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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A River of Stones: July 23

 A small stone:
A human heart can fit in the palm of ones hand, but sometimes it weighs so much with love and concern I imagine it would be hard to hold even with two hands.

I woke up happy; I actually slept well last night (a little Zantac to my nightly mix, I knew I needed to rest well). My cheeks have the rosy glow of steroids this morning, at the moment my voice is back to normal...could be the 10 hours of sleep, could be the steroids kicking in already. Don't know how long this will last, but for now I'm ok, I am grateful. Then Gordon came upstairs to calmly tell me the news about the attacks in Norway. I have friends there, and my parents and sister and brother-in-law.... innocent people were killed. I prayed that their suffering was not great, that their beloveds will one day find peace as they heal, I pray for a nation experiencing sadness and shock. 

I received a message from a friend that she will be undergoing surgery on Monday to remove more cancer from her body. I prayed some more. Her prognosis is very good.

We learned yesterday that there is a good chance there will be space in the The Mayo Family Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center at Children’s Hospital Boston starting the 8th of August for my eldest daughter. I feel relief on her behalf after nearly two years of suffering, and for my own beleaguered heart for the worry of a mother who felt compassion but could not truly understand how intense her pain has been. I am working to release the guilt for not really getting it, after so many doctors told us nothing was really wrong, her pain was unmeasurable in the usual studies, I started to believe them and not her. She was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after all this time last Wednesday; two days before we found out I have new lesions. Ironically, her original injury occurred the same week I was diagnosed with MS and started my first round of steroids. The week her beloved kitty Lev (a Norwegian Forest Cat) was murdered in the woods by a wild animal behind our home. There are many strange coincidences here...a circle of suffering. It is time now to step outside of this old circle and begin a new one of healing. The new doctors feel quite sure that this program will restore her brain's perception of pain to a "normal" reading, that the tools they will teach her, the pt, to and psychological assistance will retrain the neural pathways. The doctors at Children's have always been good to us. They treat the child and family with a holistic approach, all will be well. School may start off a little bumpy if this moves into the first weeks, but after that she will have a much better year, a much better life.

I conclude with my dear friend's favorite quote and healing mantra:
"All shall be well, and all shall be well,
and all manner of thing shall be well." 
--Julian of Norwich

May it be so.



  1. Laura, my heart is with you in all matters~~you know that.
    I offer you prayer and I think you understand the miracle of your daughter being able to get the medical assistance she needs.
    I believe we truly cannot understand another's suffering as it is so unique; we can only offer compassion and break the cycle of pain.
    Pax, my friend.

    ( about verification word is GUMBO....the most favorite food in my life! Yes, life is a gumbo of rich and poor and bitter and soothing......)

  2. Laura, I believe all IS well. Glad you are doing better today and that your daughter finally knows what is wrong and can get help for it. Blessings. Hugs and love. xoxo

  3. Sorry to hear about your daughter's poor cat but glad she's got a diagnosis and medical professionals who can help her. And may your "rosy glow of steroids" (LOL) continue to help you feel well!

  4. there is glad news here, and sad news too. but I'm going to focus on the quote. it's beautiful. be well and take good care Laura.

  5. Love your small stones. So thoughtful and inspiring. Much to contemplate - always. Be well!

  6. it is a hard world, isn't it? i tend to avoid the news for all of the sadness, but still it seeps in, and yet, that is where we are needed, praying in the middle of it all. thank you for reminding me of this dear laura. love to you, beautiful friend.

  7. wishing you peace today...i am so glad you woke up happy!!!

  8. praying for you and with you...

  9. Laura,
    I am amazed that the quote you concluded your post with is one someone sent me just this morning. I am sending healing wishes your way. Reading your blog is inspiring. I plan to visit often.

  10. Laura,
    You have much to bear, but your words are uplifting. Several years ago my daughters best friend went through something quite similar to what you are describing your daughter is dealing with. I'm happy to hear there is progress for your family.
    I'm new to reading your posts, and moved to add your family to my prayers.
    May peaceful blessings cover you and yours.

  11. I'm so glad you got a good night's sleep. And it's wonderful that your daughter may soon get some help for her pain. I belief all shall be well. :)

  12. The words in the quote at the end of this post have been going through my mind on your behalf since your Thursday post:)

    May you feel peaceful and at ease ~

  13. in the palm, now i see why you liked that line...smiles. prayers for you and your family...i am glad you look to the hope of a new year...

  14. Some light at the end of the tunnel, great news re your daughter. And a good sleep is so theraputic. I have a friend whose adult daughter suffers from extreme bouts of pain which no one has been able to identify or cure, I have sent hime the link you gave. So on every level, thank you for sharing.

  15. Poor sausage, nobody can really understand, we can't be expected to.I agree, just get out of the pain circle & now she can be shown how. Keep well.

  16. I'm sending you and your family blessings for this new season of wellness and healing in your lives *hugs*.

  17. My prayers go out to your daughter and to you. All will be well.


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