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Friday, February 3, 2012

Vernal Pools

A week ago the ice still thick, began to melt away, vernal pools, reflected trees, shoulder-to-shoulder thick as thieves in the woods whispering on quiet winds; "Vernal pools you silly fools," they chided from lofty, know-it-all heights.  “Winter has not said goodbye, the groundhog guru told us so, now back to sleep you must go.”

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  1. I absolutely love these photos, reflections in water are always lovely :o)

  2. In New England
    we know
    this is so.
    While the ice
    will come
    and go,
    winter stays
    as friend,
    not foe.

  3. that first shot is just amazing...great framing on it...yep i think winter is just about to get here finally...

  4. How beautiful! The second photo almost looks like the trees are in a kind of snow globe...

  5. Your vernal pools are lovely, and they make me glad that I don't live in a cold climate.

  6. As always Laura, your Serenity and tranquil ways are so soothing and positive. You are such a Shining Star in a Dank and troubled world!
    When I read this I can SMELL the seasonal reawakening.
    Loved your 55
    Thank You for playing and gracing the Friday Funfest with your creative brilliance.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...Shalom

  7. What gorgeous winter scenes. Love the reflections.

  8. How pretty. They should be happy to sleep in a bit. Beautiful rendering.

  9. I like everything about this photo. Especially the way the meandering stream and reflections are framed... Great in B&W.

  10. The two photos displaying tree reflections in vernal pools - are amazing.

    I like the rhymes conveying the message that despite the melting of ice, winter is still here.

  11. Beautiful photos, especially I like the second.

    Warm greetings and best wishes

  12. Wspaniałe zdjęcia odbić drzew w wodzie, między lodem . Cudne. Pozdrawiam. *** For great shots of reflections of trees in the water between the ice. Wonderful. Yours.

  13. Lovely! You've packed a whole load of beauty in this post.

  14. Wonderful shots, the second is superb!

  15. Beautiful photos...and words....Your header is lovely

  16. Hi there - 'vernal' is not a term you come across everyday. Like the way spring flowers are called a vernal flush!

    Nice pictures.

    Stewart M - Australia

  17. Wow - so beautiful and pure!

    Winter has really got us in its grip over here - at last!

  18. Oh these are So Pretty! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my Granddaughters picture post!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  19. Beautiful reflection in color and in black and white.

  20. These are beautiful reflection photos--the kind that you can gaze at for a long time and not get tired of tooking at.


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