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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crimson Ribboned Package

woke up to this rosie dawn
bleary eyed tired
startled to full wakefulness
by the beauty of crimson foliage
piercing the sky as i looked out the window
and my own personal morning fog
at my daughter (rosie's) old style telephone ringing
ipod alarm (thank you Steve Jobs, no really THANK YOU)
set and left downstairs
where i could hear it through the floor boards rising
she in blissful teenage slumber two rooms away
annoyance shifted slowly to gratitude
for color I could not completely capture in a photo
but tried anyway
something to anchor me for another day
free floating unscheduled
unstructured other than
one morning (ha, ha) phone appointment
ok and appointments to schedule for the family
gift and curse of being home bound
wrapped in a crimson ribboned package
this rosie dawn 

This is my daughter Rosie. One kid who really does what she can to make a difference in the world. (She's modeling in a fashion show in December to raise funds for another organization through her high school) Won't you consider a small donation to the Nashua CROP Walk this year? Click here to make a secure online donation to benefit hungry families around the world. You can read more about the CROP Walk at the top of my blog.

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  1. love it!! even the thank you to Steve Jobs... :)

  2. I'm so glad the rosy foliage lifted your spirits and helped you forget the annoying ringing sound. :))

  3. Absolutely amazing red!!!
    I too am stuck *in house* and thankful I can open the window long enough to shoot a photo.....
    Little things to be thankful for, like the magic that happens in Fall.


  4. You write beautifully. I love how what many of us would take for granted, you turn into a lovely poem and take a great picture. I so admire your approach to life.

  5. Absolutely beautiful... your words your morning, your child...
    Thanks for sharing this with all of us, Laura.


  6. I love the bright red leaves on the trees! My brother had a very loud klaxon set as his alarm on his iPhone. Very loud, but very effective!

  7. your daughter is lovely laura - great she's doing something to make a difference in the world..smiling about the iPhone ring should hear my son's iPhone wake up call...sounds like the world is going down in a minute...smiles

  8. beautiful autumnal colours
    may the soften the edges of your pain

  9. Beautiful pictures, and your daughter is truly inspiring. If only more of us kept that childhood belief that things can and should be fixed, maybe they would be.

  10. Splendid piece and nice shout out to Jobs as well.

  11. I saw the most stunning reds this weekend too Laura on our color tour. This photo is fabulous and your poem is such a perfect accompaniment. I so enjoyed reading this. xo

  12. Your daughter is beautiful...and your piece just lovely.

  13. lovely photo of the red trees, and beautiful poem. It's good to find gratefulness.

  14. you have a lovely daughter...i chuckled a bit at some of the typical teen stuff in the middle, oblivious to her wake up...i remember those days...and here is to unstructured moments when we can appreciate the red dawn...

  15. Smiling at the thought of that telephone ringing. Guinea fowl ring tones are popular here and I'm taken by surprise every time I hear it chuk-chucking when I'm out shopping.
    What a lovely post Laura. The crimson foliage is glorious.

  16. What a beautifully vibrant photograph and a great way to start the day, even with the alarm ringing.

  17. Your daughter is beautiful, kind and truly devoted to what matters.
    The foliage in the first image is stunning.;))

  18. difficult to smell the roses... watch the changing of the seasons... then there are so many responsibilities... your poem reflects these things

  19. love the fact this was about, not taking what's around us for granted but embracing it and being thankful for it ....thank you for sharing x

  20. "something to anchor me for another day"

    thanks for sharing this beautiful image, and yourself, in this place.

  21. Laura, what a beautiful child you have!
    And that she is using precious teenage energy to do good things for the world...well, she gives such hope.

    This poem is delightful! To wake up with such a canopy of red leaves, to consider the world from divine.

    But we already knew it, right?

    Love and hugs,


  22. Agggh! threee times I try to post here! Nada!!

    Your daughter is beautiful, your poem relevant and delightful...and so are you!

    Lady Nyo

  23. Enjoyed the double meaning in your Rosie dawn.

    Thank you for sharing this special moment at this special time of day...

  24. such wonderful words of inspiration and I hope your daughter does well as a model in her fashion show wish her the best of luck

  25. You brought us right in, up close and personal, to a slice of your life. Well done. G.

  26. What an amazingly gorgeous crimson morning present!

  27. Thank you for sharing your beautiful crimson red. We have a bit of orange and yellow in our yard. The leaves are all of sudden falling to the ground.

    I know that sudden awake feeling from an unwelcome sound. When I forget to turn off my cell phone in the house the battery quickly runs down. And when does it always incessantly beep to tell me the middle of the night!

    Laura, your words and photos remind me that your daughters are beautiful young women who know what matters in life. Their mother is a beautiful woman who has the wisdom to show all of us how much life has given us, whatever our circumstances.

  28. i love the way God shows himself to you each morning in the sky and in your daughters, friend. and rosie? she is so beautiful...

  29. It is good your daughter starts charity at such a young age.


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