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Friday, May 6, 2011

For Mothers

I wrote this poem in February of 2009 when our youngest daughter had been quite ill after an episode of Crohn's disease held the two of us hostage in the hospital for two weeks. Here is a link to the original post if you want to read more about that tumultuous time. The thing is, the feelings still apply whether our children are sick or healthy, and life ebbs and flows in cycles of difficulty and ease. 

~Wishing all of us mothers and grandmothers and daughters who may one day be mothers too a blessed Mother's Day, filled with exactly the portion of love we need.

Portions of Love
Not rations
At times small when that is what’s needed
Yet always generous
Because of the place from which Love arises
The heart ever expanding
My heart
Breaking and healing
Fearful and full
Of gratitude
At the unexpected turns this life is taking.

Portions of Love
For my daughters and husband
My parents, siblings, teachers and friends
Students and strangers
Nurses and doctors
Who meet me in the place that they are
Hearts present
My heart
Receiving and offering
Measured moments
Of accepting
The blessings that are hidden in seemingly blemished fruits

Gifts revealed
After the swift intake of breath
In the sigh of relief
Another day has passed
And we are still here
A family intact
Growing stronger
Each portion of love
Grand, lavish, delectable
More than enough
To fill the holes anxiety
Attempts to eat away from our souls
But cannot

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  1. That is just beautiful, Laura! I wish you a most wonderful and joyful Mother's Day! Love, Silke

  2. Wow! What a beautiful poem. This is a great tribute for any mother on mother's day. Thanks for stopping by. It's great to meet new people like you. Is your daughter healthy now?

  3. may your portion be full this mother's day, and always...

  4. The center of life - was my first thought :)

  5. Beautiful poem and picture, Laura.

  6. Profound thoughts, Laura. Wishing you a peaceful Mothers' Day.

  7. that must have been a very tough time for you. have a sweet mother's day!

  8. love your beautiful words...mothers are huge in the lives of their families...and it is apropo we honor that on this day...

  9. What moving writing!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Thank you dear Laura--your post is bringing tears to my eyes. I spent the last two days with a family in a similar situation. Our time together was like riding a plane with lots of turbulence and equal amounts of loving grace. Your poem brings it all back and makes me appreciate the moments-as they were.

    May you have a blessed Mother's day with your two daughters at your side:)

  11. I love the photo and the poem. Life is all about love and family. Have a wonderful Mothers' Day.

  12. A lovely poem! Mother's Day blessings to you this Sunday!

  13. Deep and wonderful words!
    Happy Mom's Day Laura.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    ( I will try to visit the link).

  14. Love grows to fill the available space - and then overflows!
    Beautiful post, and have a great Mothers' Day.

  15. May this mother's day be a blessed one for you, Laura. Thank you for the rich and meaningful writing.

  16. I made a link on my website. This is rare and wonderful. Happy Mother's Day

  17. Such beauty and truth in your words...your daughters are blessed to have you as a mother...I pray blessings upon you and your family this mothers day weekend. Laura I think of you often...this past week as I felt "off" and exasperated because pain was not only draining me but dealing with behavior issues in one of my little's I thought of you and wondered what you would say to one point I then made myself a cup of tea and just sat and prayed instead of trying to push through the mountain of tasks before me. I think I feel so frustrated because so much falls upon me and so much doesn't get done because of the energy I lack.

    Just wanted you to know how much you have positively influenced me. Thank you. Sending hugs and love your way my friend. (((Laura))))

    Happy blessed Mothers Day!

  18. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing...

    Have a good Mother's Day. =)

  19. Laura, Your photograph is gorgeous and your poetry are so talented and such a please for me this Saturday morning. Take care and kep on shooting.

  20. I am drawn to the very heart of that blossom (a daffodil, I believe).

    (With apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson)

    I had a little shadow
    No bigger than my thumb;
    I took him to the meadow
    And there I gave him rum.

    My drunken little shadow
    Did weave and bob and pitch;
    He stumbled from the meadow
    And fell into a ditch!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Cloud Shadows

  21. Parents know that their love really knows no bounds - it is unconditional and surely not rationed. No matter how much our children have grown, we cannot ever quit being a loving parent. Perhaps on this day of celebration for moms, perhaps we as parents are celebrating our good fortune of the wonder that is our children...

  22. Beautiful words for the day, Laura. Such a gorgeous flower and soft shadows! Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day and a lovely weekend!


  23. Lovely picture of the flower..;-D

  24. So many favorite lines...I feel your courage to stay and fight with all your love no matter what happens.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  25. A beautiful image and even more beautiful post. Hope you have a happy Mothers Day

  26. great and good emotions are born of mothers

    peace be with you

  27. I did not know that about your daughter and what you both went through then...
    God bless you all at your place. You shine in this poem as you shine in everything you do and eventually share with us.
    happy Mother's day, my dear Laura

  28. Such a wonderful post, it touch my heart :-))

    Have a beautiful Mother's Day ♥

  29. ah, you have Mothers Day! Ours is the last sunday in May. :)

  30. Beautiful poem that expresses what you were feeling at the time so perfectly Laura. I find that fear and gratitude live side by side; we are afraid when a loved one is sick and where our minds take us too, but at the same time we are grateful that they are still with us and healing and the love and support we experience during that time (we are never alone and realize we are but a tiny part of something so much bigger).

    So happy to see your daughter is well again. Happy Mother's Day love.....

  31. Have a wonderful Mother's Day, thank you for the poem and shadow!

  32. Simply beautiful, and so deep it touched right down into my soul. Thank you for filling us up with love through the truth of your experience during that difficult time.

    Happy mother's day to you Laura!

  33. Hi Laura,
    My first time dropping by but won't be my last! Fellow New Hampsherite can't be ignored LOL
    Love the poetry as well as the photo.
    Happy Mother's Day,
    Beth P
    Harrisville, New Hampshire USA

  34. so heartwarming, and the photo is pure magic. have a wonderful Mother's Day Laura. be well.

  35. A beautiful, soft macro and your words are simply delightful!

  36. Utterly gorgeous. I wish my heart were a fraction the size of yours.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  37. Absolutely STUNNING!!!!

    Sand Shadows and Seaweed

    Above is my link to today's post, if you care to join me. Happy Sunday.

  38. This was moving and lovely. Happy Mother's Day.

  39. Love to you, dear Laura. May your day be joyous! And may the "Great Mother," the ultimate source of love, dwell within our hearts. xo

  40. Beautiful!
    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  41. So beautiful as always, my friend. Wishing you a wonderful day overflowing with love and joy and surprised.

  42. This is so beautiful!! A happy mother's day to you..may it be filled with laughter and love and light!

  43. So soft and delicate.

  44. What a beautiful poem and close up...
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Indonesian people celebrate it at December 22th.

  45. Perfect- I hope you had a wonderful mothers day- here is my mother's day wish:

  46. Wonderful poem:O) Tank you for sharing whit us:O) and for joining the meme:O) Have i nice day


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