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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


forever turning
spiraling circles ripple
out from heart center

A wonderful summer is coming to a close. I was blessed with the gift of an extended remission and able to do full yoga practices, walk, even hike for the first time in four years! While I've thoroughly enjoyed these weeks, and my heart is filled with tremendous gratitude, I understand that everything, like the shifting seasons, is temporary. With the change in sunlight it may well be that my walking days are diminished, or perhaps they will go on for a while. Today, for example is a resting day. No long walks. You see, there is no way to know what is to come for any of us, of course, so I greet each day welcoming whatever state I find my body, heart, mind and spirit in, knowing that all is in the midst of transformation, t'shuva, turning, returning, shifting again with each and every breath.

My younger daughter starts sophomore year in high school this coming Thursday. She's been practicing driving with me (yes, I've been able to drive and be her "instructor" in local areas that I am familiar with--I haven't been able to drive in several years, so this has been fun for both of us!)  Oh my how time is moving forward. Today's body informed rest day, is a powerful reminder that I must ease into my "normal" routine once again. Minucha B'Lev and The Healing Womb need my attention, this blog and the hundreds of photos I've taken over the summer are longing for some viewing and editing. I have missed my blogging friends and friends living afar who I typically stay in touch with via email. I have missed my daily writing practice, even while loving the energy and beauty of walks through our beautiful countryside. 

One healing practice slipped into another like a glove... before we know it winter's chill will be upon us and woolen gloves will be called for! I have continued with mindfulness meditation, at least once daily, twice many days, and have worked to stay focused, reading, absorbing, integrating the texts my teachers have provided, writing meditations  each month during the summer as required for certification. I've enjoyed learning and the support of my chevruta's (study partners/friends) for both the meditation and continuing ed yoga courses I am taking via IJS, feeling blessed by the love and devotion of my teachers and fellow students. I share this as I wouldn't want you to think the summer has been ALL play and no work... my mind and heart are ever expanding like the ripples and sky reflected in the beaver pond photo below.  Beneath the image is an excerpt from a poem that will be posted at Buddha Chick Life in the September Issue focused on "mindful parenting" You can read the rest of the poem...HERE
gentle steps everyone,

and now
-now we part
she’ll turn
i’ll turn too
apart a part of
intersecting circles
two or ONE?
each our own dance
twirling graceless stumbles
to the untrained eye
filled with Grace all our own to
The Mother’s awesome gaze

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  1. So pleased you are back
    and yes
    life is continually changing
    and nothing remains the same.
    Love from the woods....

  2. So very good to hear your voice... we spriral around the center. And sometimes the center takes all our focus. Dancing takes all forms. Blessings in each and every step.

  3. Oh Laura..
    You always inspire me, dear friend... cause me to slow down and become more present, and grateful for my life...and that you're in it. I love you dear friend.


  4. So glad to hear you've been well this summer, and have enjoyed some of your old past times! Sending love, Karin

  5. Very happy to hear you've been able to enjoy your summer and experience some of your past favorite activities! Sending love.

  6. Glad you've had a lovely, blessed, healing and healthy summer Laura! I'm on my last days of a summer break too... Great to be back with you. :o) ((HUGS))

  7. I am thrilled to hear of the experiences you were able to have this summer. You're so good at knowing when the time is right for a break and how to balance, listening to your body and the seasons. Your photos of the black, gray and white rocks stopped me in my tracks. beautiful.
    Much love and light to you always,

  8. So glad to hear you've had a lovely summer.

    Those shots are very soothing and beautiful.

  9. …glad that you've had such a great summer!

  10. Pretty shot of the reflection of the sky

  11. Excellent composition, very creative, I love especially for its delicate execution circular.

  12. Wonderful photos!
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. it's wonderful laura, a beautiful miracle!!

    so very happy to hear you are doing so well!!

  14. You are an inspiration. I send the best most positive vibes I have in your direction.

    Much Peace in you heart and all you hold dear.

  15. What a beautiful tribute to endings and beginnings..and it sounds like you've had a magically miraculous summer!

  16. Hello dear Laura, so beautiful your photos and your words... this reminder of ebb and flow and being, ever moving even in the stillness, from the heart. Wishing you a beautiful weekend and blue moon Friday.

