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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

purple hush

Small voice rising, young like a toddler when I open my mouth to speak, yet it is my own adult mind attempting to express words through misfiring signals between brain and tongue, vocal cords, lips, jaw. It is a slow painful labor to birth each sound with any articulation; for the most part the words are swallowed, lost.

Adonai s'fatai tiftach ufi yagid tahilatecha. Open my lips, Beloved One, and let my mouth proclaim your praise.

Niggunim, wordless wings of prayer are carried upon the morning air, a hum of gratitude resonates through the delicate bones of my face. My breath will allow this. I trust that God’s grace welcomes the small wordless child voice rising, and hears my prayers within the longing of these utterances.

I invite you to click the purple "small voice rising"  link to listen to me reading the text above.  Step into my world, our world, for a transcendent moment of connection.

Understand that these prayers are for many, many people, not just me. So much healing is needed in this world, and you and your beloveds are of course included in this list. I hope you will join me in offering niggunim of your own to the One most high.

I feel that it is important for others to get a sense of what it is like from the inside. Not to elicit pity, but compassion. To recognize that everyone struggles, EVERYEONE, and therefore we are never alone; we are always in good company. 

May we all experience peace and a sense of loving connection to all beings everywhere today.

 Thank you to my friend Pearl for her beautiful words about this post. Visit her lovely poetry blog Imagine, here.


  1. Laura, your recording brought me to my knees; while a person can sympathize about MS, it is totally different when you realize exactly what it does physically---both disease and drug.
    Know that my healing thoughts are with you and our circle.
    Take time to *reboot*.
    No stress, no hurry.


  2. Dear Laura

    I listen to your voice with my eyes having fallen closed transported in breathless listening - tear filled, heart swelling not with pity for your current constraints in precise articulation - but with nameless awe for being in the presence of pure clear empathy, from one heart to another - perhaps this is something that is divine; it is shining brilliantly - I hear a clear voice lift in melody rising in concert with the soft edged words and I smile for you - you are, and can never be silent - your being shimmers with the endless song of all riding their particular and collective human challenges. You heal as you heal. Thank you for the purple hush -
    With love

  3. i think the devotion to pray for all those hurting is a beautiful thing...and i hope that you find your own within them as well...

  4. Your melodic lament/prayer is deeply touching to me. And I well understand the desire to reach out of the silence that illness can bring... praying for you, today.

  5. i am prostrate before our God who speaks through you. the God in you speaks to the God in me, the power of God reaches to touch our spirits through you voice. this most beautiful obedient voice gives a glimpse of God.

    your singing is to the heavens and back beautiful. He knows your words before you speak.

    i receive this magnificent audible gift of your prayer and praise. thank you for an incredible gift.

    you remain in my heart, in my prayers, and on my mind. somehow, i walk with you too.

    i ❤ you kindred sister, gift from God.

  6. Laura, your power to inspire me knows no bounds; look at this, I've finally created a google account so I can join in the conversation here on Shine the Divine! Thank you again for sharing your generous spirit with us all...

  7. I am so sorry. Is this something that has just started when your remission went away? I think many of us take speaking so much for granted until we are not able. But your singing, it is extremely beautiful, touching, perfect, a beautiful prayer and hymn to God. You really do have the voice of an angel, still. For us to hear this is a gift, and a good thing that is coming out of your trial.

  8. Sending you a heart full of love, dear one.

  9. I too send you love and healing, and find myself lost within your beautiful picture. Creativity just spills out of you no matter what ms throws at you. Lois

  10. One drop, then two... I understood every word- without the script. If I hear you - how much more does God hear you? One drop, then two- my tears fell hearing your song, a voice unhindered by words- a perfect prayer. xo teri

  11. My prayers are with you dear Laura. So brave a spirit you are!

  12. hello dear lady:) i love the purple image its so beautiful and has a healing quality all of its own:) the link didnt work for me..but am having some connection probs at present.. will pop back another time to try to isten. hugs.....

  13. Your voice is so beautiful , and what you have to say, even more so. Thank you for sharing this, truly.

  14. Laura...thank you for sharing this...your beautiful voice...the words didn't matter I can feel your prayer...
    You know...what came to me, listening to how often I use my words, my voice, in ways that are not true to my spirit...that do not praise or honor...wasted words..
    ..again...thank you, many blessings dear sister...I'm lighting candles for you...for all of us seeking our authentic voice....xo

  15. ~you have opened the heaven gates with your spirit rising above...your voice...your soul emerging from the purple hush this day...

    my dear friend...what a gift you have blessed us all hear with our ears the struggle read your words and listen to you...touches me deep down to my very opened yourself up far more than many would...i am honored to be apart of your have met a kindred one who is far stronger than i think she really knows...

    do not be silent...hum this very tune when life seems too much to move forward...for it is a tune that will forever remain in my mind...a soothing balm...a reminder that i am never alone...nor are you...

    may you embrace your body and mind...nourish them completely...take as much time as needed for your strength to return...always my love light and well and sweet dreams~

  16. Laura, "The Small Voice" is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. You have so much spirit, strength, so much talent, yet so much humility. Reading you, seeing your photographs, listening to you speak and sing - makes me want to become a better person. Thank you so much. Feel better.

  17. Oh, Laura. If only this were posted right on the front page of the MS Foundation's website, or any chronic disease website for that matter.

    It's OK, I know it will be in your book!

  18. Love to you, Laura.


  19. I am not quite sure how to express this, Laura, but hearing your voice - more than anything else so far - made me feel connected to your beautiful spirit and the great spirit beyond! And pity is not at all what I feel. Far from it! In this small voice was the true power of love... Thank you! Silke

  20. Love this photo, Laura. Brilliant. And your verses are very profound. Thanks for sharing at Your Sunday Best. :)

  21. This is a most beautiful, love-filled, Divinely inspired writing/thought/song. You've lifted my soul with your worship, dear Laura. You've opened my heart into another space and time beyond this physical spot I currently inhabit, a "loving connection to all beings everywhere today."

  22. Blessings and good will be yours.

  23. Your voice and your spirit are an inspiration to me, Laura. I am so happy to have found your blog and all of the links you provide for those of us who believe in meditation as a way of life. genie

  24. You are an inspiration, blessings to you! I'm so glad you decided to join us and share at 'Weekly Top Shot.' :-) I hope you'll come share again next week...

  25. Beautiful you. I'm so touched by your recording.. your strength.. your beautiful small voice. Not small at all. Thank you for this.


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