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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gliding Into The Moment


Too often we miss our lives because we are lost in thoughts or busyness, until one day, we wake up to glimpse reality with clear fresh eyes. We glide into the moment, embraced by lovingkindness for what is.  Sky opens up above, heart opens up within--gratitude becomes the only choice that makes sense whatsoever.

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Skywatch Friday

The words above are my first attempt at Friday Flash 55 with the g-man.

Thank you everyone for your loving comments this week. Ellie, our dog is home now and resting well, in between whining (and who can blame her, it hurts!) This is her second time going through the same surgery (opposite least she won't have to go through it again, no more knees!!!) Belin will be coming  home late Friday evening from Paris and Rosie's braces are fun and functional (and a little uncomfortable)...she went for turquoise and purple--very sparkly!

My voice is still a bit wonky and difficult to understand  with sporadic bouts of dysarthria (sometimes it lasts all day..other times for a few hours) but in the grand scheme of "things that can go wrong"... it is annoying to not be understood, but not terrible, not really and it is something that has been coming and going for nearly two years--separate from my super unusual form of globe trotting foreign accent has just been a little more intense than usual this week. (I am hoping it clears soon...but it is what it is.)  The burning and electric shocks of paresthesia in my right foot felt better for a few hours after acupuncture on Tuesday, but it is back with a vengeance, creeping up and involving my knee and back of my thigh now too....what can you do? Ms is a weird disease, that's all there is to it!  Now I'm sounding whiny and self absorbed, sorry. I find the best thing to do when it gets really uncomfortable (the paresthesia), is to dive into it so that it becomes a point of focus for meditation. This becomes surprisingly soothing as I explore the sensations with curiosity...fear and judgment (YIKES, I DON'T LIKE THIS, IT IS PAINFUL)... soften and take a back seat so that the sensations become less perspective shifts, and I relax. This doesn't make the parasthesia go away, but allows me to be with it in a more calm and equanimous way. And well, sometimes whining a little helps too...but just a little.

The photos above are from last Friday afternoon, when Rosie took me for a  "glide" around the neighborhood in my wheelchair...such a beautiful day!!! I think being out in nature helped us to be more present and miss Belin a little less, as that was the day she left. We are so looking forward to when she finally wakes up Saturday and she tells us ALL ABOUT IT!!!!

Now to step outside of absorption with my family and myself for a little earth angel friend Jack is home receiving hospice-pain management care at this time. In the last post from his Mommy this morning she shared his bedtime prayer which speaks so much of the courage, faith, love and pure joy for life of this beautiful child:

"Dear God.  Thank you for making me so very happy and healthy.  God bless Mommy, Mama, and Kate.  And please bless Shelby, Tut, and, annnnnd, allllllll my Moo Moos.  And God?  Please bless everyone I love in the world.  Amen."

Please say some extra prayers for Jack and his family over at CaringBridge. 


  1. Finally, I find someone else who uses one of my favorite words, equanimous. Better yet, who embodies its meaning. Wonderful. And I hope you can find wonder and equanimity on a sustained basis.

  2. Many blessings to little Jack and his family.

  3. More beautiful photos of the life budding out in your world, and wisdom shared to look for the new life in mine. Glad to hear that Ellie is resting and recovering and that you are getting out for glides around your neighborhood. Love to you Laura ~ and prayers for Jack and his family ~

  4. Such lovely thoughts and pictures!

  5. hey, you and your dog both have permission to be a bit whiny. :)

  6. MS is a weird disease indeed, it alters one's reality. Often, living in the moment is the only way to deal with it. You have captured some beautiful ones in your photos.


  7. Maple blooms? I LOVE them. and I totally approve of your Rosie's choice of colors...

    ...and how can I complain of anything today in light of Jack's prayer?

  8. How I love you my friend. I needed your words today...a reminder...a reassuring that I will get through...I am going to copy & paste and print off your words as a reminder for myself...thank you for sharing your own struggles or what you call whining as it makes me feel like I am not such a freak...when my pain is really bad I do breathing and focusing much like you describe...I think of you often when the pain is getting to me and it helps.

    I can easily get absorded in my own pain, my own struggles and my family and friends and then something shows itself and I am reminded that there are those with far greater suffering then myself..I lift Jack and his family up in prayer...his prayer is priceless.

