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Sunday, May 8, 2011

single tear

just a single tear
she shakes it loose with a smile
as she lifts her head

I'm thinking so much about little Jack. He is in the hospital because his nausea and pain could not be managed through hospice at home yesterday. His moms spent mother's day loving him with all their hearts, praying for his suffering to ease. I know you don't know this child. I've never even met him myself, and yet his story, his very real young and tender life touches me deeply. If you think of it today, say a prayer for a nine year old boy in Georgia who is suffering from tumors spreading through his fragile body. When he is awake he is w  i   d   e  awake with wonder and love. I am so grateful to be taught by these great teachers, Jack and his little sister Kate and his Mom Jen in particular who writes about their lives and shares her heart and wisdom on their family blog about the capacity for love, compassion, amazement and even amusement in the face of such deep, deep suffering.

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  1. and if the day arrives
    when she feels the need
    to weep bucketloads
    may there be many bucket holders
    ready in the wings

  2. Laura - thank you
    Remembering you in a special way...

  3. Appropriate for Mother's Day and all the tears shed over their children over the years!

  4. Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day. Good health to you my friend.

  5. Oh what a beautiful flower and macro!

  6. Lovely images Laura ... hope you are well.

  7. Lovely my dear.
    Happy Mom's' Day.

    Have a great week ahead.

  8. Very lovely, Laura...glad to see spring has come to your snowy clime...

  9. What's the tulip got to cry about :-)
    Short life span?

  10. Perfection of words and photos, thank you...

    (((prayers))) for precious Jack and his family...

  11. my Dear!

    I wish the ebst for the boy.God will help him
    I loved the second shot, laura.
    I hope so taht your Mother´s day was good and in family
    nice week

  12. Sad and lovely. Blessings to Jack and his family.

  13. wow, what Kel said. thanks for sharing Laura. beautifully written and photographed.

  14. beautiful photo's for such well expressed words.
    thank you for sharing

  15. I pray for Jack and his family.

    Hope you enjoyed Mother's Day.

  16. Wonderful macro shot!!
    Glad to have found you to follow!

  17. Heartwrenching, Laura. Poor little Jack and his moms. But it sounds like there is a ton of love going on!

  18. HI Laura -- I'm responding to the note at top of your posts -- just to say I'm glad you're feeling well and able to get up and around for now! Visiting other blogs can wait -- enjoy your lovely Spring days!!! You're an inspiration.

  19. My prayers go out to little Jack and his family. Glad you are feeling better....

  20. Thank you for sharing this story, Laura. I'm amazed at the ways in which lessons come to people personally, and through others. This is a reminder to me about the beauty and power of love and courage. Thank you.

  21. We do know Him. We all know each other. And ilove that u r so aware. Blessings to u all. Happy mothers day to u both.

    Thank you.

  22. Beautiful pictures and a very touching commentary.

  23. I am praying for Jack and his family...this really touches me deep in my heart and reminds me to be really thankful for my very healthy children. Thank you for caring so much about people Laura. Love and hugs my friend...hope your mothers day was good. (((Laura)))

  24. Flower beauty and dew speak volumes to us, each may bring a separate message, according to what we need.

    Beautiful and thank you for sharing.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers

  25. Continuing to pray for Jack and his family. Hoping you had a blessed Mothers' Day.

  26. Did you take these? They are BEYOND extremely freaking gorgeous. I don't even know what to say. Such beauty!!!!!!




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