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When we see through our hearts, we recognize that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to be courageous, to look and listen deeply, to find the sparks, gather and release them back into the universe, transformed into something new. Join me as we wake up to the sacred-ordinary blessings waiting to greet us each and every day.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Small Stone: Jan 14, 2012

A small stone: A steel-mixing bowl rings cheerfully as a handful of green peppers meet its surface; animal awareness perceives vegetable and mineral interaction as the ethereal sound of a singing bowl infusing the kitchen with good vibrations.

A pocket full of pebbles: This weekend we celebrate the remarkable devotion and sacrifice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the many brave souls who also risked and gave their lives rallying around him. This Shabbat, we begin the book of Shemot, Exodus; an ancient journey to freedom that replays over and over again throughout time for nations, for individuals unfolding in unique ways. For me, freedom is not so heroic, but significant nonetheless for my beloveds and me.

Freedom tastes like vegetarian chili simmering on the stove. Vegetables chopped with my two hands, peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, beans rinsed, cumin and cocoa sprinkled, lime squeezed--slowly...oh so slowly, not only because it is the speed at which I am able to attend to my work, but because this is how I know I am alive, this is how I honor the preciousness of the gift it is as a mother, strength and endurance improving, to prepare a meal for my family. A task that I’ve not been able to do completely from start to finish while standing and all at once without resting in between for four years. Freedom tastes like gratitude. Freedom tastes like love.

Un-tethered...this is the sensation I am experiencing. Released from my computer, my primary connection to the world beyond my windows and backyard for nearly four years. Freedom, I taste freedom as I putter about the house. Each day I MOVE away from the keyboard and 11inch screen to discover, recover, remember what I lived before, what it is to be a human doing, not just a human being. It is the reverse of what many long for, so many people tired of going, going, doing, doing, tied tight to the world beyond windows, yet for me this is a deep, deep blessing.  The key will be to find the balance between the two—being while doing. I’m only human after all.

I am not the way I was, will likely never completely regain what has been lost, unless someday a brilliant scientist or team learns how to regenerate damaged myelin, still, I am grateful for the strength that has been renewed at this time and continues to increase daily.  Baruch HaEchad. Blessed is the One.

“All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And my thoughts return to balance. I miss being online, visiting my blogging friends who have become so dear to me. I must find a creative solution to balance my time on and offline; a tiny problem as problems go, no comparison to the challenges Dr. King was referring to, but still one I must face. These friendships are real and I do not want to cause more isolation in my life, forget about the kindness and support I have experienced from so many beautiful souls around the world. I don’t want YOU to feel that I have forgotten you or that I don’t care about your wellbeing, because I haven’t and I do. Where there is love, there is always a way…I will find it or it will find me, I have complete faith that this is true.

Well this pocket full of pebbles has grown into a cairn, fitting really, marking great achievements and small, gratitude, friendship, blessings and love.

There are many hearts to find on this page, some obvious, some hidden, how many do you see?

studio waterstone


  1. "All progress is precarious" because balance is ever-changing, flowing, not static but shifting. A really beautiful post, Laura. You said "no comparison the challenges Dr. King was referring to" and yet...why do we feel the need to compare at all (I do too)? Each and every moment, every challenge experienced, is deeply felt and real to the individual nature of that Being in that moment. All life is relative...and relevant on all levels. Blessings!

  2. I will never forget you. Indeed, your shining ray of light refuses to be ignored! :-)

  3. What a beautiful uplifting post, Laura! My heart soared as I read of you finding more strength, able to nourish your family with gifts from your own hands. Your journey has been long, is not over, yet I am cheered by your words, as I know many will be.

    I am continually in awe of what you post . . . the photos, your way of looking at the world, and bringing the world to us. You have me looking for hearts all the time now!

    Thank you for a lovely reminder of God's grace and love in your life.

  4. Great post.
    Beautiful food shots.
    Nicely done.

  5. Your writing is always so beautiful and full of heart. This one is even full of veggies and chili. Thank you Laura. Don't worry too much about not commenting on friends' blogs. They (we) are friends after all, and with that comes patience and understanding.

    Enjoy doing, that's a big part of being human.

  6. the sound of a singing bowl has reached all the way to here

    it sings a song of celebration
    of reuniting with small simple things that were thought lost

    may you revel in the wins

    they are good for your heart

  7. Thinking back one of your posts mention us carrying a bit of you with us. For me this is how it is. During the day and night you come often before me and I pray. You are with me I believe this is a miraculous gift of God.

    Thank you, for sharing.


  8. The gift of friendship endures all of life's changes, challenges, and celebrations. I celebrate your renewed mobility with you! The rest will fall into place as time and energy permit. For now go, do, and be in the moment of all you have to enjoy:)

    Blessings to you ~

  9. Lovely words. I think the first and second images are the best and most powerful of the group.

  10. I found 5 hearts total - 4 in images and yours in spirit. what a blessing. this awakening is so beautiful. don't fret about not being at your computer. I'm happy that you're chopping, slicing, smelling, tasting, standing, and living to the fullest possible. nothing can be better than that. and I'm not going anywhere. happy weekend dear. take good care now. you fill me with joy.

  11. you will find a balance. just rejoice in what you have, right now.

  12. This is so lovely and my thoughts are with you in trying to find the balance that you need. Blessings from Texas, Jeanne

  13. Sublime post photographs that speak for themselves ...
    A great job, very successful, I like you.
    A hug.

  14. Finding the true beauty in the simplest things helps to restore balance, great post Laura, thank you.

  15. I'm so happy to hear that you have a bit more energy now! Wonderful small stone and pebbles. And the hearts - they're all awesome, but the tiny lime heart is exquisite!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, hugs :-)

  16. I am filled with joy that you are finding your balance, your "human doing".

    I see so many hearts in your pictures, in your words. But most of all I see the huge heart that is YOU. Thank you for bravely facing your world, and for the honesty in which you show us YOUR heart. :=}


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