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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A River of Stones: July 26

A Small Stone:
“Love one another from the tenderness of your heart, for that is where I reside.” This is the reply I recognize in my vibrating bones, and beating heart.

If words fail,
When tongue, lips, jaw cannot form them,
There is song.

Perhaps the gentlest most direct form of winged prayer.
Pure sound released up toward the heavens
Through lungs, throat,and diaphragm, 
Another harmonious miracle
Beginning at the soul center.
A clear path emanates
In ever growing circles.

Love flows, in waves of longing.
Longing for healing, comfort, safety, strength, peace.
A simple hum vibrating one’s bones.
Can you feel it?
Eyes closed,
Waves of sound washing

May the sweetness of loving melody
And cleave to the heart
Of the
Who hears all prayers
And cries with us.
Tears fall down
Rain upon the thirsty soil
Tricking down our faces,
Divine tears mingling with
Our own.

Surely the Essence of All that Is/Was/Will Be
Desires to do more
And so:
Relies on us to help
Each other,
To be the wise minds,
Nimble fingers,
Caring arms,
Voices that soothe.

Answering our prayers:
“Love one another from the tenderness of your heart,
For that is where I reside.”

This is the reply I recognize in my
Vibrating bones, and beating heart.

Last morning of steroids today, lets hope this will be for a long while, five months of consecutive Solumedrol infusions in a row is a long run for me. Praying the Gilenya does it's job well with no complications as it begins to protect my central nervous system, for me and all the other brave MS patients who are giving this new, drug a try. Blessings upon the researchers and doctors who pour their hearts and souls into finding ways to bring us relief and slow this insidious disease down. Deep, deep gratitude to my home-health nurse Tyla who has been such a kind companion on this journey for nearly three years now, dedicated to getting my line in on the first try as often as she possibly can...and usually she does!!!
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  1. Wonderful sweet words!! Keeping you in my prayers

  2. Your lovely poem about songs makes me think of the "music of the spheres" idea that the whole universe is one big song.

  3. Debra thank you for sharing about musical spheres / I hadn't heard of that. Laura to you I sing a song from deep within my heart for your health, happiness and peace.

  4. A beautiful photo and inspiring words Laura.

    I hope the steroids have helped and you can tolerate Gilenya. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. I am praying for positive results and wellness for you!

  6. thank you for this beautiful prayer... i needed it today. your verse reminds me of another, from the gospel of john, "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

    thank you for sharing your loving heart with us, laura. i'm so glad your soul can sing...

  7. your words are so inspiring. you've named the steroid that you're on, and one of my best friends was on that for years. it made him talk a lot right after getting the treatment! but it was the only thing that seemed to help stem the progression of his peripheral neuropathy. I hope you're having a fine day, and that your heart is singing. take good care Laura.

  8. Laura, what a beautiful poem. It makes me think about the really difficult things we go through, when there are no words to express our pain, or needs. I think of it as songs from my heart, wordless prayers.
    My heart sings with you and sends encouragement and hope.

  9. Such beautiful poetry from a gorgeous soul. Sending love and light and prayers to you and your family.

  10. Your poem pays homage to the harmony of sound, so beautiful - a prayer in itself. I love the words you chose and I can't help but wonder how you continuously nurture you creative spirit in spite of your body's lack of cooperation at times.

    I'm glad you see harmony in what often appears as separation. Thank you Laura.

  11. Beautiful, Beautiful, Laura.

    I come here, and each soul and heart are refreshed.

    You are that miracle.

    Praying that your steroids phase is over.

    Blessings, Laura. You do so much good with your words.

    Lady Nyo

  12. A beautiful prayer...and I wish you a easy road ahead and good wishes always.

  13. this is a lovely verse and yes we are that love to each other...big smiles. and continued prayers for you.

  14. Fine description of what goes on in the heart.

  15. Like waves on the shore.. as a musician I totally concur w/ all you attribute to music. Nicely done!

  16. Love travels well, i feel it in your words, always.

    We need love, pure love, more than ever.

    I believe love is a healer.

    Beautiful poem......

    You are in my thoughts and prayers for healing....

  17. A lovely, moving and affirmative piece. Best thoughts and wishes for your future.

  18. Blessings upon you and thank you for sharing your beauty expressed in words.

  19. Laura, so good to visit you and hear from you today. This is so beautiful and how blessed you are to have such a majestic sound at your soul's center. Have you done any more recordings? My prayers and love go out to you.

  20. i have been thinking about you. praying for a miracle!!

  21. Beautiful..My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  22. Dear Beautiful Spirit, Laura...
    You always, always touch my heart and soul. It does my heart good to know that every step of your journey you received just what you need for the next step...the next opening; and your immense gratitude and love I can feel from here. You, my dear are in my thoughts, prayers...and a big part of my blessings bundle (heaps of blessings that I am aware of)! I too am filled with gratitude that our paths have crossed the times that they have; and that it ignighted a soul recognition that will ALWAYS be. I love you dear sister...and hold the radiance of your Presence..i my heart. Forever connected and loved...

    P.S. When you get a chance will you please add me back to your distribution list?

  23. You touch my heart and open my mind. Beautiful. Thank you.

  24. Healing is born of faith. Faith is the connection that we have to what
    we believe. From it we derive strength and through your beautiful
    prayer you give and you inspire. May
    the waves of its gift return to you to heal and protect you. Believing
    in you today. Thanks.

  25. One of the most moving posts I have read for a long time.....

    May the great healing vibration resonate within you now and always.

  26. Lovely verse and image. I suspect this loveliness reflects you very well. You're in my best, most positive thoughts, Laura. Be well.

  27. You are Grace personified. Be well, dear friend.


  28. Laura, what a stunning poem. It's the song of a sweet and wise soul.

    I really hope you are feeling well after the infusions and that they bring the desired results. Hope your summer has been a beautiful one so far. I've missed you!

  29. ..this is stunning with words weaved on its purest and sincerest sense..thank you for the pleasure of reading your works.

    Good day.


  30. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    Beautiful words you write and I hope you feel better after your treatment!
    Hugs to you!

    Visit our Singapore blog if you have time, it is in Swedish but there are translation tools.

  31.'s hoping the trial works...lovely words as always.

  32. Beautiful words, Laura! I am wishing you all the best.

  33. A beautiful, moving post! Your inner strength is so inspirational!

  34. A beautiful post. I certainly hope the new drug works well for you.

  35. All the best! Such lovely words and beautiful flower shadows!

  36. Your published words are quite inspirational. And the photo....exquisite!!!

    Stop by if you find time and see my

    Have a terrific Sunday.

  37. A very beautiful message indeed!
    Gives a lot about who you are.. an angel!!

    Hugs xox

  38. Glorious flower photo:-)

    I hope the treatment serves you well - you deserve it to.

  39. Beautiful words.
    My thoughts will be with you.

  40. Very beautiful poem Laura.
    Believe me, I know very well how you feel in these moments. Soon I'll send you an email.

    Regards and you are in my thoughts and prayers

  41. what a fabulous photo! the water droplets are beautiful.

    all the best.

  42. A lovely bloom, a flower so pure and white looks so beautiful when drenched in water and taken from an interesting angle. Your words are touching, the prose inspirational. Hope the new medicine is effective and wishing you well.

  43. I love your photo. Beautifully captured.

  44. Wow this is very pretty. Love the white and water drops very calming image. ^_^
    Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it so much. Happy Tuesday!

    Macro Monday


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