    Thank you Laura for being my friend...I thank God for bringing you into my many times I was ready to jump off the enough bridge and your words of love, kindness and understanding came in and stopped me in my tracks. Thank you for sharing your life with me and so many. I pray God's blessing on you and yours...and upon your life that blesses so many.

    I am sending you much love and hugs your way today. (((Laura)))

  9. Wow, what a week - braces, dog surgery (ouch! Jas is still recovering from hers), and all. I so love the beautiful beautiful photos - just lovely. And your words, so wise and brave and accepting of life just as it is, in all its glory. Jack sounds like the most amazing little guy ever, what a blessing he is. His poor mom.

  10. Wow, trees in forest are singing. Twigs and branches are blessing hands!!

  11. You know what?
    You are going to miss the naked branches: those photos are so lovely. It will be very different when they are covered in leaves.
    Just as well you have acquired the state of 'carpe diem', rather than the past or future.

  12. How pretty to stop and enjoy the first buds of spring, it is a special moment to sit and appreciate. Happy SWF.

  13. I'm glad Ellie is feeling better, poor dear.

    Nice trip you had around the neighbourhood. Isn't it great to see the trees flowering?

  14. Thank you for sharing such exquisite reminders of a 'forgiving' sky.
    My, what a week you've had. Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. your skies are glorious Laura. I'm happy that Ellie is feeling grand, and I'm happy that you were able to go for a glide around the neighborhood. here's to beautiful skies over our heads and under our feet...
    be well.

  16. Awe inspiring your works..

    Thank you for your visit.

    Saga, Japan.

  17. Laura, It's fun to see the tree blossoms on your side of the country--I feel like I'm able to have a redux and I love them so much(even sweeping up the immense amount of pollen dust!)

    You sound as if you're able to approach the pain with equanimity. I learn so much from reading your accounts and, I think everyone is entitled to a little "whining"!!

  18. I think you are an amazing lady. God bless you!

  19. Indeed amidst of all your pain you are still a very lovable person. Take care!

    Sky Watch

  20. Beuatiful photos, and the whole instills a sense of gratitude indeed.

  21. smiles. a lovely 55...great to see you over at is all we have and yes to gratitude as well

  22. Beautiful post, as always, Laura. Those budding maples make me homesick for New Hampshire!

  23. Laura...
    What an inspirational and positive post.
    Beautiful pics as well.
    I hope you found this to be creative, challenging, and fun!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  24. The sky shots from gliding around your neighborhood are so beautiful. Good thoughts going out for you and for Jack.

  25. I love your pictures! Everything is gorgeous!

    I have a gloomy shot of The Struggling SUN , hope you can visit me as well!

  26. A beautiful 55, Laura. Looking up and opening up - gorgeous!

    I'm so glad Ellie, Belin and Rosie are all doing well.

    Just for the record - you never sound whiny or self-absorbed.

  27. beautiful photos and words, i wish you good health Laura. Namaste.

  28. Your spring blossoms are just emerging ~ the anticipation is great for spring to blossom fully!
    Happy weekend to you!

  29. Hugs all all living beings...and as sweet Jack is teaching so clearly...we're all like books in God's library and we, none of us, know when it's time to be returned.

  30. Laura, what a lovely day to be outside, breath some fresh air and capture these beautiful skies.

    You take care!

  31. I ♥ how you've framed that first photo.

    And you really are a very strong person Laura.

  32. Very dramatic skies and also a promise of new life in other photos. Nicely done ;-)

  33. Your words and photos are so inspiring and beautiful!

  34. What a very special little boy Jack is. His light must illuminate all it touches.

    Shabbat shalom Laura.

  35. Ah my dear Laura,
    Don't know where to start. Just let me tell you I feel so happy to read all this about you and your family.
    I love the photos... how blue the sky... and so glad your girl is coming!- and you've written an astounding 55er.

    Warm hugs

  36. A blue sky is a perfect backdrop for a picture. Espcially like the close up pictures of the branches with the buds on them, stunning shots.

  37. When I read your stories, I often feel that I'm sitting right beside you, joined in spirit, sending you support, lovingkindness and peace. Your honesty and openness bring me to a place right beside you. My inentions: Happy healing to your doggies. Relief from pain and functional issues for you. Happiness and joy for all the hearts in your family. Jack is an inspiring soul, serving his purpose here. Blessings.


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