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Thursday, October 6, 2011

When the Sun is Low

When the sun is low we continue our inward journey, gathering in communities large and small around the world as the Jewish people have done for generations. The chazzan will chant Kol Nidrei, all vows. The energy will shift from one of excitement in greeting our friends to one of solemn introspection. We will refrain from eating and drinking even a sip of water from sunset to sunset (except for children and those who are infirmed or with-child) in an attempt to stay focused, to not be drawn into trivial conversations ‘round a table. This is a time to really step inside ones own heart, to see our lives with clarity, to ask for forgiveness and forgive, to listen for guidance deep within. 

I was talking with a friend earlier today. We were discussing a universal phenomenon we have both noticed personally, and in speaking with others as well. Autumn, for many people, even with its riot of color, is a season of turning inward. Many feel a sense of grieving. Our inner lives reflect nature. Leaves fall from the trees laying them bare, so too with our selves. We shiver in the chill, exposed a little more each day as our own “leaves” of expectation, of who we thought we were, wanted to be, reveal who we are in this moment. Sometimes we like what we see. Sometimes it frightens us. Sometimes we have to just be with that, with that fear, that discomfort. Sometimes we need to look attentively at our skeletal core and trust that the raw, naked feeling will also fall away in time; that we, like the earth will blossom anew. But right now, in this moment, perhaps we feel the chill of exposure. And that’s really an ok place to be, a sacred space, even if it is temporarily painful or confusing. 

I have not been visiting many blogs lately, as I am in the midst of feeling "tender," as the friend I mentioned above might say. I'm spending a lot of time in silence, reflecting, and being with my autumn blue emotions. I appreciate all of your comments so much, your kindness warms my heart. I just need to say that, and to let you know that I will try to visit more as my mood shifts; in time I know that it will, it always does. When the sun is low we continue our inward journey.

Yom Kippur begins at sunset this Friday evening. Gmar Chatima Tovah. May we all be sealed in the Book of Life, blessed with sweet moments of awareness and gratitude.

Skywatch Friday


  1. As always Laura you are an inspiration.

  2. These are beautiful. Happy sky watching.


  3. Lovely meditation Laura. I enjoy Autumn -- at my age, I just want it to last a loooooong time ;>)

  4. I hope your spirit revives soon as I enjoy your positive attitude. But there is definitely a place in everyone's life for reflection...and sometimes we need to feel blue before we look inward. (At least that can be true for me.)

    All the best, Laura!

  5. Very very pretty! I love the detail on those leaves!
    Gmar Chatima Tova :)

  6. Awesome skies and terrific captures for the day, Laura! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  7. Each breath we breathe carries us - and in between visits we all think of each other... moving through autumn where leaves fall away - revealing trees and covering the ground. blessings as always xo teri

  8. No doubt God's everywhere.

    Exquisite photography, LAura!

  9. As usually great post Laura! Thanks:)
    Big hug

  10. Wishing you pain free today and the days to come Laura. Hugs!!


  11. Laura, beautiful words and photos, as always. You have a special way of viewing the world in beauty, and I always come away a little better than I was when I first arrived here. Peace to you, good soul.

  12. What powerful photos! What an insightful post, I hadn't thought of this and yet it makes perfect sense. I've become so used to the questioning Quest that I didn't see the correlation to the seasons. Very interesting....Be at peace my friend.

  13. It is spiritually and physically nourishing to take an aside from life and light the light shine within, to reveal and restore us.

    Beautiful photos and thoughts.

    You remain in my thoughts and prayers!


  14. Wishing you many blessing of these holy days. Beautiful photos and thoughts.

  15. Beautiful shots and thoughtful words.

  16. Gmar hatima tovah to you, as well. You are the most amazing photographer!--your photos bring light into my life whenever I look at them.


  17. Excellent light, I love those pictures of beautiful skies and clouds exquisite.

  18. Beautiful post, Laura! Your photos are gorgeous. I do wish you well, take care.

  19. reflection is so important for one's self and well being!! we all need quite time!!

  20. ooohhhh and i love the light, the pictures are beautiful!!

  21. Beautiful post and photos! Blessings for your holidays.

  22. So well said and so true. So very powerful. Beautiful photos.

  23. I have been feeling a bit down this week too and have been rather quiet on other peoples blogs. Your post has helped me feel a bit less isolated with the way I am feeling and your lovely photos put a smile on my face :o)

  24. I love the pictures and I certainly understand the need for silence and meditation. I am with you there.
    Take good care my friend.

  25. beautifully captured view of the sky in different moods, thanks for sharing with SWF, funny i often think of the fall as a fresh new start with everyone is going back to regular routines after the summer holidays

    have a great weekend

  26. Exquisitely beautiful..stunning light. Shana Tovah to you and yours! May this up and coming year be filled with sweetness and light!

  27. Thank you for explaining Yom Kippur.
    I worked a woman, Doris, who caused
    me to admire this season of inner-seeing & of forgiving oneself as well as others. Doris is very devout
    I couldn't understand how one can't
    even have a sip of water - but she
    managed it.
    My own little "season" consisted of
    water, tea and fruit and most of all for me: not looking in the mirror -
    don't laugh - that's major for a girlie-girl like myself.
    However, I continue during this time of year to look inward and eschew the trival.

    Thank you, Laura

  28. Oh, and p.s. the sky is gorgeous!

    not sure if my previous post went

  29. I know we can all relate to a melancholy mood, to the sun going down, to the leaves falling, to endings.

    But I know a new beginning is around the corner for you. Dwell in this place. I sense there's healing happening though it may not feel good.


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