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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blessed By The Morning

I dedicate these blessings and the music to my many friends who are living with and healing through illness; each finding moments of gratitude daily for this is a practice that sustains us.
Click the frosted Rose of Sharon bud photo above or the purple title link below to listen to this song of gratitude.

Music and Lyrics Copyright © 2011 Laura Hegfield All rights reserved.
(With the exception of the Hebrew liturgy)

Modah  ani   l'fanecha
melech   chai   v'kayam
shehechezarta   bi   nishmati
b'chemla   rabah   emunatecha.

One humble being I offer my gratitude
To You O’ blessed restorer of souls
Traveling through the night dreaming through darkness
I thank you Hashem for the gift of this life.

Baruch ata Hashem Eloheinu
melech ha'olam,
asher yatzar et ha'adam b'chochma,
asher yatzar et ha'adam b'chochma

Blessed are You O’ Creator of everything
Fashioning humans with Your wisdom and faith
Intricate, fragile, each day is a miracle
Breathing the breath of Your Infinite Love

Waking each morning with prayers of gratitude, even if I'm not feeling well or particularly happy in the moment, elevates my spirit and carries me through the day. Viewing the beauty of a frosty morning and singing never fail to bring me back to my soul center, to remind me that we are all connected, that I am not alone, that despite the challenges life sometimes presents, each day is a blessing. Even in a body damaged by illness, more goes right than wrong and that is indeed a miracle. I never take a day that I am able to walk around the yard with my camera for granted; each step is a gift. On the mornings I can't get outside, I have windows through which to see the wonders of a day unfolding. My breathing is not as strong as it used to be, but I am still able to sing softly. How can I not feel grateful?

The English in the lyrics to the prayer/song above are not an exact translation of the Hebrew, but my own interpretation, revealing what to me is the essence of two of prayers that are deeply meaningful to me entwined. In more colloquial terms, this is a "mash-up" of Modah  Ani and Asher Yatzar You can find the full text to these prayers and translations by clicking on the links if you are curious.

*This is a very low-tech recording with GarageBand and a headset in bed. Sorry about the annoying 60hz hum, but the cathedral effect was fun to play with:-)

There is still time to participate in the Gratitude Quilt...information on how to join in is at the top of this blog.


  1. Laura, thank you
    you do not realize how much
    your thoughts and prayers mean
    to me.
    Your strength is such an inspiration to me - you are a blessing to so many.
    I listen to "Temple coming home"
    continually throughout the day.
    It brings so much peace to my heart and spirit.
    I have some surgery coming up in January. Repair of incision where gall bladder was removed 2 years ago. Know it is not life threatening but it is ever on my mind. See how unstrong I am at times....

  2. These are so very beautiful ... thank you and bless you.

  3. how lovely to hear your voice Laura
    your heartfelt morning prayer/blessing moved me to tears

    that you sing, even when your breathing is not strong, is a gift of grace to us all

  4. Love the circular twig with the frosted oak leaves -- so rich with symbolism!

  5. You have captured the beauty of the early morning frost.. lovely.

  6. Light, ice crystals, and a bit of snow make these captures absolutely beautiful. They are pretty magical. I like how the frost and son follow the lines and veins of the leaf in the last shot. All of the pictures are wonderful. genie

  7. Your early morning captures of the frost are wonderful!

  8. I felt the upsurge of energy!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  9. Such a beauty, Laura!
    Thank you for this marvellous post.

  10. Absolutely stunning. I like the faint sunlight captured with some...and the frost...beautiful. But my favorite is the leaf surrounded by a circular branch.

    My Monday Post is: Holiday Golden Flame

    Happy Monday...have a great week ahead.

  11. Such beautiful works. You are a blessing to us with your visions captured and shared.

  12. Your song touched my soul Laura. Beautiful photos and sentiments.

  13. laura, your sweet voice and these lyrics are a lovely gift to me on this day... thank you.

  14. This is such an inspiration to me. I struggle with guilt when I am not able to do for my family when I have to rest because of my pain. Blessings to you. Now I'm off to listen to your beautiful voice.

  15. Beautiful winter photos. Great job!
    Have a nice week to you.

  16. There is an extraordinary beautiful and kind message in you post. It reminds us that the world is still filled with pain and suffering and we don't have to forget this.

    Yes, we all should waking up grateful!

    And your art work is magnificent!!! I love it very much, I love how the frost created beautiful patterns!!!

    Laura, may God bless your heart!

  17. I love being amazed as I am at the beauty of your photos, the energy you put into them and the spirit you have for gratitude.

    Thank you so much. You grateful attitude is infectious.

  18. What a wonderful light and beautiful forms bringing from the winter. Fantastic !

  19. My goodness, how beautiful each of these are, and how fortunate you were to be able to capture this morning.

    Thank you so much for sharing today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great evening!


  20. Hi Laura, I can feel the healing and goodness in your photos and your words. I don't always remember to fill my heart with gratitude and this post reminds me of the healing powers that doign this brings.

  21. these are fantastic shots!
    great words, too.

    and thanks so much for following CUT AND dry.

    following your lovely blog right back!

    have a great rest of your weekend!

  22. Wonderful captures in your images of the beauty of the frost. You have a very interesting blog. Your prayer for gratitude is beautiful!

  23. the frosty leaves are pure magic, a gift to be sure, and you've captured them beautifully. thank you for the lovely song, it lifts me up and carries me to stillness and gratitude. have a lovely evening Laura. take good care now.

  24. Lovely series of frosty shots!

  25. Beautiful words Laura and great philosophy.

  26. Your voice sang out to the orchids on my kitchen table. I pause to fill my heart...xo teri

  27. Wonderful early morning...Great work and thanks for your visit

  28. Exquisite light, I like the frames on those frosty leaves.

  29. Lovely--gratitude lights the way--and your whole presentation here is just beautiful.


  30. gosh your psalm or prayer is is your dedication...i love the frost pics too...i hope this finds you well..

  31. With sights like those, there's no way one could wake up and not be grateful for the world around them. Lovely!

  32. This is a beautiful and meaningful words..indeed we have much to be grateful for... enjoyed this ~

  33. I felt like I was a newborn again, rocked in a cradle and sung to by the most beautiful and gentle Mother Spirit.

    I'll have to try the singing thing in the morning when I'm not feeling so great.

  34. I love the delicate touch of frost in the countryside, charming and poetic images are here. Nice way to start a winter day. ♥ly thanks

    warm hugs from

  35. Wow, I love the bent oak twig and leaves--something mystical about that photo. And thanks for the gentle reminder to wake up greatful...

  36. very nice pictures! here I cannot take such image of freeze, it is too much hot for the season...

  37. Morning is my favourite time of day!

  38. You so eloquently captured the everlasting newness and quiet potential of mornings...

  39. Love the frosty images and your beautiful voice. :)

  40. your gratitude for your window humbles me greatly. i will never look at those planes of glass the same again. and what beautiful photos, friend. love you.

  41. Just beautiful, Laura. And your attitude is so admirable.

  42. Laura,

    your photographs are delightfully and deeply beautiful. you have captured the beauty of gratitude and the wonders of nature with your heart, i feel. lovely week to you~

  43. Beautiful, beautiful frost shots!

  44. Such an early morning with all these beauty in the nature, you have captured them all. Well done, friend.


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