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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kindness On Our Journeys

 I’m sleepy at this moment as I write this post, the metal taste of Solumedrol in my mouth after a steroid infusion. Earlier, however, I woke up praying once again, watching another peaceful sunrise. I opened the window and felt the cold air on my face, but was not startled, I felt invigorated as I watched my breath; small clouds as I exhaled into the morning. I was temporarily transported back to cool mornings in Bristol, VT on my way to our 6am yoga classes, the start of our arduous, deeply fulfilling days of training that would not end until 5 or 6pm each evening.

I received a message yesterday about one of my beloved teachers from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Karen’s soul is on the bridge, journeying between her earthbound body to heavenly realms. When I think of her, I envision Gaia, stable, grounded, exuding safety and love, caring for all beings. I can still feel her strong arms around me, holding me on more than one occasion in demo sessions as we learned how to assist others compassionately through PRYT, a beautiful healing modality. I learned a great deal about myself as well. When her soul finally parts from her body in the coming days, she will leave enduring residue of herself, like fine angel dust, in the hearts of those of us who have been blessed by her gentle teaching, her humor, her warmth, her kindness. I am a different person, a better person for the time I spent learning not just technique, but how to be fully immersed in another person’s experience…traveling with them as their bodies released the stories held in their cells, healing, one breath at a time.

I did not complete my PRYT training, I got half way through my studies when MS altered my life's path. While I don't apply the physical aspects of yoga therapy to others, I often incorporate the listening skills, body scans, inquiry and mirroring I learned from Karen in my work as a Spiritual Director, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and SoulCollage facilitator. I will forever be grateful for the wisdom Karen imparted, but even more so for her genuine kindness. In Sharon Salzberg’s book, The Force of Kindness, she writes, “It is someone’s kindness that essentially affirms us, that conveys a sense of the wholeness they glimpse in us, a wholeness that we ourselves might barely realize.” Thank you dear Karen for believing in me as a conduit for healing, simply by listening attentively with my heart. 


May your light rise with brilliance and gentle grace into heavenly realms, peacefully, surrounded by the love you gave and the love we return, an eternal cycle of chesed, lovingkindness.

Thank you everyone for your prayers for Jack this week. I sent a link to his mothers so they could read your kind blessings. Jen let me know how much they appreciate the extra prayers. Perhaps today, you could add Karen Hasskarl to your prayer list to ease her journey.

"What's happening now?" Karen taught us to ask our clients, and our own healing bodies, minds, hearts and souls...

In this moment, I feel quietude, softness, and know it is time to close my eyes and rest while the medicine does its work in my body for the next few days.

gentle steps,

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  1. Yes, may all find kindness for our journeys........she sounds like such a beautiful and radiant soul. I love the beauty of your post this morning.

  2. Thanks for sharing new ones for prayer.

    I am still being blessed by yesterday, "The soul is always praying. It constantly seeks to fly away to its Beloved."
    ~Rav Kook

    New words, new thoughts, new prayers. A blessing!

  3. Know that I am thinking of you, dear Laura, and holding you close. I hope your infusion does all the best it is meant to do, as you rest in that prayerful place you've been waking to.
    I will also pray for a most peaceful and light transition for your friend and teacher Karen. much peace and love, K

  4. Karen is in that most blessed of liminal spaces. May she have peace and rest.

  5. Dear Laura, u will be in my prayers...and your friends too.
    Laura, everytime when I open your blog, I feel me in peace...TOTALLY IN PEACE, CAUSE U ARE A LIGHTINING PERSON...

    Your words are a balsam, a frsh air in my heart.

    take care, Laura...God bless you, sweetheart

  6. Thank you for sharing this ;)

  7. adding my prayers.... rest well sweet laura xo

  8. what a wonderful "send off" to your friend's soul. may she be free to explore whatever's next...

  9. Beautiful post with photo to match, take care of yourself and thanks for adding to the Sky Watch Friday party.

  10. Such a beautiful heartfelt post!
    Prayers for Karen and for you Laura.
    Take good care.

  11. Thank you for sharing,Laura!My prayers are with you and your friends!

  12. I wish Karen all the best on her journey. And I thank you for sharing this tribute to her. I do hope the medicine you are now taking helps you, dear Laura!

