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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nature's Surprises

Does one laugh or cry when seeing a forsythia blooming mid December in NH? (This photo was taken on Thursday morning) My first emotion was delight at natures unexpected surprise. Then I felt sad for this poor confused bush, blossoming in a season during which it should be hibernating, buried in snow, reserving her energy for next spring's arrival.

A few days before (Tuesday) this was the grass in our lawn, bejeweled in ice crystals:

The photo and video below were taken on an evening this past October!!! (We were left without electricity, except for what was connected to our generator for 5 days after that storm due to the weight of snow laden leaves taking down many trees and with them power lines. The noise in the background is the fan of our pellet stove.)

Is time moving backward??? Mysterious wonders abound!
Thank you to everyone for your loving comments on my last post. We are all courageous, remarkable beings, each living the life we've been given with as much dignity, patience, and strength as we can muster day by day. Look at those tiny forsythia blossoms at the top of this page again. They are a good example of how we are all doing our very best to survive, thrive and fill the world with our unique beauty. You and I are not so different from those delicate blossoms, or the frost crystals, here one day, gone the next, each precious and deserving of our moments shining in the sun. Shine on with compassion toward your own magnificent self. The more you practice lovingkindness upon yourself in difficult times, the easier it is to offer it to others freely.
Reflecting upon the year that is coming to an end, closing your eyes, exhaling, inhaling, opening your eyes...send me an email that expresses what your are grateful for in THIS moment...I will add your message to this year's Gratitude Quilt that will be posted December 31, 2011 I currently have 80 quilt squares gathered from thankful people around the would, and would love to hear from YOU too!
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  1. that yellow is the first signs of Spring in NH, often through mud and frost to come still. Wow. Isn't there a saying about the flower that blossoms in the snow. Is it a perpetual sign of Grace and Eternal power blooming now? Waking us, a bit? Your eye so ready.

    Everything is miracle.

    Blessings, and thank you for this.

  2. You know what they say here in New England - if you don't like the weather..wait a minute! I think it's a good omen to see forsythia blooming in December. Beautiful!

  3. Yellow flowers, I call them Happiness Flowers. Happiness waited on a branch, in God's shadow, to say hello to you.

    You remain in my thoughts and prayers. ((hugs)) ❤

  4. Nature is a source of many surprises, and some of them are really wonderful!
    Have a great new week, Laura!

  5. now that is one unusual occurrence in nature. I've never seen a forsythia blooming at any time except May. Our world's climate is all turned around. It is mid Dec. and we've not a first snowfall as of yet. but miracles do happen, and I'm holding out hope for a white Christmas. your photos are lovely as usual Laura. I especially like the black and white, and enjoyed the video! happy day to you. take good care now.

  6. Przyroda czyni cuda. Forsycja, mróz i śnieg w grudniu :-). Pozdrawiam

    Nature works wonders. Forsythia, frost and snow in December :-). Yours

  7. Forsythia, that confused beauty, has made appearances here, too. It is frightening.

    Your photos are gorgeous.

  8. Your photos are so beautiful. I would probably see the yellow as a sign of optimism. Hope. Resilience.

    We've had such a mild December, I wouldn't be surprised to see crocus' blooming any day now. It is definitely strange weather.

  9. what a nice bright surprise....
    on a walk the other day, I found some fresh rosebuds in a garden...
    it made me go hhhmmmmmm...
    Thank you for the visit to my blog
    have a wonderful week....

  10. The forsythia just made a special effort to please you with the promise of it's spring glory, be grateful not sad. Sadness would defeat the purpose.

  11. Gorgeous shot of the snow crystals!

  12. Beautiful photos. I love the grass bejeweled in ice crystal.

  13. Hi - strange that you should post this - my most recent post is about summer floods in Australia.

    Strange things are afoot.

    Stewart M - Australia

  14. Wow! Lovely blooms! And lovely frosty shots!
    I've just taken shots of my forsythia and cherry tree which have bloomed too!
    For sure, Nature is very surprising!
    Thanks for sharing, Laura;o)

    Happy day****

    ps: I've just sent you an email;o)

  15. Dear Laura, yes, nature is amazing and resilient and full of miracles.;) And we belong to it all.;)
    If I do not get a chance later, I woudl love to wish you and yours a joyful Holiday season and all the best in 2012.;) Thnak you for this yer full of insight and wise words,

  16. The flowers may have followed a long queue. Everybody tries to outshine each other.

    I mean they are from every place around the world.

    The traffic, which is not limited to ours, is too congested.

  17. Laura,

    Wonderful to see the magic and the richness that nature offers, even in the season of retreat--and even in this season there are surprises like the confused forsythia. I love your message exhorting us to have compassion on our magnificent selves. Just what I needed on after a run of days when my asthma is acting up. It's compassion, not frustration, that is needed here: )

  18. Hey Laura,
    What a lovely blog you have. I enjoyed my visit.
    gr. from Holland

  19. Yes, it is always a wonderful sight to see something blooming in Dec.. like a miracle.. and the hoar frost does sparkle like jewels.. great metaphor.. lovely blog post.

  20. thank you for stopping by my blog and hope you have a merry christmas imodify

  21. Hi, Laura :) Lovely photos. Big thanks to you visit and following my blog. See again and lovely Merry Christmas to you.

    I promised participate in "What are you grateful for in this moment?"

  22. Delicious winter flowers, contrast with those pretty pictures of frost.

  23. Beautiful Laura, nature was definately sharing something with you.

  24. Beautiful photos. Have a great day to you.

  25. On Sunday Carolynn posted a quote by Albert Camus: "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer." Once again nature shows us the way ~

  26. The weather seems terribly confused this year!

  27. I found a dandelion blooming the other day...but haven't seen a forsynthia blooming this time of year. I do understand the conficting feelings. It is lovely, but I hope it will survive the winter to burst back into bloom in the spring.


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