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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Colored striations
Folded cloth
Then tied
And stitched
Patterns forming

Wanted or not
Crisp lines
Map out
Unmistakable moments
Harnessed by anger
Thoughtless and thoughtful
Stained from emersion
Emotion, erosion
Sunk deep into
Tomorrow’s fleshy promise

How can that even be possible?

Tomorrow is not now
Was not yesterday
Will not want
These old testaments
To who I was becoming
How I am unfolding
Colored striations
Painted canyons
And silk
Am I to behold
Such grand-scapes
In this lifetime?
Will I recognize them as my own?

Perhaps I misjudge tomorrow’s
Patient waiting
And my own reflections
But not gone.

This is a poem written sometime in the winter of 2009, that I had not posted before.  I'm having some difficulty breathing again today, so digging into my poetry vault seemed a good plan as I'm not feeling particularly creative at the moment.

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  1. Laura, your images are just stunning and I'm glad you dug into that poetry vault to share with us...but I pray you'll feel better soon and find the energy to create again!

  2. We are always untitled, I think, in that we are a constant weaving of the past, present contingencies, and hopes/yearnings for the future.

  3. Laura,
    I never know what to say. I was here. You are in my thoughts.

  4. will you see them, who is to say, not us...your story is already written...hope you feel better soon...and thank you for sharing...

  5. How we feel, the emotion of life, of where we are, we must dig deep. You did. I could feel your anger and your questions. A quilt of emotions.

    Bless your heart!

    You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. You may have written this before but it still shines bright and lovely.

    You captured that moment well .. love the unfolding lines....

  7. Laura, I am sad to hear that you feel worse today. I hope you feel better soon and your poem is lovely.

  8. I seriously felt a kinship with this piece. It speaks of art and nature and wonder... and my 52 year old, fabulous form!

  9. beauty, growing, never gone in my opinion - not for any of us. a beautiful poem and my prayers are for you this evening...for you to breathe easy in His arms, my friend.

  10. A fine poem to bring out and air--I really liked the comparison to shibori, to being tie-dyed by the compressions and bondages into some design we can't fathom til released. Best thoughts your way, Laura.

  11. Thank you for sharing this with us Laura--as I read, I feel the layers of years peel away like cloudy sheets of mica; I see the beautiful fibers of my youth, both the literal woven ones (my textile past) and the fibers of my own skin. The poem has a beautiful tension--a yearning to bring oneself into balance in the present--and at the same time, look behind oneself.

  12. Hope all gets better soon and a wonderfully written piece.

  13. The poem is lovely Laura, thank you so much for sharing it. I am braying that you find relief soon and are able breathe more easily.

  14. Very inspirational and thought provking. Very well written and presented to. An honest voice. A great combo. Authentic.

  15. soulful sharing

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  16. Very interesting, deep, thoughtful composition!

  17. Beautifully written and so filled with your energy. Hope you are feeling better now.

  18. i hope you already feel better today laura. this is a beautiful heartfelt write and esp. the last stanza touches me with the own reflections..withering but not gone, this feels like a graffiti of hope in difficult times

  19. Your words are so captivating to the soul, Laura.

    I just said a prayer for you. I hope you'll feel better soon...

  20. Dear Laura, I am back from my summer break, catching up slowly with all my favorite blogs.;).
    I am sorry that you do not feel all that good, but your poem is beuatiful. At times I too post what I have written a while ago, as often words, like a good wine, have to be aged.;)

  21. Beautiful poem Laura! I wish I were as creative as you are at your less creative moments!!!!!
    Hope you'll be better son - truly believe you will!
    Send you love:)

  22. Wonderful poem! And very nice pic!
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Thanks for sharing;o)

  23. The delicacy of the beautiful poem haunts me, Laura.

    The sparsity of words convey a world and a future.


    I hope you are better today, Laura. I hope that your breathing is easier.

    With love and concern,

    Lady Nyo

  24. Rest, dear One.
    Allow today to be a contribution to the well of experience from which you can draw out creative energy tomorrow... or the next day... or the next...
    Grace and peace

  25. oh i must have missed something somewhere that you were having breathing problems... i add my well wishes to the others that you will quickly return to ease. excavation from the vault has brought beauty from the deep once again.

  26. I so love this! "Beauty, withering, but not gone." Not gone ever, with you, Laura.

  27. Such a gorgeous path of words from your sweet heart, Laura.

    Your beauty increases.

    Hugs and love today.


  28. Your words are so weighty in the sense that each one counts and holds it's space perfectly. What a great gift you have and are! I hope you will feel stronger soon. Meantime, just rest as your body demands and allow your soul to fly freely out of the window visiting all of your favourite places. Big hug xxx

  29. Your poetry is lovely -- as a new reader I am happy to see you re-running some of them (with the beautiful images). (Although I'm sorry for the reason -- and hope you feel strong again soon.)

    I'm sure your long-time readers are happy to re-read this one as well! That's the thing about poetry...!

  30. I especially like the first stanza.

  31. A whole myriad of emotions expressed here. A painting of words. Gentle, yet, questioning, angry, yet resigned.
    Nothing truly exists for any of us at all, except the 'now'.
    Lovely writing no matter how old, thanks for visiting me and the comment too. I hope you feel better now are are able to breathe a little bit easier.

  32. Laura, Sending thoughts and prayers your way for easy breathing, restful days. Thank you for sharing your eloquent poetry. Beautiful.

  33. Dear Laura
    I've been away for a couple of months but am so happy to be here reading the words that go so deep and feel so much.
    I'm also glad that you're 'mining
    as you allow yourself to rest in what is.

    sending love and a lightnes of heart.

  34. My dear Laura...I hope you are feeling better now... maybe a sit-out in the fresh air or by a water body will help a bit...

    This poem of yours is a real beauty, my friend... tomorrow is a reminder of the chance we have to make a better today.. it is a reflection of yesterday, and how we see it depends on we hold the mirror of today.. no?

    Your words are so reflective and a definite food for thought.. me likes!!!

    You take care, my friend..
    Sending you lots of love...

  35. I'm sorry you're having a difficult day, but I thank you for sharing anyway. I think it is lovely that you never seem to miss the beauty around you in both big and small ways. Oh, and in your poem I really liked those last few lines. Beauty is not gone, for sure :)

  36. hope you are feeling better. terrific read. i liked tomorrow's fleshy promise best of all.
    here from dverse.

  37. Do hope you are feeling better by now-- that you found the breath you need to uphold and inspire you, in every sense! This has some great lines in it-- I love especially "emersion/ Emotion, erosion/ Sunk deep..." Lovely.

  38. Dear Laura,
    Be positive, have a nice thoughts and you'll see that you will feel much better soon.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

    Greetings and I wish you all the best

  39. You well capture the multiplicity inherent in being and the possibility that unfolds within us at every moment. Thank you.


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