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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silence: an Offering

Abstractions 25

What is this gift called silence we offer up?

How can its’ kiss assist us?

Will it carry us beyond mere words to meanings, embedded in the cold embers

of an ancient vision?

Dive deep into the fire and trust.

Yes trust

that Breath will return

your cache of secrets safely

to your humbled room of memories.

But only if you trust

that silence is indeed a gift we offer ourselves.

Inhale this silent, sacred smoke that draws us nearer to God.


Stories untold, unfold in this realm of eyes wide open,

seeing beneath the surface-between the flames.

Again dive deeper and trust exactly what you know.

this unspoken life,

these longings written upon your heart,

lists on torn paper,

tattered wings,

collaged together with more


-such sticky glue.

Your tumble and flow emerging,

with multi-layered messages.

Feathered images at once entangled and estranged

struggle free to meet again

face to face,

re-arranging themselves to bring  sudden clarity.

Falling up.

Fluttering bits of ash rising into eternal sky

And then-

internal lightning flashes


spidery fingers

-bright veins against a charred gray mindscape.



And all of this began with silence.

But have I listened well enough?

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My hands are a little better so far this morning, but my right foot is still kind of fiery. I've been a little crabby the last couple of days, well, I guess that is simply being disappointed. You know, I feel pretty good for a few days and then like *%&**#!!! for a few days...that's bound to make anybody cranky, no matter how much we practice mindfulness and lovingkindness. The yo-yo body-voice-drop in energy thing is tough to be with. I'm doing the best I can, but my frustration tipping point is really off balance, so I am watching that, saying I'm sorry a lot when I snap at poor Gordon, and he knows I mean it. Little things for example, like a post publishing in advance (accidentally), even though I set the schedule on the blog for a few days from now...annoying computer software glitch...that once I took a few breaths was easy to fix, but in the moment a flash of anger rose up and I blew up at the computer and then poor Gord who walked into the room just as it happened so I snapped at him...I mean seriously? Yelling at a laptop? Including my beloved in my umbrella of annoyance, just because he walked in at that moment? Well that was yesterday. Hopefully today will be better, calmer.

Today's post is a poem I wrote last year that some of you might have read in the past. I will focus on the words. Perhaps they will center me. 


  1. Hi Laura, when I woke up this morning I was wondering how you were. I hope today is a much better day than yesterday.

  2. Your poem on silence reminds me of that quotation that "The world shouts. God whispers."

  3. (((Laura))) Oh Laura I so understand this...pain has been swallowing me up both physically and is making it hard to's affecting my ability to even read or think which makes blog reading and commenting almost impossible...of course my little's come first so they get the best of me...getting well over a foot of snow between Sunday and yesterday didn't help matters...I am trying with all of my might to be mindful of what is in the moment...I feel like I am drowning and yet I need to find it within myself to give and to care give this woman I care for today and tomorrow...she is in a very bad place right a lot of pain and losing hope..I love her dearly...and yet I feel so inadequent...she say's I bring her joy and prayer is that in my 35 minute drive to her home this morning that I will have something inside of me to give her...please pray for me Laura because in my emptiness I feel I have nothing.

    I've been in this place before and I know that I need to breathe through it. Thank you for you lovely words this morning...they are a breathe of fresh air for me...I pray for you too my friend. (((Laura))))

  4. I love this poem. Yes the laptops can be a frustration! Our bodies aching or weird stuff makes it easy to explode maybe??

  5. I really love this poem. The phrase "these longings written upon your heart, lists on torn paper, tattered wings..." resonates so strongly with me.

    I hope today is a bit better for you. Reading about your computer problems, I'm reminded of the expression that this is "the revenge of inanimate objects" (although I can't remember who said it first).

    Thank you for this poem and take good care of yourself.

  6. wow I absolutely love the imagery.

  7. I yell at my laptop all the time, and I don't even have MS, or anything chronic bringing me down. I do try to work on me, tho. I really do.

    You are a sweet treasure, Laura. Now and always.


  8. I've been snappish yesterday and today... strung tight and trying to help with decisions about video equipment and software for my daughter's class (that's enough to drive me crazy right there), and trying to get some paperwork done, and needing to get over to my mother's, and not transitioning well from one thing to the next at ALL! I SO relate to your yelling at the computer : )

    Deep breaths for us both.

