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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Deciding To Be Grateful, Deciding To Be Kind

I’ve decided to be happy
I’ve decided to be glad
I’ve decided to be grateful for all I ever had
I’ve decided to let go of all this pain tonight
I’ve decided to let go of all these demons inside

I know I am blessed
I know all I ever wanted was this
I know I don’t need more
I’ve got what I came for

I’ve decided to be open to the little voice inside
Telling me I am beautiful it’s ok to be alive
I’ve decided to be kinder to myself when I feel sad
I’ve decided to be grateful for all I ever had

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I feel these lyrics in my heart though they are not my own, they belong to Copper Wimmin, you can listen to their sweet harmony through the link provided below. I hope you will all embrace these words as well. Be kinder to yourself, be kinder to everyone you meet, when we do this the sky opens up and blessing showers us all with beams of light, reminding us that we are so much more than the bodies we dwell in, that our love is as expansive as the heavens above. Love is our essence and touches the hearts of all beings near and far when we decide to let it flow. Then there is a spark of me sparkling in you and on and on; we understand we have always been connected, that we all are beautiful. Recognizing this, how can we be anything but grateful and kind?

click the link above to listen to this beautiful song of gratitude by Copper Wimmin

I've had too many things going on to create a third annual mega mobius gratitude quilt in advance this year. Well, my friends, there is no time like the present! In between cooking and entertaining I'd love to know what you are grateful for. 

Exhale. Inhale. Close your eyes. Without thinking, allow gratitude to rise up. Open your eyes and write whatever you are grateful for right now in this very moment in the comments below. Let's build a quilt over the next few days. I'm looking forward to what you have to share.

In this moment as I write to you I am most grateful for the love that surrounds me and fills me. Love from family, friends near and far, love from the One who dwells within, love that I feel for my own humble and truly blessed existence.  

How about you? What are you grateful for right now? Here is last years beautiful quilt if you are new to my blog. The original quilt started because I was struggling with language and wanted to do something special for my blog, but was concerned I wouldn't be able to express myself, so I asked my family and friends to write about what they were thankful for. Now it feels like an important tradition to continue, even if it is impromptu. I hope many people will participate; you have the whole weekend to join in.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Laura. Thank you for being a source of light and kindness in my life.

  2. Beautiful in every way. Wishing you and yours a very happy thanksgiving.

  3. Before I clicked on the link and listened to the song, those lyrics made me think of the old Shaker hymn "Tis a Gift to be Simple" -- the first verse sort of fits that melody too. Thanksgiving blessings to you today and everyday!

  4. I am thankful for my family and the love I feel in my heart when I think of them.

    Enjoy your holiday :o)

  5. Laura, Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and tell you what an "inspiration" you are to all of us. Lovely poem and one to "take to heart". Thank you, my friend. Mickie :)

  6. i am grateful for the beauty that surrounds me every day, and the opportunity to share it across the world through this place called Blogland. and so grateful for the souls i have connected with here. God bless you, Laura!

  7. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Deciding to be grateful seems the first step to happiness.

  8. what a beautiful poem.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Laura ♥
    I'm grateful for the sun streaming through my windows as I type this; grateful for my sister and niece visiting me this Thanksgiving; and grateful to have inspiring, loving, thoughtful people like you in my life! xoxox

  10. What a beautiful post! Kindness should be everyone's religion...

  11. Lovely post, Laura. I'm grateful for good health, family and friends, my love for photography and having much reason to smile. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  12. Grateful for friends. Life is such a blessing, and the sharing of this blessing is a gift of the highest order.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Laura. And thank you for being a friend who inspires me.

  14. I am thankful for baking bread, for people coming together, bonded by the love they share, for children running around the house, barely able to contain their excitement about this special day, and I'm thankful for you, dear Laura.XO and Happy Day!

  15. I'm grateful for Mother Earth, all her precious creatures and creation, and the galaxies surrounding her.

    I'm grateful for you Laura!

  16. so very grateful for you and your gentle heart, laura. xo

  17. i am thankful to tears
    for family and friends
    finding in my later years
    the best is yet to come

    thrilled to my finger tips
    to have a spark of you
    sparkling in me
    and on and on

    thank you for this thought
    to carry in my heart
    encouraging me
    again and again


    you remain in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

    you are my friend Laura.

