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Monday, April 4, 2011

I Woke Up Praying

"The soul is always praying. It constantly seeks to fly away to its Beloved."
~Rav Kook

I woke up praying this morning...many hours ago. Little Jack, the sweet 9-year-old boy I’ve mentioned before on my blog who has been living with Stage IV High Risk Neurolastoma, since he we a toddler is quite ill, now. The cancer is spreading rampantly through his fragile body, but his mother says he is still playful and happy in between sleeping from the narcotics that are helping to give him some relief from the terrible pain. I met Jack through his mom Jen who lovingly writes his story on his CaringBridge blog, and I met Jen through my friend Deb, and I know all of them because of this other magical bridge that connects hearts across the world; the internet. (Deb was one of the first people to ever follow my blog back in February of 2008 when hardly anyone ever read it or left comments!)

As Rav Kook teaches, “The soul is always praying,” and mine was/is, for Jack. I'm praying for many people all the time it seems, individual who I happen to know personally, who are struggling with physical illness, with sadness and grief, with financial woes. I'm praying for people around the world who I do not know, but who are struggling due to the same issues, or natural disasters, political upheaval, war, famine. There is much to pray for in this world of ours, the earth herself needs our healing prayers. 

But this poem is dedicated to Jack, one little boy whose every breath gives joy and courage to all who are blessed and inspired by his presence in the world.

i woke up praying for a child I’ve never met
for he could be mine
or yours for that matter
love knows no boundaries
“the soul is always praying”
i sat up to see a rosy glow
opened the window
w     i     d     e
found myself immersed in the sky
senses soaring amongst sounds
bird song
distant cars and trucks
moving through monday
fresh scent
of morning air
on my sleep warmed skin
pure like a child
i inhaled
this moment of infinite awareness
the preciousness of life
heart grounded
on my earthbound bed
then the tears
tears slid down my face
i continued to pray 
for ease
for comfort
for this young boy
to understand
deep in his heart
that he is indeed surrounded by angels
Michael, Uriel, Rafael, Gavriel
his mothers
his sister
other family members
and friends
near and far
his tiny dog Tut
his beloved stuffed cow
Moo Moo
angels all
tenderly holding him
with compassionate
the way the blushing sky
was holding me
the way the Holy Blessed One
is always cradling me
and you
and all of life
but most especially
on this rosy dawn
little Jack

love knows no boundaries
“the soul is always praying...
it constantly seeks to fly away to its Beloved.

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  1. how blessed is Jack to have a soul such as yours breathing a prayer for him

  2. Oh, what a tender, loving tribute to a special boy. This story and your pictures are very moving indeed...

  3. Beautiful poem. An incredibly touching story.


  4. Laura, this is so beautiful. I love the light you put into this world. Thank you.

  5. Your beautiful words for little Jack leave me speachless. Sending love, courage and strength to Jack and his family.

  6. among the trees here thinking of Jack ..for ease and comfort for all who care for him ..blessings

  7. Yes, he could be mine. Bless him and his family and you for sharing his story with us. Love and light, Jill

  8. Thank you for this beautiful and tender reminder of how opening our prayers to others beyond ourselves widens our whole lives, our hearts, lifting us into the beloved... your poem carried me into a deep feeling of caring and compassion and oneness. I also love the photographs. Thank you!

  9. Laura, this is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story about Jack and allowing the rest of us to all start praying for this sweet boy and his family as well. Thank you.

  10. The power of prayer. The beauty of sunrise. The heart of a woman. The soul of a beautiful child.

  11. Blessings to Jack, his family and you.

  12. WHat a lovely, touching poem. I have said a prayer for Jack and his family and am asking for healing and peace for all of them.

  13. The rosy sky and your poetic words of prayer and compassion provide each of us with a format to wrap our arms around Jack and cushion his body's fall.

    I relinquished a baby to adoption many years ago and afterward a practice came to me...every child of his age became him in my heart...I would see a child and say in my heart "There he is, that's him." I played that game of joining for 32 years and one day the phone rang...and there he was, it was him.
    I realize there is only one child and there he is that's him and today we call him Jack.

  14. once again, your way with words. Prayers go out for little Jack.

  15. I close my eyes and send him a little prayer! May God have mercy on Jack and his family!

  16. stretching this heart again, Laura.
    silence. may it hold the prayer and the power you've invoked.


  17. Dearest Laura,

    I am overwhelmed with love for you as the tears roll down my cheeks. How can that be for someone whom I have never even met, some might wonder? It is the same love that so many people feel for brave Jack and it is so real. So real.

    If you have not passed this poem along to Jen, I will definitely do so when the moment is right. I am speechless right now, my sweet, loving, compassionate friend. Being the mom of four daughters, I long ago "adopted" Jack as my boy. Jen has so generously shared him with me in so many ways since even before he was born. He is now, your boy. And in so many ways for everyone whom he has touched, he has become, our boy.