  9. Happy, well, safe and peaceful thoughts sent your way...
    Be sure and catch them :)

  10. ah, yearn for that silence...and so much so when we truly appreciate it for what it is worth...hard to do in the loud world in which we live...but a great discipline...

  11. Bright Sparkles and light to you Laura..super inspiring words and sparkling insghts full of beauty! Thanks for sharing your power and spirit!


  12. the question you pose in your last line is one I find myself asking my own heart constantly.....beautiful Laura.

  13. lovely photo and thoughts dear lady.

  14. Listening to the silence... hard work. so often we never stop to do such. so often we are afraid of the words we can get to hear in the silence
    *...this unspoken life
    Loved that

    glad to 'hear' you are feeling a bit better today

  15. It's so difficult to listen to silence. I find myself at unease with it in a house usually full of the noise of children. Lovely write x

  16. Laura...
    You have a way with words girl!!

  17. many of us are feeling out of sorts,
    many of us feeling for each other,

    holding you.

  18. We all have hard days and bad days - but it does no good to dwell. We must look to the present, and hope it brings a better future.

    As to the poem: a lovely creation. All too often we lose ourselves to the noises of the world. A little silence can go a long way - but it's a matter of appreciating it when it comes, too...

    And the last line: "But have I listened well enough?" - A question more people would do well to ask themselves!

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, because you did I have been gifted with the discovery of another wonderful writing talent. I do hope this piece help you to center yourself today, as it did wonders for me! Beautiful, elegant, strong and compelling. My day has much improved as a result of reading.

  20. liked this...

    "Dive deep into the fire and trust."

    and how it went with that really cool art :)

  21. Beautiful poem. Silence has its place. Emotions have their place, too.

    May you feel centered ~

  22. Your creativity and insight are remarkable. Yes, stillness allows all the fuzziness in the head (and body) to give way to deeper meaning.

    I don't even have MS, and I still yell at the computer, telephone, even people, and allow the practice of forgiveness to humble me each day.

  23. nice photo. great poetry. love it.

  24. A lovely, resonate poem, Laura.

    I hope you feel better tomorrow. Pain is hard to breath through.

    Silence is a gift we give to ourselves, and not enough.

    Lady Nyo

  25. Such depth here "Fluttering bits of ash rising into eternal sky" . . .

  26. Thanks for inspiring me, Laura

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral


  27. When we really listen, the silence does speak volumes. I know you know that, Laura, and practice it, too. Listening is such a gift. :)

  28. Hi Laura,

    I'm playing catch up with my favorite blogs since I was away for the weekend and in a computer-less bubble (mostly). I do hope you feel better soon, setbacks are always horrible. I know how you feel about being snappy too. I get that way with PMS mostly every month and also when I go through a migraine crisis like I did last week when I had a headache pretty much every day from Monday night through Friday night with only a few hours' break from the pain. I know it is so very hard to control yourself and even when you do, you're holding it together on the outside, but still screaming on the inside. All I can say is, people get it as long as you tell them where you're coming from and they will not hold it against you. I'm sending you a big hug and don't feel bad, I've yelled at inanimate objects too and have yelled at my poor cats and felt crummy and burst into angry tears in front of my Sweetheart and snapped at my brother and...and...and... yeah. We all have done that, that whole big that :o)

  29. Oh!!! Its so beautiful and I could relate to your words so much.. "Falling up" interesting thought.. I liked it all and your imagery is perfect...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Connect with me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  30. Oh my dear Laura... I cannot even begin to tell you how much I liked this poem.. it really resonated with me... As a member of the Art of Living foundation, I too am beginning to see and appreciate the significance of this beautiful jewel called silence...
    Really, this poem made me feel at peace with myself... like I just inhaled some soothing scents,... and exhaled all the worries and disquietude...

    Lovely poem, my dear.. thanks for sharing it here at One Shot...

  31. important and to many are afraid of it. Wonderful imagery and some outstanding phrases in there.

  32. I needed to read this tonight. It reminded me how desparately I need silence and how even when I am home alone, I busy my mind with things that keep the noise level inside of me cranked up high even though my environment is mute...(sigh!)

  33. You've added a mystical dimension to the idea (or reality) of silence, and it flows and circles through the words. Well done.


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