  18. Nice post for your Thanksgiving. I hope you had a great one! Lovely sky too.

  19. Beautiful sky, beautiful thoughts. Well done.

  20. Nice post ! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving !

    best regards from Tromsø, Norway

  21. Hi Laura. :-) I actually wrote a thanksgiving post and here's the link if you have the extra time

    But it's basically about being thankful for both the good and the bad things.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Laura! God bless! :-)

  22. It's strange perhaps, but I'm grateful for gratitude itself. I'm glad that I notice the big and little things, judged as good or bad, all mixed in one package that is called my life.

    And I'm grateful that I found you Laura. Your thoughts always enrich my life.

  23. Wonderful words, Laura, I sometimes need to be reminded, let go of the disappointments and remember the blessings.

  24. I am most grateful I took the time this gray morning to visit with you, kind and gentle, sweet Laura. Thank you always for your soothing images and Holy words. Namaste' dear heart.

  25. lovely Laura, so pleased the quilt is back, this way feels more like an interactive sewing circle

    thanks for the invitation again to participate - even though I'm lousy at sewing :-)

    I'm grateful for being introduced to those musical angels, for they will feed my soul this morning

  26. Lovely words--thanks for sharing them! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  27. Your posts are so full of heart. Thank you.

    I am grateful for so many wonderful bloggers and for so many good people.

  28. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Laura!
    Many of your holidays are not observed over here, and Thanksgiving is one of them. We have a Harvest Thanksgiving, but it's only observed as a special church service in October. I would rather adopt your Thanksgiving than Halloween, which is trying to happen here :-)
    I am grateful for my family, my children, for my husband's successful recovery from leukemia, and for our delightful first grandchild. I am grateful for all the beauty I see through the blogs I read, and for the inspiration you are to me, and to so many others!
    Gratitude and negativity cannot co-exist in our minds; one will always exclude the other, and by focusing on gratitude, I find that my life quality increases.
    Hugs and blessings :-)

  29. Gorgeous!

    Visiting late from Skywatch, hope you can take a peek at my skywatch entry also. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

  30. I'm thankful for YOU, Laura, and the beautiful thoughts you share with us! I'm thankful for my loving, funny, challenging daughters who make me see the world in new ways every day. I'm thankful for my sweet husband. I'm thankful for my body, which I have come to realize doesn't matter how it looks, but what it is capable of.

  31. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving..

  32. I'm grateful for my dear family.I'm grateful I get to make art every day and I'm grateful for the friendships i have made through blogging. Hope your Thanksgiving was happy and peaceful Laura.

  33. I am grateful for family and friends and the communities that surround me. I derive my greatest support that way. And I'm thankful for you - your writing, photographs, artwork. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  34. I am grateful for the women I have met through blogging and now call my friends. Thank you, Laura, for your photos and reflections ~ they are rays of sunshine on the cloudiest day.

  35. I am grateful for your words that always burrow into my soul and remind me to be grateful no matter what. I'm grateful that I'm surrounded by people who love me and who receive my love in return. And I'm grateful for the lessons this year's grief is teaching, both the horrible and the glorious. Hugs and love to you, Laura.

  36. It's great to visit a person who celebrates thanksgiving all year round. This is beautiful too though! ;-)))

  37. Amazing and weird creations .. as if from outer space- yet so fitting with your sky, Laura

  38. I am thankful for my family and the love I feel in my heart when I look at my children and I discover how God was and is good to me...
    I´m thankful for my health is coming back after a stroke and after a bad moment that i lived two months ago...I simply love God...

  39. nice picture plus inspiring words..perfect to start the day..thanks for sharing and for the visit in my blog..

    glad to follow you now..take care..
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  40. I'm grateful that I've been blessed with all that I need. there is nothing I could want for, or desire. I appreciate that deeply and give thanks to God and the universe for blessing me with such bounty. peace be with you Laura.

  41. Grateful to be less thwarted by personal delays, grateful to be less frightened of my own shortcomings and fear. As I practice patience with myself, I learn patience with others. I notice bits of compassion beginning to re-emerge. I have been small for so long. I am grateful for the bliss filled moments of clarity, when I know I am loved and feeling myself expand into love. I am thankful indeed for the chance to say why I am thankful. Blessings to you Laura.


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