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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ever Enamored

From the Mystery flows strength,
from the Mystery flows peace.
Psalm 29:11

ever enamored am i

of deep shadows and halos

kissing each growing thing

tenderly on mornings past
as i walked through the for-rest
and did rest soul restored lifted
ahhh— looking back
now our days have been rain-filled
a week of heavy skies
monotonous dove gray

such weight tends to cultivate
i let that be what it is
witnessing the subtle shifts
choosing patience compassion to feel to be
drawn deeper into this moment
i am in love with life
past present future
one embrace
clarity springs forth
and i see

these blessed tears are simply
mercy from above replenishing this
parched garden of God’s grace
flourishing wild strong free
emergent life nurtured into maturity
the canopy thickens with each drop
and isn’t it so for all of us too?
cloaked in the mist of the Mystery
sustaining all the world
i remain ever enamored

Chesed she b’Hod

Love within Presence

This evening (May 5th) we will count day 29 of the Omer on this magical Mystery tour bamidbar, in the wilderness.

Rav Yael teaches: “Whatever is growing, whatever is coming through,
practice meeting it with love.
Where there is pain, offer compassion.
Where there is fear, reach out with tenderness.
When there is resistance, respond with patience.”
(Journey through the Wilderness: A Mindfulness Approach to the Ancient Jewish Practice of Counting the Omer, pg. 52)

I read this after sitting in discernment and writing the poem above. I find it remarkable how aligned my personal experience seems to be with the soul qualities designated for each day of the Omer. If you are counting the Omer, have you noticed this is also true for you as well? 

To read more of this wise teachers offerings and learn about counting the Omer with lovigkindness visit this link.

Or perhaps purchase Rav Yael’s book, to savor for years to come. (I share this not because I am being asked to, but because I want to!)

I am ever grateful for the blessing of learning from this generous teacher. 
Thank you Yael!

PS. I am having some technical external drive (where I store photos) is in the shop. I have a few archived in Picassa that I may share this week, we'll see:-) Good ol' patience my companion and I will be hanging out together in the mean time. 

PPS. SENIOR PROM NIGHT!!! Oh my goodness, how did we get here and so soon? Once I get my drive fixed expect some glam shots. They just left and look so fantastic. I love that she is going with one of her best guy friends, the sweetest boy ever. I know they'll have a wonderful time. And did I mention that my daughter is gorgeous??? Just sayin'. I had a blast photographing them. I'm not really much of a portrait photographer, but when you have such beautiful people to photograph, it helps! Yay and I get to do this all over again with my younger daughter too...that's right watch out  when Mammarazzi is on the loose!

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  1. Beautiful images and inspiring words too, love the baby fern leaf unfurling :)

  2. What gorgeous photographs this week!!

    ..and I love the expression "Mammarazzi"!

  3. Magical lighting and shadow in each photo! The first photo seems to glow with a very special spirit!

  4. What a beautiful series of images!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  5. can't wait to see the girls...what a wondrous time in their lives...and yours as well. love the "hair" on the last photo of the fern. i have a fondness for the ferns.

    love and light.

  6. Where there is love, there is life.

    And there is light, there is life.

    Life is great.

    And your pictures are as great.

  7. Lovely images and words, Laura! The lighting is simply beautiful. Happy Scenic Sunday!

  8. Love the last photo of the baby fern shoot sticking close to mama's stalk.

  9. so beautiful. I love how you can see all the little threads on the plants. Lovely! Thanks for sharing

  10. Lovely images of growth and promise, Laura. Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

  11. Remain forever in love with life, Laura . Gorgeous :)

  12. I absolutely love this poem. Perhaps because I haven't seen rain in such a long time, but I think it's mostly because of the tender, loving words you chose.

    Congrats Laura. Your daughters are growing. How wonderful. Look forward to the pictures.

  13. Its green and its beautiful!

  14. ... and then the weddings.

    beautiful makes beautiful
    by the beautiful Beautiful.


  15. What lovely captures of light and shadows, tones and contrasts.

  16. I love the light shining through the green!
    very disconcerting to have your techy stuff be in the shop. Here's hoping you get it back all restored very soon!

  17. Noticing little things is an art of the highest order...

    Shadowy Stone

  18. Exquisite backlight. Gorgeous images!

  19. Can't wait to see the Prom photos ~ Wonderful! ~ Marvelous post ~ would love to hear more about external drive for photos? ~ thanks for linking up ~ namaste, ^_^

  20. These pictures are amazing! So sorry to hear you are having technical difficulties.

  21. Thank you for sharing so eloquently Laura.

  22. The last shot with the babyfern is really beautiful.

  23. Absolutely lovely. The pictures, your prose, your follow up notes. Everything, so accepting, gentle and lovely.

  24. A joyful appreciation of life expressed, really enjoyed reading this piece. I loved the pictures -- very nice macro shots.

  25. Such beautiful lighting in your photos, Laura, and alone they are inspiring..

  26. It's a wonderful moment when the beauty of this living Earth can move one to tears and deep contemplation. I always enjoy your macro shots that accompany your words.

  27. Forever enamored may be the greatest state of being, and if you can find it in all thoe things good and bad that make up your life...I think its totally attainable. Great poem.

  28. Beautiful pictures and words. I always wonder at people who say they don't believe in miracles - as you point out, EVERYTHING is a miracle!

  29. Very beautiful poem. I love the idea of the rain being tears from Heaven replenishing the "parched garden of God's grace." Wow.

  30. Beautifully photographed and written post.

  31. What a beautiful, moving post! Well done!

  32. what vibrant colors! so beautiful :)

  33. Very nice. I got a lot out of this poem personally, so thank you. The stanza that starts with such weight particularly resonated strongly with me. Thanks

  34. Refreshing! Stunning Macro... the last shot makes the fragile flower look might and strong!

  35. Amazing poem and wonderful photography, Laura. Your challenges are refining your creative output, without a doubt. Greatness, here.

  36. Love this! Sorry about your drive...I'm so glad you decided to join us and share at 'Weekly Top Shot.' :-) I hope you'll come share again next week...


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