment, treasure it, revel in it, as fully as possible, the sting of never-again is lessened considerably.

    You have gorgeous girls!

  16. Such an adorable photo of your girls when they were little... and you always do such a marvelous job putting words to my life for me ;)

  17. So beautifully written. I especially love the last lines about not wanting to wipe away the stickyness from the kitchen table of your heart. Your daughters are so beautiful!!!!!!! And it sounds like they are very compassionate. So lovely. Enjoy each moment, it all goes by so quickly.

  18. How lovely. Somehow the difficulty of those endless early days (and nights!) fades away, leaving the whisps of memories and the sense that perhaps we didn't hold on quite closely enough when they were here.

    PS What is it with the toothpaste? Why can't anyone but a mom ever see it? Sigh...

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  19. You are wise to appreciate the moments while you have them, rather than mourning their loss once they are gone.

  20. As always you say it all beautifully. It is funny because I was just thinking that with my children one 21 and the other almost 18 and going off to college...I realize how much I miss the time when they were little and we would sit and cuddle watching TV or reading a book.
    Now even if they around it is so different.

  21. Lovely, lovely ... I most love dailiness. Some may like drama and Important Things To Do, but I love dailiness and routine, moving through life with equanimity, ease and comfort. It's said that we can most hear the voice of the Divine in the quiet and stillness; God doesn't shout. The ordinary dailiness of cleaning toothpaste from the sink can be a simple time of reflection. One day, the girls won't be running in, turning on lights; one day, they'll only be sweet, sticky memories.

  22. How beautifully you express this gift of being a parent. It does go by so quickly.

  23. Laura,
    Boy does this post hit home!

    Thanks for providing me with new eyes, a different way to appreciate what is.

    We lived in a tiny two bedroom condo too, until my second daughter was 6 months old. xo

  24. These are beautiful memories, although I'm sure it was very difficult at the time. The gift really is to see that there is no such thing as Ordinary. It's all a miraculous unfolding and deserves our notice and attention.

  25. ...the sacred rituals...

    ...sticky finger residue that I neve want to wipe away from the kitchen table of my heart.

    Wow. As I wipe the tears away from my eyes, I thank you.

  26. Many of us don't see the happiness in our lives until we don't have it.Sometimes I see an exhausted parent and tell them in five years you will miss this.

  27. Beautiful. Yes, it's the everyday things that make life rich. My own children are now young adults. Those years when they were little flew by, and I miss them. But I also relish seeing these "kids" mature into individuals with unique gifts to bring to the world.

    Parenting is a blessing.

  28. This is a wonderful post. Congratulations on being chosen as a POTW.

    I can't tell you how many times I stop and wonder, "Where did those years go?" They were good years and we had lots of fun. But I wish I'd taken more time to really, really live in those moments.


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