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Saturday, December 10, 2011


It is endless, this laundry that needs to be folded. Every mother knows it is true... and the love we feel for our children that is endless too!

Admittedly, this is possibly the worst birthday card image and rhyme ever, but I kind of liked the natural folds of this pile of laundry and the play of shadow and artist's perspective, what can I say? Let's start again, shall we?

Happy Birthday Rosewillow

May you continue to blossom with beauty, creativity, wisdom and kindness as you have since your birth fifteen years ago. 

How can so many years have passed? You, my younger daughter are a delightful blessing for me and your father and everyone who knows you. You can always make me smile (and know how to make me cry...both through laughter and cross words). You are a person who wears her heart on her sleeve so I know when you walk into a room exactly who you are in the moment. Even if I don't always give you what you need, I try to get it right. You forgive me when I don't, and I forgive you when you mess up too, because mother-daughter love is endless (like laundry...and this wide expanse of pink and blue sky!)

From your rosebud lips

to the tips of your toesies

(though I suspect with those legs you'll soon be taller than me) 

 you will eternally be my sweet little Rosie. 

You are growing into a remarkable young woman Woodge, and I am so proud to be your Magical Mim.

I am publicly embracing my downgrade to un-cool mom with this corny, but affectionate birthday message and accept full responsibility for any embarrassment I have caused my (I still can't believe it!) 15 year old daughter, and understand the possible consequences of such a reckless act of maternal love... for example she may not speak to me for the rest of the week unless she needs something, like clean laundry (which can be found in the basket in my room).
PS. She IS wearing a swimsuit in the last photo! 
PPS. Duct-tape rosebud hair accessories and button necklace designed and handmade by the lovely and gifted-creative-artist Rosewillow!!!



  1. She's such a cutie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!
    And thanks for sharing this lovely post and your wonderful shots! And yes, children are a blessing;o)

    Have a fabulous weekend****

  2. What a beautiful tribute and, yes, that includes the laundry part. Life is kind of that way, isn't it?

  3. happy birthday to your beautiful girl, and may she have many many happy returns of the day!

  4. such a beauty! blossoming from all the love she receives from you!

  5. Happy birthday, Rosewillow! 15 is such a magical age -- enjoy it!

  6. Wonderful pictures, I love those dramatic lights and shadows in the first. Beautiful portrait, have a daughter very beautiful, congratulations. Greetings.

  7. Ahhh... what a lovely, heartfelt birthday post! Happy birthday Rosie! Though we haven't met, I feel I know you a little from the wonderful things your mum has said and I see some of the very best of her in your eyes! Have a fun day and a fantastic year!

  8. oh, laura, you are going to be in trouble! lol. She may say she doens't like it but deep down this post will make her feel as special as she truly is, I am sure. She is beautiful.

  9. Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful and special daughter. Happy Birthday, Rosie. May your day be full of rose-colored thoughts!

  10. A happy birthday too your daughter, she is beatyful..Great pictures of her and the landry a never ending job...;D

  11. What a beautiful daughter you have, and what a lovely mother-daughter relationship!

  12. I love this unabashed display of mother love!

  13. Ahhh, daughters.
    I, too, love the lights and shadows in the laundry photo!

  14. You are both so blessed to have each other! Happy Birthday!

  15. Good for you for showing your love, she'll look back on it for years to come and will be so very touched :o)

  16. Nothing corny or uncool about this, you are a proud and loving mother who is 'doing her thing'! You created some magnificent images that you and your family will cherish for many years.

  17. laura, you teach us to be brave, no matter what, and follow where our heart leads us

    Rose may die of 'embarrassment' out loud, but secretly in her heart she will know that only a mother who loves her with all her being would dare to pull such a 'birthday prank' in public ;-)

  18. That first portrait is very expressive. Like:)
    Birthday congratulations too!

  19. O what a post from a very proud Mum! Good on you! Your daughter has the sweetest, enchanting face! Very photogenic!

    Happy birthday Rose!

  20. I am big smiling about the laundry part, 'coz yeah, it's really true. Only, the hubby here does them and I do the folding & ironing. Uggghhhh....great series of photos. And thanks for the visit. Namaste.

  21. Please tell Rosie Happy Birthday from the Hoggs! We Wish her a Wonderful and Happy Year!

  22. each photo is perfection, but the last is heart-melting. oh my. you've captured her spirit and it's beautiful. thanks for sharing with us. and Happy Birthday Rosie!

  23. She is so beautiful! Maybe all this sentimentality is boring to the child, yet us parents will always remember the process of growth of our children and fondly, too. Even though our two are (almost) 23 and 21, we hold these sentiments. When they were born, film ruled. Happily we have scanned hundreds of photos to keep our memories enlivened. Beautiful!

  24. she is beautiful on the outside and special on the inside.

    what a gift....

  25. Gorgeous post and with many great shadows! Happy Birthday to your daughter, Rosie.

  26. What an amazingly loving tribute to your beautiful girl.

  27. Oh my dearest LAura,
    No one but you could have posted such a beautiful dedication to a beloved one as you've done, and the simile with that laundry and her pics.... JUST PERFECT!

    Lucky both to have one another and enjoy it, no matter what, and lucky us who can read about this eternal LOve, which all of us mothers know so well about...
    Thanks for sharing this with us... and happy birthday to her, and to you too. I always believe it's like our birthday too ...

  28. Not only is SHE beautiful, but her, unusual and nearly as beautiful as she is.

    Happy 15th.

    Crypt Shadows in New Orleans Cemetery

  29. These photos are lovely and your daughter is so beautiful Laura! What a proud mum you must be!

    Thanks so much for your contributions to SSS! A little team has formed to take over the running of the meme & I'll share the details on my blog next Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  30. I'm sure Rose appreciates this birthday post from a mum I should do something like this too.
    Thanks for following mygardenhaven. You were #93. 7 more to go before I have 100!

  31. I remember now that members of your family and mine have lots of close birthdays. Today is my youngest's birthday ~ he is *24* years old! Happy Birthday Rosie!!!!

  32. Laura, what a beautiful, loving tribute to Rosie on her 15th birthday. And my birthday message to Rosie is: Happy 15th Birthday Rosie. May you always be able to give yourself the gift of unconditional love, for yourself... from yourself; and may you feel every bit of it deep in your heart - and every day of your life, may that love sustain, comfort and guide you in all your decisions..the big ones and little; and challenges, and disappointments and celebrations; and in simply "being" - enjoying the wind on your face or the glint of sunshine thru the trees, or the crunch of the snow or autumn leaves; may you feel love, in all that and more... and when you don't feel it, trust that it's there.. because it is. ~Abundant blessings to you all... Cheryl

  33. Beautiful
    I read your heart.
    What a beautiful
    Just like her mom...
    Belated birthday wishes
    to this special daughter..

  34. Beautiful!

    Late visiting from Shadow Shot, hope you can still visit my shadow entry, thanks!

  35. Belated happy birthday to sweet Rosie! Lovely shots...

  36. So very beautiful. Thank you for joining me.
    I love your blog.

  37. Happy belated birthday!! I am sure my daughter would have not talked to me for about 3 weeks. Ah well... you are a brave and courageous woman! (lovely photos)


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