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Monday, August 1, 2011

Appreciating Life's Little Absurdities

Sometimes it is the absurdities in life that bring on a deep belly laugh, and open us to unexpected joy.

Maybe it isn't so funny to you. Perhaps if you had been there right then with the warmth of sunshine on your face, the gentle sea breeze waking your senses to the high calorie, deep fried sweets and fresh brewed coffee wafting by, you’d have thought so too? On a morning "walk" down at the seashore in early July, my niece Sarah (who probably has the most infectious giggle I've ever heard, bar none) and I thought it quite humorous for me to park here while waiting for my mom and sister to pick up our specialty doughnut order at "The Fractured Prune." 
*Pronounced 'proo-in' if you are from Philadelphia and are of my mother's generation...don't know why, just is.

It shouldn't be funny, being handicapped, and parking in this spot...but it was, considering my vehicle was just like the one pictured on the sign. I mean, how often do you see an actual wheelchair parked in a handicap space????

I’m waiting (parked in bed) for my doctor to call and let me know whether or not I need another round of steroids, as my symptoms are a little worse, and definitely not better. I cannot think of a more optimal time to ponder joy and be present to my life as it is, than right this moment.

I have no deep, wise, thought provoking insights to offer today friends, simply this: laugh often, it truly is the best medicine.


  1. Laura - you are a treasure!
    Thanks you for sharing this side of your self.

  2. I have a strange humour button, and that was perfect!. Take care!

  3. You took up that whole darn parking spot? Really Laura you are a wild thing...A wild thing that I am sending wild love to...blessings.

  4. I laughed! Thanks, I need to be lifted from the hum-drum now and again!
    May your doctor have helpful words...

  5. Oh Laura! Perfect! Love the picture, both views! Sending heartfelt wishes for healing days your way.

  6. So lovely to see beautiful you in the sunshine. I probably would have laughed until I peed. I love the perfection of the aligned chairs.

    The simplest insights (laugh often) are the wisest and most powerful.

    Sending love, light and some more laughter your way today.

  7. You look so beautiful in the first photo that I couldn't imagine what would make me laugh...but I did by the third photo:) Teri's right ~ you are wild woman. I would have loved to watch the reactions of passers-by when they saw you "parked" in that spot.

    May laughter be a regular visitor ~

  8. I love your sense of humor and your wise words. You are a blessing to so many.

  9. When life sends you a lemon, make lemonade ;o)

  10. That IS funny in a wry way Laura! I will try to remember to pronounce prune the right way if we are lucky enough to visit your area (because I'm sure I'm of your mom's generation).

    I hope you get good news from your Dr -- I know it is important to listen to your body and stay in bed when it says to do that. (Lesson from my daughter.)

  11. I love the picture, Laura. I have a disabled placard and I like to joke that I'm the best date because if I'm in the car, the driver can park in disabled spots! On a good day for me, I try not to use the disabled spots but there's one shopping center in Davis where I'm doing shoppers a favor to take up s disabled spot because they're always empty while drivers are circling and circling trying to find a non-disabled one.

    Humor: the best medicine.

    Love to you,

  12. i think your niece had it right. :)

  13. You are a wonderful person. Very true, laughter is best medicine.

  14. Laura, this post brought tears to my eyes. Although I have never met you I want you to know that you have touched my very soul with your bravery and your spirit. Never give up. Love you!

  15. praying... you are beautiful.

  16. The deep, wise thoughts are there, for us to read between the lines.
    No pun intended.

  17. Thank you for visiting my blog. I so appreciate your brave attitude. It needs gutts to appreciate hardships of life and you certainly have taught me a lesson. I probably am the most negative person on earth and my husband says I complaint a lot. No he is not the kind of man who complains about a nagging wife, and thus I know he told me the truth. Till date I was crying out loud for not getting famous and weird unreal issues. However, I have started discovering really good bloggers. Alissa has already made me a better person in 3 days and I am glad I visited your blog.

    I never put a thought to the wheelchair symbol...but this post made me realize life is as happy as you want it to be. Thank you so much..... <3

  18. Great photographs, a force of nature if ever I saw one!

  19. yes...sometimes all you can do is laugh
    i just knew you were someone who shares my weird sense of humour :)

  20. Laura, you are a joy. Sorry you are not having a great day, but glad you are seeking joy anyway.
    May grace be yours. Love and hugs.

  21. Finding humor is a GIFT.. and you have it in spades.. blessing to you as laughter AND art are healing.

  22. Dear Laura,

    Our senses of humor must have met in the cosmos somewhere because, YES, I am laughing! (in theory, that is EXACTLY what the sign stands for, as opposed to a vehicle....but I digress)
    Laugh well....I find it always makes me feel better. And a donut. And a good nap. :-)


  23. hi laura, thought of stopping by. you rock :) you made me smile in your sweet 1st picture. yes, laugh often, one will grow beautiful and younger that way.

  24. Love it! Nothing healthier than a belly laugh....thanks for giving me one!


  25. Love this entry and image.
    If I had been with you
    I might have grabbed the spot
    first :)


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