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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thank YOU For Each Drop

precious rain sustains
nurtures nature’s newborn buds
thank YOU for each drop

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Belin's teacher emails each day to tell us about the kids far she has visited Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, champs Elysees to name a few places of note.

Ellie (our petite standard poodle) is undergoing knee surgery this morning...she burst her cruciate ligament on her left knee (last year the right knee was close to rupture, but we managed to get her in for surgery before it completely blew) I had to go out and rescue her when she went out to pee yesterday afternoon. Gord was with Rosie at the vet with one of the kitties, (Nef, who had a UTI), so it was up to me to fetch my crying, 51 lb dog and lift her from the ground and carry her in. Adrenaline is a powerful natural drug...I can't believe I managed to get her all the way up the stairs to our bed from the middle of the yard, but I did. LOVE is also a powerful drug!!!

Tomorrow, Rosie will have braces put on.

My voice has been a bit wonky and difficult to understand since Sunday evening...but seems to be settling back into a delicate northern European accent of some sort again this morning...whew! I have an MRI scheduled for a few weeks from now before I go in to talk to my doc at the end of May about what medication to go on next to slow down the MS train. And am looking forward to some healing acupuncture this afternoon.

And Gordon, dear Gordon, is somehow managing to keep our ship afloat...ambulance driver, chauffeur, medicine giver, grocery shopper, meal maker, groundskeeper, working musician and working his "real job" in between! (But the stress sweet darling man...if only I could make your life easier instead of harder!)

Life is complicated and beautiful...and I for one am grateful for each drop. (I cannot speak for my husband, who's life is immeasurably difficult--my daily doings/beings are so much simpler--but in general he is still an amazingly happy guy!)


  1. I hope the dog and cat are better soon. Look at you, Superwoman! She who rescues sick animals!

  2. Wow, Laura, your family has more than its hands full. My very overweight golden retriever had that surgery in November and she is still a long ways from enjoying a "normal" life, movement still restricted. Luckily your dog weighs less. That surgery definitely takes time to recover from. I cant believe you managed to lift her! I hope all goes well with the surgery and after.

    I will never again take dog's legs for granted.

    I do hope your doc can slow down the MS train.

    Your husband is heroic, keeping everything going. Am sure he is fueled by love, which makes everything possible. I love your photos and your gratitude for "every drop" of life. Yes!!!!!

  3. Poor Ellie! Hope all goes well for her. And hope you didn't have any ill effects from your amazing feat. I don't think I could have made it up those stairs with a 51 lb. dog. But as you say, love (and adrenaline) can accomplish a lot.

    So glad Belin is safe and having a wonderful time!!

    I do understand (and relate to) both your gratitude and your concern for your husband. I'm sure your girls are a help, too. And we do hate to be a burden, but I am finding that my daughter is empowered by her ability to help with things like grocery shopping, etc. I remember reading an interview with Emma Thompson years ago, about how her father had a debilitating stroke when she and her sister were still in high school, and how they and their mom cared for him at home. She said it wasn't a "normal" high school experience, but that it gave them wonderful things in return. And she seems to be a pretty successful, well-adjusted adult.

    Hoping/praying your whole family has strength/grace for this journey, wherever it leads. And your Gordon is probably pretty happy, because he loves you. And as you said, love can work miracles...

    hope Rosie gets a pretty color on her braces... and hope acupuncture gives you some blessed relief.

  4. Love keeps the husbands going, I think. With 4 legged family members it never rains though, but pours a bit. Good luck to the 51 lb poodle with surgery, and congrats to you for getting him in the house!

  5. Healing wishes for your pets today, and always for you. Hugs to your sweet hubby who keeps things going!

  6. I hope Ellie is okay, Laura. Amazing that you were able to assist her like that. Adrenaline, yes, but the power of love, too.

    And finding the time to take such amazing photos and to remind of the beauty in nature's tears and the beauty of life even its unpredictability and hurt is amazing!

  7. These are so beautiful....I think sometimes I miss the little things as we are swept by heavy frightening storms; but afterwards, there is art in every droplet on every plant. Renewal and the promise of growth.


  8. I love the way those little buds are encased in water.

    I hope all goes well with Ellie.

  9. whoa, lots going on around there.

    we could use a few (millions of millions) of those rain drops.

    praying for your healing

  10. yes, thank you for each drop
    and it is pouring down at the moment. lovely week to you.

