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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Fragrance Of Love Exchanged

joy in a most delicate form
a single fuchsia blossom
plucked from a crabapple tree
by the generous slender fingers
of a fourteen year old girl
on her way home from school

because it was beautiful
because she is kind

the dog barks
excited for the return of her friend
footfalls  are heard on the stairs
then a soft knock on the frame
around the open bedroom door
she enters and sits on the rocker

for a moment
for a breath

turns her head to the right displaying her treasure
centers her face again
eyes alight and smiling
reaching up she eases the small gift from behind her ear
where she’d tucked it with care
so as not to crush it in warm hands

because it is fragile
because she is compassionate

graceful movements
the slightest vibration of pleasure
gently oh so gently
she places it in her mother’s palm
both inhaling the fragrance
of love exchanged

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this same child wears her heart on her knee

love and bruises often visible

for she is not afraid 

to be vulnerable

to try even if

she risks a




  1. what a sweet little gift and a loving way you wrote about it for us. :)

  2. Beautiful Laura..her heart, your words...your heart...this precious have a new look here? I like it! Love and hugs my friend...((((Laura))))

  3. A gift like no other one from the innocence of a child.

    Beautiful poem, beautiful photo.

    Thank you.

  4. Aw, so lovely. You captured a beautiful moment, a treasure of time. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Thank you for the lovely moments I experienced while reading your poem. And I see others have also used the word lovely to describe their reactions. So it must be lovely. And you must be so proud.

  6. You are a lucky mom to have a daughter who appreciates nature's beauty!

  7. These beautiful hands have a special vibration of love and peace... and the words just link it all sweetly

  8. A beautiful moment captured through both poetry and photos.

  9. Daughters make the world go around, and the poem you've penned in response to yours is touching and beautiful

  10. Life so ephemeral, temporary, precious. Exquisite tale told here with care. Lovely, Gay

  11. ah i want a tender a verse....very nice the love a child reminds us of...

  12. Thanks for your comment; I have been following your blog, but haven't been around as much lately with adequate posting/commenting time. That post are ideas I wanted to retain from my congregation's annual Shabbaton led by Rabbi Shefa Gold. The 'drash is her.

  13. Such a sacred moment you are sharing with us here! Thank you for that!! Much love, Silke

  14. Incredibly beautiful - a moment for the Memory Box:) What a darling girl.

  15. A beautiful moment to always remember...

  16. A gift truly from the heart.

  17. thank you

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  18. Your words are as delicate and beautiful as the blossom, Laura.

  19. Wonderful poem and photos. I love all of them, and shy loveliness of the flower. Delicate and fragile. Thank you for taking me to your world.
    Have a great day!

  20. Laura,
    Gods tiny perfect creations. Your words always touch my heart.
    Thank you for always being you.
    Hugs and Love,

  21. oh, laura. i think this is one of your most beautiful poems yet. it made me weep...

  22. You appreciation and description of this event is as sweet as the gesture itself. Nice One Shot!

  23. What a gorgeous and simple gift -made rich by the perfume of love.

  24. you are absolutely beautiful.

    joy in the most delicate form. yes.
    wonderful way of saying.

  25. A lovely poem about the closeness of mother and daughter having evolved from that straggly bunch of dandelions offered at age three to the loveliness and miracle of a single exquisite blossom (perhaps in the knowledge that you would honor her gift with a poem).

  26. Delicate, beautiful, and beautifully written!

  27. Laura, I love your mindful poetry! It invites us to slow down and be purely present with you in this experience. Gassho to you, my anamcara friend.

  28. This is sooo heart warming, Laura... it's just beautiful! Your words managed to well up my eyes too... really sweet...
    The gift of pure love exchanged between any 2 souls is just marvelous! And divine!

  29. I thought I already loved you to the max, then you go and write this... .. "I have not been able to keep up with replying to all comments, nor visiting many of you at your beautiful blogs. Please forgive me and know that I read and appreciate every single message and every single one of YOU!!!!"....

    And I find I love you even MORE!!

    That's just the way I feel, Dear Laura. May I "borrow" bits of that to post on my blog if I want to?? :)

    But to this fragrantly gleaming poem...

    This made me cry for the beauty of your daughter, and for the gentle path you have obviously walked hand-in-hand with her on.


  30. Absolutely beautiful...just like you.

    Thanks for all that you share as you clearly and consistently Shine the Wisdom of the Divine.

  31. Absolutely gorgeous! I love those little flowers discovered, and even more when they lead to a shared moment of love. I only wish there were a way to make the moment last forever.

  32. Laura, What a lovely post. Your poem is beautifully written and so expressive. I, too, miss the days when my daughter was little, and I would love to be able to go back and relive some of those wonderful times. It was so much easier to heal the hurts and solve the problems then. But, like you too, I treasure each day now and find much joy in having my daughter as a friend and as a confidante. Each age brings its own joys, and we love then with all of our heart at every age. Hugs Mickie :)

  33. Clearly that blossom did not drift far from the mother tree. Beautiful - the story , the pics, the two of you.

  34. Loving, thoughtful, wonderful and precious. The child. The gift. The story.

  35. the sweet love gifts of a child are forever cherished, very sweet poem with so beautiful phrases :)

  36. How tender and sweet. what a lovely poem to share.

  37. The perfect sweet gift of joy from daughter to mother ! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Happy Thursday !

  38. you awaken both the child and mother in me.
    and the gift of reverence.

    thank you for this...and your warm visit today.

  39. Your gentle, wrenchingly beautiful poem was a deliciously bright spot in my sweet and tender! Love it!

  40. What a tender, loving moment in which to immerse yourselves. That, in and of itself, should be a part of everyone's spiritual practice.

  41. just lovely. enjoying the simple pleasures in life - they are the greatest of treasures! thanks for sharing this precious moment of your life.

  42. So much sweetness in one post.

    <3 Kala

  43. Oh Laura. I bet I know where she gets her generous heart from!!! What a beautiful post - it brought tears of joy to my eyes.

  44. You know the value of every moment and share the love and joy so we know it too.

  45. Laura,

    I love the way you take the time to appreciate moments like this, to acknowledge them, and to savor them. Too many people would let a moment like this fly by without really appreciating it. Thank you for sharing this. It's lovely.


  46. Beautiful, beautiful; the exchange and the cute heart!

  47. ... the fragrance of love exchanged. Now there is a most amazing slogan for a floral shop! My three year old son just brought me a "giraffe" drawing. His first crayon drawing that he has brought me. It looks more like a snake... but he is SO proud. And he brought it to me to see because he loves me. I have filed it away in my "treasure" box. :)


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