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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Canopy of Delight

Sukkot has arrived, the turning point from the Days of Awe to the Season of our Joy. Joy inspires an awe all its own, but instead of gazing inward as we have done for the first part of the month, we begin to direct our attention outward, toward community, hospitality, and yes to the incredible beauty around us, then gather our loved ones in to join us. A sukkah is a temporary booth in which we invite friends to share a meal and look up through the leafy branches of the “roof” toward the heavens, remember our ancestors and the primitive dwellings they built during harvest time, for a full week of celebration outdoors. This is a mitzvah that does not happen in our backyard anymore. It is too much work for my husband to do without my assistance, and I don't have the strength or energy to help. The girls are older; the ritual has lost its allure for them as teenagers. Still, when I look up through the autumn canopy to the openings of light and the sky above, I feel a delicious blend of delight in the present moment and memories of days gone by, when we sat with friends reciting blessings, eating warm pumpkin soup and bread, sipping wine, sharing stories…and the nights our girls “camped” out with friends in our backyard beneath the stars and full moon in the chilly autumn air. (Rosie saw a flying squirrel one evening glide right over the sukkah!)

Times change, our lives evolve and shift like the seasons. The beauty of the natural world seems timeless in my memory…circling round and round each year.

I pray that my body is like a sukkah; bones strong supports, eyes and ears aware of the world around me like the roof, heart a wide open door welcoming the people and experiences that enter my life, graciously saying goodbye when they are ready to leave. 

Not everyone has shelter, a table, food or clean water. This sukkot join me, my daughter and our interfaith community in supporting families around the world through the Nashua CROP Hunger Walk, by following this link.

Follow the bolded link to discover a yoga teaching I prepared and led a few years ago in my synagogue community for Sukkot, another entry for understanding this holiday that is the inspiration for Thanksgiving in the United States.
Enjoy viewing skies around the world by following the link below to Skywatch Friday. You might want to join the fun yourself by sharing some favorite sky shots of your own!

Skywatch Friday


  1. Beautiful post. I just stopped by to say hi and give you hugs. xoxo

  2. Oh, I love the look of fall leaves against a blue sky. Beautiful images Laura.

  3. Like your comparison of the body to a sukkah. I have never had a sukkah myself, but have enjoyed the hospitality of others with sukkah. It is a special joy.

  4. Beautiful in every way. Thanks for sharing.

  5. great autumn sky for SWF! Happy weekend! Hoping you can visit my skywatch post.

  6. Lovely, informative and uplifting post, Laura. Your photos are amazing. Hope you're well and enjoying this beautiful season!

  7. Glorious autumn light, and so rich colours! Sheer beauty!

  8. How wonderful that the Season of Joy and the bright leaves coincide!

  9. oh, it's always a pleasure to visit you, my friend from afar. You always always impart such wisdom and joy and your photos are a divine capture of autumn's delight. I hope you're doing well. take good care, and happy day to you.

  10. perfectly lovely sukkot post!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  11. Stunning picture of the tree and the symbolism of it and its leaves to Sukkot are so poetic.

    I feel like we are all dangling from the branches of that tree

  12. Your photos are spectacular and your post is beautiful, meaningful and honest, as always.

    I think about you often, especially during this special season.

    Sending you love and hugs, dear one.

  13. Beautiful sharing and glorious photos; I'm so happy to see the foliage now that I am living in the desert where this change doesn't happen, but a far more subtle shift happens. Thank you, Laura, and blessings to you and yours...

  14. Dear Laura, all of the changes in my life, ALWAYS, happen during the Autumn.

    I don´t know why...

    I did not come here for a long time because I was at the hospital, sick.

    Now, I´m a little bit better.

    Thanks for your messages. When I read it, I feel comfortable, again.

  15. So lovely to hear from you Laura, thank you! Loving your enlightened and loving vibrational blog! Even the pink, just all so beautiful!
    :) Julie

  16. Love the idea of the gathering outside under a canopy. Such things are a lot of work, and I find it's hard to get people to commit to any kind of gathering because they already have so many other commitments. Sigh.


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