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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gathering Gratitude: Quilt Time Again

a crown of glory
scarlet berry offering
life sustaining life

colorful blessings
nourishment for tomorrow
tiny seed of hope

gratitude resides
side by side on soft moss bed
potential awaits

Have you been watching the chipmunks, squirrels and birds gathering earth’s harvest in preparation for winter? Leaves are dancing their way toward the ground, burying the berries, nuts and seeds that have dropped and enriching the soil, where next year’s bountiful blessings will grow. If you live in the southern hemisphere, perhaps you are delighting in the rebirth of last year’s harvest arising from the land? I am starting now to do a kind of gathering of my own, and YOU are cordially invited to join me in making a simple offering of words, expressing a taste of the gratitude you are experiencing for the blessings in your life, big or tiny. All of our words of thanks will be “stitched” lovingly into this year’s fourth Annual Mega Mobius Gratitude Quilt! I use the term “Mega Mobius Gratitude Quilt” because through the years this has become is a huge loop of gratitude that blankets the world with unending love.
Here is some background if you don’t know about the quilt from years past:
It was an idea born in November of 2009 when I had an MS exacerbation that made it difficult for me to communicate through words. I did not know at that time if proper syntax and missing words would return, but I wanted to write something for my Thanksgiving blog post, because I felt so deeply grateful for the goodness in my life.  I was concerned that I would not be able to write it myself, so I asked friends and family to be earth angels and help me out by sending me brief messages about what they were grateful for in the moment. Thus began an annual tradition, and thankfully speech and the ability to write returned not long after the first quilt was created. I would love to include even MORE thankful messages this year. If you would like to participate, please, please, please send me an email Put the words "Gratitude Quilt" in the subject line… but first:
Close your eyes, exhale, inhale, exhale again and without thinking, write from your heart whatever words of gratitude flow. Then send the words to me and together we will create a colorful, mindful, word quilt.
I only use first names, and children of ALL ages are encouraged to participate. Feel free to pass this message on to everyone you think might like to be part of this. IF you happen to be a teacher, perhaps your students would like to join? The quilt will be displayed on my blog on Thanksgiving morning here in the United States, November 22, 2012.
Kindly send your messages of thankfulness before November 18th, to give me enough time to “stitch” our quilt together.
Abundant blessings to one and all,
Below are links to the first three quilts. 

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  1. What a gorgeous quilt with beautiful haikus.

    Thanks for sharing with YSB this week.

  2. your words and photos flow together so beautifully. I never fail to find peace and serenity in your midst. I hope you have a wonderful week Laura. take good care now.

  3. What a lovely idea; thank you for sharing it.

  4. What a really wonderful idea........your images, as always, are stunning....I especially am struck by the rosehip photo and the two acorns on the moss. Beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous photos, Laura. That first one is just stunning.

    I would be honoured to be part of your beautiful gratitude quilt once again. I will email you shortly.

  6. Laura -soooo beautiful shining with radiance ! :)

  7. Such pretty images of Autumn Laura. Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week. Always great to see you there. xo

  8. Wonderful post and such gorgeous pictures.#

    Herding Cats

  9. Hi sweetie, it has been a while, but so glad I came today. I will go and send you my gratitudes right now.

  10. Lovely photography and delightful words ~ (A Creative Harbor) artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  11. So nice of you to do this Laura. Intend to participatesoon. Take care.

  12. Your photography always astounds...Laura, you capture the beauty so easily...

    I LOVE the gratitude quilts...such an amazingly thoughtful endeavor...I bookmarked this page to offer a thread of grateful thought to your quilt this year...thank you for extending the welcome to join you. ♥ to you!

  13. Beautiful Laura--I am floored by your work! I am keeping this page open to contemplate the gratitude quilts

  14. SO beautiful.. what a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #54!

  15. Lovely pictures and words ~ Hope you have a wonderful day ~

  16. wonderful poems and wishes and heartfelt prayers.

  17. Such exquisite images with the words to match. Thank you for inviting me to join in with your gratitude quilt. Such a very positive idea.

  18. Wonderful photographs and philosophy Laura

  19. Such beautiful photographs and words. What a wonderful idea to have a gratitude quilt. I will write something for it!

  20. I was overwhelmed with the responses .... I didn't read them all - but what a beautiful poem/prayer quilt!

  21. Beautiful pics and words of inspiration. Lovely gesture too.

  22. smiles....this is lovely, wonderful seasonal photos...and love that you do these quilts as well....gratefulness is a beautiful thing to engender...

  23. Oh this made me cry and I had to leave and come back, but it wasn't a bad thing...I looked at the past year's quilts and was so touched...and you are asking that they be submitted by Nov 18 which is my 30th wedding anniversary and I am so thankful for my husband who has been my best friend and support system through so many trials including my own illness. He asked me what I wanted as an anniversary present and I said, that I have had the best present ever for over 30 years...Michelle


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