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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Small Stone: Jan 16, 2012

 A Small Stone: Consider a single drop of water clinging to the tip of a branch. 
See how it illuminates the space around it ready to surrender and release from its purchase at any moment?
If each of us were willing to surrender our judgments and assumptions, move beyond simple tolerance and began to truly embrace each other, our own selves with the same tenacity and acceptance as that tiny drop of water, imagine the potential we hold for the light of lovingkindness and compassion to grow?
I’m not saying it is easy, I don’t even know that it is completely possible, but believing somewhere deep inside that it is, keeps hope alive.

If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you to go on in spite of all.  And so today I still have a dream.  
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. A great thought and images that honor so great words.
    a hug.

  2. ~such words you have left for us to ponder...beautiful my friend...hope...a small little words that holds so much...much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  3. Perfect for MLK day. Lovely images.

  4. Beautiful! Your photos and writing inspires me!

  5. Each of these photographs is beautiful Laura, and such wonderful words to go with them.

    Thank you for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great day!


  6. And I hope your dream comes true. I hope we all share your dream and collectively make it real.

    Great post for today.

  7. The water drops are pretty! Thanks for linking up to Observing Beauty!

  8. Thank you for taking the time to see the many in the one:)

  9. Beautiful! I love the detail and light in your photos. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Your words and images suit the day and feeling perfectly! My favorite images are the second and the final capture. Beautiful light!
    Thanks for your comment at CE:)

  11. That quote from Dr. King really resonated with me, today... thank you for sharing it (and your beautiful raindrop analogy.)

  12. Great post, and the first photo is stunning!


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