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When we see through our hearts, we recognize that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to be courageous, to look and listen deeply, to find the sparks, gather and release them back into the universe, transformed into something new. Join me as we wake up to the sacred-ordinary blessings waiting to greet us each and every day.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Is Calling

I had already started working for the day, writing, as I often do in the morning, when the plaintive call of a bird told me to…

Spring is calling.
How can you possibly do
anything other than sit and
listen to the world waking from
winter slumber?” So I did, I sat and
listened. My heart became the bird—
wings beating in my chest and I wanted
wanted wanted wanted to be outside too—
not trapped in a cage of bones. Soaring high and
higher. Or perhaps sitting on a branch with the breeze
ruffling my feathers. Ruffling my feathers, ruffling my—
Funny flighty mind imagines a different ruffling or sitting on
a branch, any place else, could be, might be, must be better than
this. Such stories of whimsy arise and then I land again light as breath.
Laughter (mine) and song (life's) fill the air, return me to this moment.
This perfect sunlit moment, the exuisite blessing of 
what’s happening now.

A few days after writing the poem above, the weather continued to warm up. My husband took me for a roll around the neighborhood, so I did have an opportunity to be outside with the song birds. We spied our first crocuses for the year. It was 73 F. Absolutely amazing! The day was March 17th. Such balmy weather doesn't typically occur in NH this time of year, at least it never has in the years we have lived here. Sometimes the snow starts in October (which it did this year) and doesn't end until the first week in May. We often joke that there is no "real" spring in NH. We go from winter to this weird mud-flood season, an abridged version of spring, with two weeks of blossoms then suddenly it is summer and hot. This year is quite unusual.

Spring called, arrived full-on and we were blessed to witness her first petals unfolding a few days early.

Thanks for all the birthday greetings. I've never received so many in my life. I can't tell you how much it meant to me, to feel my birthday wish of love planted and growing, connecting all beings coming true message by message. It was more than just you loving on me, the wish was traveling around the world and I believe all of you were feeling it in some way too. Really that's how it felt as I read emails, and fb messages, blog comments and received phone calls even skyped with one of my nieces. So much love.

This life is filled with blessing, of this I am sure. Not that it is always easy and for some people the struggles are beyond what you or I can even imagine as difficult as our own lives can be at times. Our suffering is real, yet there are always those who struggle so much more. Still, within it all, blessings are ever present. They may be as seemingly tiny a smile from a stranger that uplifts us when we are feeling low or huge, like fresh clean water filling the first bucket collected from a well dug by a village working together in the midst of a terrible drought.

I am healing, it is slow, but I have not had dysarthria in two days, just an accent, I'm fine with that. It changes, of course, you know the globe trotter world tour through my neurons. I find it fascinating and pleasant, the surprising ways my voice shifts. It is kind of like being a character actor, only I'm not acting, it is all just a curious functional anomaly of my particular brain adapting around old MS lesions. It is such a joy to be able to communicate and be understood through speech again. I know this is a gift that can come or go at any time, and realizing this makes it all the more precious. It will be what it will be. In this moment I can talk and I am grateful.

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  1. An extended Spring sounds so much nicer than "mud-flood" season, LOL!

  2. your always 'heard' here laura. your passion and your spirit is vibrantly alive even when your body keeps you physically silent.

  3. Lovely love the B&W.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  4. You are such a beautiful person, and a beautiful writer.
    I honour your journey.
    I learn much about working with my hospice clients, in reading your blog.
    I have clients with MS, mental health issues, as well as those who are near death in their 80s.
    Well done.
    Greetings from Cottage Country!

  5. Beautiful black and whites! Oh, I watched the video of Sol and his son,....voted, too. Touching story - thanks for sharing it!!

  6. The B&W pairs so well with the shots of the flowers. Lovely!

  7. What an inspiring Blog you have! Your poem is amazing and your photos are lovely. I am glad that you were able to get out and enjoy the warm weather. I am not sure I could handle a winter as long as what you mentioned. I have a hard time with winter.
    I enjoyed my visit to your blog!
    Happy Sunday!!

  8. The pictures are lovely and the words are truly inspirational they make me long for warm spring days :)

  9. inspiring, as always.may you recover as swiftly as possible.

  10. I am so glad you were able to get outside for awhile. Your attitude is just amazing, I guess you are a real pro at taking lemons and making lemonade out of them. Wishing you many blessings in the future, my friend.

  11. What lovely images, each one a beauty, each one sparking life and light.

  12. What a joy it is to just sit and listen to the birds singing their little hearts out, isn't it? I had the good fortune to be able to do just that yesterday, myself. It brings me such pleasure and what a blessing it is to realize that something so simple can bring so much happiness. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

  13. SO beautiful, you're B&Ws! Thanks Laura, for coming by and sharing on 'Weekly Top Shot.' I hope you come share again...

  14. You inspire me. I'm so glad you're getting some respite from different directions right now. No one deserves a break more than you. I hope your meditation is going well. Sending love and light to you.

  15. wonderful post, beautiful poem, and what a blessing and a joy it must all be for you in these moments :)

    Much love sent your way.


  16. This post is like a wander through the beautiful world of your inner garden! Lovely to read and let linger! Your photo is soft and deep with gentle shadow! Lovely!

  17. Beautiful photos Laura. I hope your unusual spring signals an upturn in your health.

  18. Lovely photos and excellent post ~~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  19. what's happening now can only be experienced by stopping and becoming still, yes.
    happy belated birfday:)
    love the black and white.

  20. Beautiful images, Laura. I'm so glad to hear you're doing better.. this too, is beautiful.

  21. Lovely in picture and words :)


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