  13. You write so beautifully.

  14. your posts are always so inspirational and uplifting- and really puts my smaller life issues in perspective.

  15. May you feel the medicine of Karen's kindness in these next days as your body works to heal.

    This was such a beautiful tribute. I'm adding the feathers of my prayers to the wings lifting your teacher to the next realm. Her legacy, just in the impact on your life, is tremendous.

    Continuing prayers for Jack. And for you, always.

  16. Dear Laura, what a beautiful post. It somehow got something unstuck in me when I read your words about your sweet teacher's transition and about kindness. I sometimes wonder why it is so easy for me to be kind to others, but so hard to be kind to myself. Sending a gentle hug to you, sweet friend and good thoughts to your teacher for an easy transition! Much love, Silke

  17. I see that your trees are still leafless, with the promise of spring yet to awaken the sleeping buds...


    The sky, whether deep blue or grey,
    Has stories to tell every day;
    So if the day’s clear,
    Be sure to draw near—
    The heavens know just what to say!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Climbing Skyward

  18. your beautiful words brought the tears to my eyes. may your friend have peace for her journey home. may you have rest as you go through the next few days...

  19. Right now, I am visualizing the medication pulsating throughout your body with only positive effects, renewing your strength as it flows.

    What a lovely, heartfelt tribute to your friend and mentor, Karen. May her transition be gentle as she flows into the next phase of her journey. May the people who love her feel her strength, comfort and love as they pray for her during this very difficult time.

    Rest well, my dear friend.


  20. Laura, what a beautiful, heartfelt message, you are so lucky to have known such a kind soul. Rest well and take good care of yourself....

  21. Your heart has us all joining in your prayer- xo teri

  22. much metta to you in your journey. you always inspire with your wisdom and equanimity.

  23. Take care my friend.
    A touching message Laura! Karen is in my thoughts too.

  24. What a lovely way to help guide your friend's soul on its journey. I will say a prayer for her tonight and for you as well, hoping to bring you both peace on your respective journeys. I hope you feel better after your rest :o)

  25. For my prayers will be with your friend Karen..For I believe to touch someone to reach out and embrace them. If only for a brief moment.
    My thoughts are with you often and how amazing your strength and kindness that surrounds you.
    Hugs of gentle and peaceful surroundings for you.

  26. I wish Karen peace and joy on her journey. This is beautiful, Laura - a true celebration of what life its complex mix of joy and sorrow.

  27. What a beautiful post Laura. <3

  28. That was beautiful and I feel so grounded now. Your words are healing, but you know that. Rest and let the medication work, thank you. Lois

  29. O, Laura...I feel so sad about your illness but admire the way you handle it with such grace and tolerance.

    I'll add Karen to my prayer list.
    And maybe you'd like to hear a song my mother recorded years ago, O Rest in the Lord. Although the recording is faulty, her voice is true. My brother turned it into a youtube with some film from Ash Wednesday in Tucson, Arizona. Here's the URL as I can't make a link in a comment...

  30. As always I admire you of your strength and will power. Happy weekend!!


  31. what a beautiful sunrise you have captured.

  32. thanks for sharing your heart with us laura - it's good if we can look back and be thankful for the people we met on our journey - and hope you find some rest

  33. "Rest" ... such powerful self-care leading to self-healing ... a beautiful tribute to Karen's Healing Light.

  34. What a beautiful, beautiful sunrise picture!
    Hugs :-)

  35. Your posts always move all who read them--beautiful photos too. Take care. Mickie :)

  36. "When her soul finally parts from her body in the coming days, she will leave enduring residue of herself, like fine angel dust ..." As always, your words cause a shift in my spirit, a gentling, a shift in where I am into the place where my true self lives. Thank you for such sweetly exquisite writing in tribute and honor for Karen. As others expressed, I join my prayers to those of others as she transitions and rises "with brilliance and gentle grace."

    And I am surrounding you, too, with prayer and love, wishing you ease, light, happiness and gentle healing, dear Laura. May the medicine do its work well.

  37. Beautiful photos, beautiful thoughts.

  38. That you are able to write like this?

  39. I was just writing something on kindness and concluded that life is easier when you are being kind. Great post here Laura.


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