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When we see through our hearts, we recognize that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to be courageous, to look and listen deeply, to find the sparks, gather and release them back into the universe, transformed into something new. Join me as we wake up to the sacred-ordinary blessings waiting to greet us each and every day.


Friday, April 22, 2011


At first cursory glance 
it is simply rainwater in a birdbath.

With a second look I wondered, 
is there more?

Of course there was, there always is.
When we see through the eyes of our heart,
and choose to enter 
the present moment, 
much is revealed. 
I did not see the trees
until I looked through the lens of my camera
--a third time. 
My viewfinder became a gateway,
much like the breath in meditation.
  I paid careful focused attention
--a fourth time.

It became clear that the trees 
were not simply reflected on the surface,
they were part of the rainwater.
Do you see? 
Do you understand?
I am part of the trees
--and the water. 
I exhaled my gratitude
to all living things,
to the trees who depend on me
for their survival
I inhaled their breath 
The Ruach HaKodesh
the Sacred Wind
of Beingness
which sustains all 
flowed through us

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!
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ps. Thank you everyone for your kind words yesterday about Belin's travels...I'm not worried. I know she will be fine and have a fantastic time. All is as it should be, but I will miss her. We are just at a milestone place and I was feeling overcome with the reality of being in this place of letting go...acknowledging this, honoring it. Seeing what is with the eyes of my heart. She is still a Jr. in high school, so we have another whole year with her at home before college. She left this morning for school and will go with her classmates to Logan in Boston this afternoon...then bon voyage to the City of Lights.


  1. Fantastic captures as always, Laura! Such a wonderful variety in the same water of the bird bath! Superb! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Your poem ... beautiful and profound.

  3. Amazingly beautiful!! Salute your photos and poem! In bird bath water, you created your universe. Have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful Laura!
    We had sun yesterday and I was out for a walk, taking pictures of both a babbling stream and then the tree reflections on it! It was so much fun changing the perspective, shooting one, and then the other.


  5. truly beautiful Laura, a whole universe held within the sphere of a bird bath... you are quite the 'view finder'!! xox k

  6. The poem is as amazing as the reflections.

  7. Yes we always need to look deeper than the surface, as your pictures show

  8. Each photo is more beautiful than the last! The final one is gorgeous!

  9. Oh I love this post so much - words and images, philosophy and wonder. Just lovely.

  10. I just love this series if shots laura... revealing the layers that are all part of the whole. Yes, i feel it & i give my thanks. we ara part of something much greater than can be seen at first glance x

  11. Oh how beautiful! Your birdbath has much more potential than mine does. ;-)

  12. Laura, I love your creativity. your images are wonderful. I love the colors and your poem. have a great weekend.

  13. That last shot is really interesting, the colors are great and the reflection is wonderful.

  14. Beautiful Laura...Having eyes to see what's right in front of us takes a little time and a little thought. Oh that we may not miss it.
    As far as letting go, well we have to do it. But it is painful just the same and just as it should be. So much to be gained too. With three out the door and one a sophomore, it has been a several year process of letting go. So bittersweet!

  15. So true. There is always more, but only for those who seek more and believe. Beautiful!

  16. Hi Laura, Your reflection shots are beautiful and mesmerizing, I love your poem too!

  17. I an glad you looked again, there is beauty telling us about YHWH if we will only look with the eyes He gives us.
    Thank you for the visit; it is true, much time given to wanting would be better spent in giving thanks.

  18. Beautiful reflection! You got a lot more color in your reflection than I did.

  19. Excellent tribute to Earth Day with your delicious photos, full of beauty, and your poetic words that exude sensitivity. Congratulations Laura

  20. Everything under the sun connected. So beautiful, Laura. Looking with your whole heart can be so incredible...

    Wishing your daughter a safe and joyous trip, Laura.

  21. As always, beautiful photos and words.

  22. i love the way you see things

  23. Lovely images and wonderful words! There is mystery all around us!

  24. The earth is filled with miracles, isn't it? Happy Earth Day to you, my friend...I know I'm late. Every day should be Earth Day.

  25. i LOVE
    what you
    wow. gorgeous.

  26. Everything about this is so beautiful. The photos are stunning, and your words are filled with spirit, love and depth. Thank you.

  27. your photos are magically lovely
    your perceptions and experience are divine
    thank you for sharing your breath ~

  28. Your verse convey deep thoughts and lovely pictures.

  29. Mesmerizing colors and beautiful thoughts :o)

  30. You see beyond the surface and into the heart of all things. You show me things that I would otherwise pass by. Merci ~

  31. A great illustration of connectiveness!!! Mucha gracias!!!

  32. I am in awe of your pictures ... your words ... your beautiful heart and soul. You inspire me so much.

  33. Thank you for helping me see things differently. I'm learning to honor difficulties with tender touch, a kind voice, and gratitude.

  34. This is a beautiful series, and the words you wrote to accompany it are amazing. It was so wonderful looking at each shot and seeing the things you were able to see. Awesome.

  35. You touched me again with your eye for beauty and magical gift with words. Happy [belated] Earth Day to you too, Laura. Have you read the Earth Day Charter?

  36. oh, laura, your photos and the journey you took us on with your words and thoughts as you kept seeing more and more gave me chills. As others always tell me, "more will be revealed"...

  37. Beautiful reflections! I like the iridescent look of the close ups.

  38. This is a lovely post, Laura. Mickie :)


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