  17. Great photo, and text!
    The Beatles made a song "Hello, Goodbye"!
    Have you heard it?

  18. Lovely photos Laura. I'm so very glad you've enjoyed this remission. May you have many more times like these.

  19. I liked those.

  20. Very thoughtful post. Wishing you all the best. I love the stones moving in spirals.

  21. Powerful, wistful, full of faith.
    Beauty-full post.
    The wheel of fortune spins on.♥

  22. Such interesting and great photos!

  23. Great post, and wonderful photos of the stones!

  24. Your spiral haiku is awesome, as is the photo!

  25. Comfort spirals
    Stone and water
    United in nice lines...

    Well done, my dear !

  26. dear laura,
    i have thought of you many times this summer enjoying each day reveling in your return to a more active life. i celebrate your strength and vitality and honor your wisdom with the same grace of living one day at a time to its fullest.
    thank you for your life affirming haiku and your radiant heart center.

  27. Beautiful writing and photos, Laura. We definitely do not know what is around the corner as we journey through life, do we? And it is nice that in the blogosphere sometimes or circles DO intersect for a time. Be well!

  28. Wow, Laura, reading this was like attending a mindfulness retreat. Your illness has taught you to stay in the present moment so well. A BIG change, taking your daughter off to college. Wow. Passages. The circular ripples photo is outstanding!!!!!

  29. Now it is nearly over, the summer seems to have passed really quickly. I am so pleased you have been able to meditate fully and that you have been able to walk too. I walk my little dog every day and when the snow arrives it is impossible so, try to make the most of it each day now. A big change in seeing your daughter going off to college too.
    Love your photographs, the stone spiral is beautiful, as is the ripples in the puddle.

  30. You are a true inspiration and a pleasant reminder of how important it is to enjoy each day as it comes, for it is a gift and we can find delight in it no matter what the circumstances as long as our attitude remains positive. Thank you for that, Laura. I'll pray for you and your daughter with the driving... I'm not far behind you with mine.

  31. Dearest Laura,

    What a lovely update! I am so elated and pleased to hear that you have been doing so well!!! That makes my heart want to sing:) I pray that you continue to feel good. I cannot believe that your daughter is starting college and that your younger one is now a sophomore in HS! Where has this time gone, my friend?

    Please continue to enjoy life as the holidays quickly approach and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love and gentle hugs,

  32. This is a blessing and I am happy to read of your development. May you continue to grow stronger with faith and love ~

    Happy day to you ~

  33. Such pretty, simple images, those rocks. Some of the things we treasure the most are everyday, simple things. It is awesome, your extended remission, and you are wise to spend it with your family! Thanks for inspiring us here at Shine the Divine.

  34. nice...i like the ripples ever reaching out from the center....def some cool pics as well..congrats on the poem in buddha life chick resonates as well....

  35. I really love both your photographs and your poetry :D It's brilliant! :D

  36. I always leave this blog feeling a little bit better about things, I love your spiritual style. Great job.

  37. So happy that you were feeling better this summer and that you were able to enjoy the activities that you love. I wish it lasts. xo

  38. Wonderful attitude, in this personal message,
    writing, poem, photos, and news of your
    capabilities today, Laura.

    The first image attracted me, that same movement of so much of our world. Spiraling water in a toilet bowl, sink, the oceans, air, tropical storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, galaxies, the Universe...
    as each microbe and bacillus
    have a different way to kill us....

    Be safe, Laura-Girl.
    Steve E

  39. really nice verse. Love how you share. I think if everyone would share so openly, things would be that much better. The photographs are fantastic as well. Thanks again.

  40. Laura, so glad your summer was relatively pain free. Hope fall and winter will be the same.

    I always feel like I've been to a chapel after visiting your blog. Funny, the heart can be communicated in so many ways. Nice to connect with you.

  41. Laura I'm so sorry I haven't been visiting your blog, I had no clue you had been posting, your feed wasn't loading in my reader!!! How frustrating! I'm glad that you've enjoyed such a long period of remission and hope that you are still well!

  42. although i've missed your presence in the blogging world, i'm so very very glad you've had this remission (and i hope that winter brings more good things.)

  43. Catching up with posts and so thrilled to read about your remission. My heart actually skipped a few beats :-)
    Love your pebble images.

  44. Dear Laura,

    So glad you are doing better!

    May you enjoy those precious moments . . .

    And thank you so much for your recent visit and rejoicing on Mind Deep blog :)


  45. Wonderful spirals and haiku!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are having a fabulous week****


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