  11. being thankful for the wonders of rain...thanks laura for borrowing your eyes for us to see the small things..beautiful pics as well - my fav is the second

  12. You r so full of inspiration. Blessings to you all! Having deluge of raindrops this afternoon. Thought i was in a car wash earlier. Xcept no bubbles. ;)

  13. Healing all around...drop by drop by precious drop

  14. Like the message of thankfulness and the repetition in the 2nd line is fitting for rain. Nicely done.

  15. amen on the rain..i love to dance in it makes more than the flowers and grass come alive...

  16. Oh your images are so precious and refreshing. We are so dry here. Severe drought and the temps have been in the 90's all month. Praying for rain!

  17. There are secrets within each drop.

  18. Lovely shots!
    Hope all goes well with Ellie.
    Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)
    Have a nice day.

  19. Oh, so much going on in your home! First I love that Belin is in Paris and you all get to travel along with her through e-mails!

    Ahhh, braces, I remember them well. And it is good to remember that that shall pass, too... ;-)

    Now, I hope that your Ellie and Nef will be much better soon. It's so hard when our furry family members are suffering. I think it's awesome you rescued your sweet dog all by yourself!!

    And your husband sounds just as amazing as you!!

    Much love and light! Silke

  20. I have missed and taken small things for granted in everyday life. Yes, even one drop of water is a gift from benevolent mother nature.
    I hope everything will go well soon. Have a beautiful week!

  21. I agree each drop is great! Sorry that you are having troubles. Glad you have Gordon...

  22. I hope everything goes well for your pooch's surgery and Rosie's braces! I know how hard both things can be to deal with since our dog Micha had to have the same knee surgery and I had braces put on myself! The pain can be pretty bad with the tightening of the braces, but it is so worth it in the end :o)

  23. Nicely done. Sending healing wishes your way
    :) love the pics!

  24. I hope all will be well in your world. Thank you for sharing the beauty of life.

  25. the raindrops hold magic and mystery. wishing you a beautiful week Laura. be well.

  26. As stressful as your life is, and as difficult as things are for Gordon, he has you as his reward, and your relationship. I'd bet money he knows how rich he is.

    We went through the knee surgery with our last dog. It's hard on everyone. I love that your love powered you up those stairs carrying 50 extra pounds. Hoping the pup heals quickly.

    Focus on each blessed drop and its gifts is the only way, I think. Thanks for such a beautiful reminder.

  27. Life is tough sometimes...the good thing is that once God has shown you through the darkest nights the mornings look so fresh and the dewdrops and raindrops, reflecting the light of their surroundings.

    My Boston Terrier has now had both knees repaired, a pin in each and I hope Ellie does as well as he has done.

    Each moment is as different as the one before it but I know you will see the prism of life reflecting the beauty around you.

    May God bless you and your family through your various trials.

  28. Nice work - dig the pics and poems.

  29. I was struck how the water in your photos is not frozen. Your series of photos since I have found you continue to amaze. I am delighted that there is budding all around. And despite a full and sometimes heavy life you continue to bring blessing- xo teri

  30. Grateful for each drop o' rain and love and blogs!

  31. 'complicated but beautiful'... and grateful for each drop! I love the image, and I love the heart behind it. This week I've had this image of my life as a complex web of networks and floating objects... so I will choose to be grateful for each 'drop' as well!

  32. Beautiful rendering of pictures and words. I could reach and touch that raindrop.

  33. may you know this nourishing drop of rain in your soul, on your life, and be blessed as you are a blessing dear laura. i so appreciate you, your life, your photos, your poetry.

  34. Thank you for each word you share with us.


  35. Oh Laura. I love your rain drops - I see two hearts, a shadow heart in the first shot, and a shining heart in the second. Then ... the best heart of all ... yours. The heart you share with the world. The heart your hubby shares with you. The beauty that shines from your words; from your life. Thank you, Laura. You are an inspiration to me always.

    P.S. Your Haiku is perfect for your gorgeous raindrops!

  36. It sounds like your daughter is having so much fun!!I'm sure her pic.s will be beautiful!!
    Hope all is well with your animal babys as well as with you :)

  37. Oh my goodness, you do have your hands full. I hope your pets recovery quickly.

    Husbands are pretty good at balancing all sorts of things when love is involved.

  38. Adrenalin and love for our is some powerful stuff. Lovely pics.


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