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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Through A Turning Leaf

basking in the  sun
a glimpse of late afternoon
through a turning leaf

How I appreciate moments like this; glorious and bright, filled with hope in the midst of change--inevitable, change. I stood beneath the tree and captured this photo before getting into the car to visit my dear friend who will have surgery for a brain tumor on Tuesday. We spent an hour or so together with my husband, her mother and a couple of other close friends. In the face of so much uncertainty she sat there radiant, full of love, we all did. I pray with all my heart that we will do so again and again for a long time to come. 

We have watched the seasons change for many years, have helped each other grow, and witnessed the blossoming of our daughters and the students we have taught in our community. What an honor and pleasure it is to be blessed with such a wise and compassionate friend. She is my teacher in countless ways, and once again I find myself with the words "thank you" echoing softly in my heart: "Thank you Hashem for this loving connection."

Every soul we meet changes us and helps us to ripen into our fullest potential as we journey through life, until one day we see a golden leaf basking in the sun, glimpse the late afternoon through its uniquely sculpted form to see ourselves reflected, the veins mapping out the road we've traveled so far and the people and experiences who have shaped and colored the person we’ve become. How can one feel anything but gratitude in such a moment?


  1. Laura, Once again, such an inspirational and beautiful post. So much gratitude to so many people in my life that have been there to "see me through". I hope your dear friend does well -what a challenging ordeal to face. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts and feelings--they move us all. Hope all is well with you. Have a joyous week. Mickie:)

  2. such a mindful capture of a moment in the life of a leaf, and a person

    may your prayers be answered in the way you hope for

  3. Such a beautiful testimony of a golden friendship, Laura. As so often happens, the seriously ill are heroic in the spirit of love they radiate. It sounds like so much love was there and, with so much love, everyone will make their way through this challenge with beautiful hearts.

  4. Simply beautifully written, Laura, and I hope you have a wonderful visit with your friend. She is blessed to have you with her as she faces this next leg of her journey. May she find healing and be safe and well... You too!

  5. Such a beautiful sentiment to a dear friend. May all turn out well in this time of anxious waiting!

  6. What a beautiful shot. I love the lighting. Your words are also beautiful.

  7. Great macro shot and accompanying thoughts.

  8. Hope all goes well.

    What great way to photograph the colours.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  9. So Beautiful !
    Greetings from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  10. "hope" in the midst of those words. As do I love the photo.

    My link for today is: GARDEN FLOWERS

  11. may your friend have all grace and strength for her journey. i hope her surgery goes well.

  12. Beautiful words and an amazing photo. The colors and light REALLY make it a good one.

  13. Oh Laura, what a magnificent, beautiful entry...sharing your insightful heart. Yes, the turning leaf in all it's glory speaks volumes of it's innate Grace and Surrender...and Trust; letting to eventually to fulfil it's destiny of surrendering to what's ahead and in gratitude for where it's been - each journey etched into its very essence. I simply LOVE what you've shared here... thank you.

    And...what better way for your dear friend to enter surgery than basking in the pure love and beauty of her devoted friends and family...and Prayer. Blessings of love and you all.

  14. Wow! - First off your photo is so lovely. I love the way the light shines through the changing leaf.
    Second, what a wonderful message. You are truly a good friend to your friend and I pray that all goes well with her surgery.

  15. You write so eloquently one can't help but be moved. This post is simply lovely.
    Prayers that your friend will have a successful surgery.
    Lovely photo with beautiful light!

  16. Blessed with a great friend and a great outlook despite the difficulties. Well done Laura and my prayers are with you and your friend. (How is your daughter?)

  17. Gorgeous light in this image and beautifully written post, Laura.

  18. You inspire me with your hopeful attitude...which I could use these days with my friend's mother dying, another in the stroke section of the hospital, and another home after a heart attack while running the treadmill...


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