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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Morning Songs

I watched the sun rise again this morning.
Cloud streamers illumined the sky.
“A surprise party!” Crow cawed,
(For those of us awake to the moment unfolding)
“Open your ears and gather 'round—
Today is here, wake up now!”
Instructed my heart to listen closely,
“For anything is possible in a day.”
Black Capped Chickadee called to his mate,
“Where are you?
Are you there? 
Pay attention,” he insists,
“Or you risk missing the joy
Of your Beloved’s reply.”
Then just above the horizon
And deep within the rhythmic
Pulsing of my own breast,
I waited...
(For a few moments)........... 
Through the building symphony 
Of Robin and even that raucous Flicker
(Telling jokes again)
Wishing with my whole being for Hermit Thrush
To sing to my soul with ethereal clarity,
(In the way only she can)
But she did not arrive.
It is still a bit early in the season for her angelic aria.
Instead my own spirit sang
And this was my morning song.
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The song, my song is a nigun I recorded for the Khanti Healing Circle @ Dharma Sister's Circle (heart-child of my dear friend Janice Lynne Lundy). It was part of this week's invitation to Sing a Song of Comfort "a practice that for me is often the most loving way to soothe and heal myself of all. I sing softly with my eyes closed, a mother offering a lullaby to my child-self…or maybe I am the child singing to my Mother? One could say this is a wordless soul-song from self to the Beloved and from the Beloved to self. The melody rises out of one’s heart; it is not planned." If you are living with chronic illness or simply KNOW that you are on a journey to live a kinder, more compassionate and mindful life, Dharma Sisters Circle could be the online sanctuary of women's friendship your soul is aching to be a part of. The first 30 days of membership are free so you can explore and discover whether this feels like "home" to you. After that, should you choose to continue your membership, the fee is $6.99 a month (the equivalent cost of two lattes but the heart-buzz will last much longer than the one from caffeine, and it is far healthier!) The Khanti Healing Circle is just one group within the whole. There is a main classroom that features audio links and questions from Wise Guests (this month--Sharon Salzberg), a Book Group (this month we are reading The Force of Kindness), The Blessing Place (asking for and offering prayers), Nivana Cafe (for sharing poetry), Art Walk (where you can share your original works and try out creative ideas), Library (with many resources on mindful living). There are many more perks, like live calls and and mentoring. Please do drop by and visit the "kindest women's community on the web." You will be so glad you did! To learn more here's a lovely introduction video from Jan.

I am not paid to moderate the Khanti Healing Circle, so why do I offer my time, love, creativity and energy to new invitations each week and personalized responses to participants each day? Why am I endorsing this website? I do it because it is meaningful to me, because it is service of the heart, because I value spiritual community, and I believe in the underlying interspiritual principles upon which Dharma Sister’s Circle is based: Mindfulness. Lovingkindness. Compassion.

I have a lot of preparations to do before Pesach begins, so I will not be online blogging around a whole lot this week. But I will be checking in from time to time:-)


  1. what a morning song, song on dear laura!

  2. Laura, you have an amazing voice.

  3. Thank you for your beautiful and uplifting song!! Keep well,

  4. i loved this. all of it, but especially your beautiful voice. thank you.

  5. So beautiful and interesting. We must be in sync. I found myself up at 3 am this morning writing a poem in tribute to my love of the morning..

  6. Yes you are talented and need to do what you want to...Take your time

  7. What a treasure your song is! Thank you for the gift of your voice, m'dear. (((BLESSINGS)))

  8. I so love your morning song of the birds...........lovely!!!!

  9. big smiles at all your friends in the bird orchestra...lovely verse...

  10. The birds sing, and we sense joy. We listen to the podcast, and we know joy. Beautiful, Laura.

  11. Birds!! LOL! You really meant it!

    This is wonderful, and worthy of reading each morning!

    I loved it!

    Lady Nyo

  12. What creativity here ! I have heard these bird calls without knowing how to identify them (except for the crow, of course) until now. But I must say, with no exaggeration, that the most beautiful songbird is you.

  13. I think birdsong is a healing sorce. Blessings

  14. What a beautiful poem and song. Thank you for shining the Divine! I feel so uplifted and soothed to hear and receive your many gifts.

  15. A very beautiful write. Lots to ponder here. And i too love to hear the bird song after a long winter!

  16. And the birdsong of your voice(for me a mother to a child ) tonight will be my lullaby-thank you Laura.

    Your invitation to Jan's group intrigues.. blessings lift you- xo teri

  17. oh you have a beautiful voice laura !

  18. thank you for including us in your healing circle

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  19. Laura, your morning song is ethereal, pure beauty! It felt like time stopped as I listened to it. Thank your for sharing that amazing moment!

  20. I have a deep love for your words and whenever I visit I'm instantly enriched...made wealthier, more abundant in my soul...hearing your voice today was magical..I had just finished singing my heart's song and dancing my heart's dance in my studio and then I come here and there you are singing in the morning...
    It's going to be a glorious day.
    OH...THANK YOU Laura for the Wood Thrush favorite elusive melody of our forest.

  21. I loved your poem Laura, I could hear the birdsongs as I read :o)

  22. Loved your soothing...yes, as in lullaby.

  23. Your soul song touched me deeply. I'm still getting over this cough, but when I can sing again, I will try this:)

  24. a beautiful morning song you sang laura..

  25. Lovely!!
    I wish you a wonderderful easter if I`m not in here before that time:-)
    Hugs from Norway

  26. A morning of bird blessings. Nothing could be better - except perhaps your writings about their music.

  27. the song is beautiful and so full of hope!

  28. Dearest Laura,

    I love the idea of the crow anouncing the surprise for a party. Did many crows attend? Did they have seed cake and lots of shiny found things for presents? And leaves for decorations? And play pinata with a wasps' nest that shot out stings for candy? Maybe a little early for wasps. But I loved how this inspired me!

    Your whole blog is an aria. The birds want to be YOU.


  29. Morning song of birds is giving me hope, joy, love and everything good. Your song is soothing. You have great voice. Thank you for your blog. I'm glad to have visited here.

  30. This was so cool. I love the way you blended the birdsong and your song in to the experience of your writing. And yeah, your voice is gorgeous.

  31. What a beautiful song to bless a morning with, Laura.

  32. What an inspiring and peaceful shot!

  33. A beautiful voice....a beautiful song!!

  34. her angelic aria....

    laura, this piece positively sings.... i didn't want it to end. praise God for birds and sunrise and bird-song. love you friend.

  35. BEAUTIFUL~! I need to listen more for the morning songs! Thank you for sharing!

  36. Laura, your voice is even more beautiful than I remember it.

    Hag Sameach!

  37. I love your birdsong poem, Laura. And YOUR angelic aria is incredible, you beautiful hermit thrush!


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