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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I know I know, another icicle...but they are so exquisite! What kind of friend would I be to withhold sharing such beauty captured in a photograph? At this time of year in NH, frost, ice and snow are what are most abundant. I don't love the cold, it's true, but the magic it brings is well worth the discomfort and extra sweaters, socks and hats. (Yes hats, I have short hair and sometimes wear a hat in the house!)

The color has not been manipulated in this photo; the icicle was exactly this shade of silver, and the sky a monochrome backdrop, branches, black in the distance. While I always enjoy the warmth and bright colors that will return sometime in May and last through mid-October, I appreciate the simplicity of a single silver icicle and a muted palette too. This was not always the case for me. I used to dread the length of winter, the draining of color, the endurance of what I perceived as monotonous months of cold and gloom, particularly since moving to New England eleven years ago. 

There seems to have been a shift in me this winter. Two years of cultivating patience due to increasing illness (and not always with a generous spirit) have gradually softened my heart into a state of sweeter surrender; acceptance not only for this dis-ease that is clearly here to stay, but for so much more in my life. I struggle, I do, and I see the struggle pass into joy when I capture a glimpse of an icicle, fringe or web of frost across my window, the trees and their dark elegant skeletons, the seemingly infinite spectrum of colors displayed oh so briefly at dawn and sunset, the vastness of blue and gray brown and white that dominate my field of vision for the remainder of the day. Acceptance for the minimalism of my daily activities, because I have not driven a car since the end of August, and walking is limited to very short distances, so most of my time is spent at home. Acceptance of my daughters as they change and grow into young women with independent ideas from the babies I birthed and understood so well as little girls (Yes, Momma is growing-up too). Acceptance of the consistent love and devotion my husband offers me, day in and day out, my partner, my beloved, till death do us part. Acceptance of friendship from people near and far who I never, ever would have met had I NOT been slowed by MS and the ponderous pace of winter (at least when one is mostly warm and indoors there is no need to hurry!)

So yes, another icicle image, I hope you are not bored. I myself am increasingly fascinated by the wonder of time slowed and held in a moments of yirah, awe, as I witness these tiny changes, (so easy to miss when caught in the necessary busyness of living) through the windows of my house, our car, and the windows of my heart; my eyes. 

I am grateful for the gift of silver on this particular winter day. 

May all beings discover a breath...
an instant... 
to pause... 
each day...
to find contentment in the simple gifts life offers.

gentle steps,
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  1. Amen. :) God bless you and yours as you continue this journey. And I like your gift of silver today.

  2. I like icicles too Laura, and this one shimmers. Great image.

  3. A lovely icicle. They always have such beauty, and I think the beauty is greater for it's impermanence.

    Thanks for your comment on mine. The café is usually very much busier than this - I've never seen it so empty!

  4. Thank you, dear one. Take care...
    Continued blessings sent your way.
    I am tryng to remember how did I find you - or did you find me :)
    Does not really matter - I am on your journey with you...

  5. I love icicles and miss living in places where they regularly occur. Thanks for sharing this silver beauty.

  6. Thank you all, I'm glad you are enjoying the icicles as much as I am:)

  7. I've always liked icicles and been kind of fascinated by them, so I'm not tired of your icicle photos!

  8. Lovely, never bored, I don't have any here & am glad you share yours.

  9. Thank you Laura for the beautiful words of inspiration. I am glad to appreciate an icicle. I actually saw some myself this week her in Southern New Mexico, but was too busy being dismayed, annoyed and cold to acknowledge its essence.

  10. The color of this icicle is lovely! I have been enjoying winter more this year myself, since retiring a year ago. Not having to be somewhere in order to do something, makes a difference in my attitude!

  11. It looks like it's been chrome plated it so shiny, that is such a cool photo!

    I, too, feel like I've been posting too many icicles, but this year's crop has been especially bountiful :-)

  12. You are such a beautiful gift -- to capture these God details for all of us to enjoy. Slowing yes, slowing allows for the seeing.

    You know, I am enjoying ponderous winter (love that phrase, by the way) this year more, too. It forces me to slow and settled in.

  13. Beautiful shot. I never tire of icicles and you've captured some great ones.

  14. I love this picture! It is so beautiful and so graceful.

  15. Never tired of anything you have to offer. Our paths are similar this winter, and our spiritual lessons it seems. I'm so grateful for you and your heart, and your amazing pictures.

  16. Icicles are beautiful to see, and my winter seems so very long already!

  17. Icicles and reflection is never boring.

    Learning to pause and be thankful feeds toward our well being.

    Good sharing, true to spirit and life.


  18. I am enjoying winter through your eyes...

  19. beautiful photo and a beautiful post brings light to gray.

    keep on smiling and hugging yourself love is closer than you may think

  20. In New Zealand - everyone wears a hat indoors as it's the only way to stay warm in winter!!

    In my old house I'd wrap up in so many layers I looked like a teddy bear - and with big furry slippers on, and a hot water bottle under my feet as I sat at my desk. Oh what a sight....!


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