    Thank you to everyone who has commented here and who has taken Jack into their hearts. He truly is, our boy.

    With so much love,

  18. God blessing to Jack, his family and also you for such a touching post!

  19. Beautiful. Yes, prayer - what would we do without it. I know I could not live without praying constantly about all that comes to mind. Thank you for telling me about this child.

  20. Agreed love has no boundaries - I think the soul directs us to love those like this little boy Jack and prayer is like a breath - happening constantly
    thanks for sharing about this survivor
    Love for him


  21. let me add little Jack to my prayer list also..we must love and continue to love with all that is in us....thank you for sharing..bkm

  22. you have a beautiful heart, moved to compassion for one you dont even know...big smiles.

  23. Such beautiful images. I find the first one especially captivating. Of course, I enjoyed your beautiful writing.

  24. "The soul is always praying. It constantly seeks to fly away to its Beloved." ~Rav Kook

    This is such a deep moving quote. I love it! I feel it!

    To pray is such a gift of ourselves, how wonderful! It is an honor.

    Thoughtful and beautiful post.

  25. Jack's is such a sad story, one you told beautifully. I hope that he leaves in peace.

  26. Inspiration comes in so many forms. Suffering, Hope, Love, Compassion and the beautiful soul of a little boy named jack. You capture so many feelings here that go deep to the heart and soul. We are all connected in so many ways..... I love your words, the strength and compassion bring a tear to the eye... yet... how appropriate the quote..."the soul is always praying"... "it constantly seeks to fly away to its Beloved" You are truly an angel spreading Love throughout the world.
    Blessings to you and yours. Blessings to Jack and his family, Blessings to Japan and the world.... may we all remember.."the soul is always praying".
    Love and Light,
    Nina P

  27. To glimpse the hidden world that our eyes can't see - to see the angels that are there for us - the angels that see God's face would really be something. I haven't thought about "them" for a while. How can that be as I used to pray to them (not a worshiping thing)... This poem, your compassion really grounds me and makes me remember what is important and to REMEMBER to pray. Isn't it crazy that I at times get too busy to pray... I will pray for sweet little Jack.

  28. A prayer goes out from me for you - for Jack- blessings-

  29. "love knows no boundaries" - simply profound, Laura.

    I will keep Jack in my prayers.

  30. What a beautiful tribute to this wee child, Laura. I will keep him and his family in my very best thoughts. Wishing all.. strength.

  31. a caring, beautifully written poem...pete

  32. Laura, the angels are with us always, as you say. I hope this little boy finds peace every minute, as I wish peace for you too.


  33. Sometimes I forget that suffering is a doorway. You, Dear Laura have reminded me with your beautiful picture and poem how even in the midst of suffering, the trees are also praying hands to the sky for ease, for compassion, for love. I see your hand, my own, and those of Jack's family and friends in those tree limbs.

    Thank you.

  34. Ah My dear Laura,
    you moved my heart and soul again... What a beautiful description of the emotions which meet in this process of life, so hard to understand and which can only be but by'v said this so well!
    Thank you

  35. this is so beautiful. I am crying. Your writing reaches in and grabs hold of my spirit in a way that frightens me at times, Laura.

    (This would make a great Imperfect Prose contribution over at Emily's blog

    In fact, i am listening to her playlist as I read your poem which made the tears flow even more so...

    praying for Jack...

  36. Alegria ImperialApril 6, 2011 at 6:14 PM

    Thanks for this wonderful prayer! We must all feel the way you do about children and the world around us. Thank you for inspiritng us all!

  37. So moved by your caring heart and your tender poem.

  38. Touching post.
    He is there in my prayers!

  39. Laura - You have ensured that now there are many others praying for this little boy. A lovely heartfelt post.

  40. Beautiful poem and imagery. I am there with you. Prayers to you and all those in need. With love and light.

  41. Thank you Laura. Your prayer brings new life into the day ahead of me. This prayer, as you say, is for Jack. Even so, as I read it, I feel the blessings travel to all of the children who we hold in our hearts.

  42. Beautiful prayer poem echoed by my heart as I read your knowing and compassionate message. Synchronicity as the card I drew this morning was "Child of Light"... Bright Blessings and (((BIGHUG)) for Jack and all who are in need.

  43. I like this thought that the soul is always praying. Beautiful poem, may you have a blessed week.

  44. laura, that is so touching... as are many of the comments here...
    i add my prayers...

  45. to wake up praying is the true sign of an angel, dear laura... oh, how my heart aches for this jack, this dear dear boy, and i will pray too... our souls unite... so much love, sister.

  46. Wonderful post!! Always pray, Paulus said..:-)
    I wish you lovely days Laura! Hugs from Tania


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