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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taking Care of Business

A grammatically awkward,
slightly dyslexic text message
was sent forth by the universe
into the receiver that is my mind
as I walked merrily near wild-
flowers singing in living color
along the edges of the road:

“B  U   Is-ness”


Even while working
really, really hard
(as I must spend
time doing)

you still “are.”

Upon reflection a more detailed explanation

Do not fear that you will lose touch with your
essence, enslaved by thinking and doing
doing and going and going and  doing.

Even if you forget to pause every now and again
to notice your breath, summer flowers, puddles
evaporating, becoming the humidity curling
tendrils of hair at the nape of your neck

“BE You Is-ness”

As a general rule I am not one who forgets to pause,
now and again,
I too can become hyper-focused. And sometimes
this intensity of attention is a necessary tension
in life; joining one end of a circle to the other.

AND in that process of thinking and doing
doing and going and going and doing,
I am grateful for this morning’s
humorous little reminder
and not so cryptic truth
though it was a bit

grammatically awkward,
a slightly dyslexic text message
clearly sent forth by the universe
into the receiver that is my mind
as I walked delightedly near wild
-flowers singing in living color
along the edges of the road:

“B  U   Is-ness”

All this is a preamble. I have so much to do!!! Between now and the end of August I must create a six week curriculum as a teacher of Jewish Mindfulness Meditation for review by my teachers in order to complete the certification I’ve been working toward for the past fourteen months. AND there are all kinds of pleasant and sometimes not pleasant distractions from my daughters, both at home full time for the summer. We have family travel plans and I have many other commitments to keep. And hello it IS beautiful outdoors... I am enjoying long two hours walks on mornings when it is not pouring and evenings with my husband. The point of this rambling amble is that I will not be blogging much over the summer, with the exception of I Heart Macro, that is another commitment I will honor.

I didn’t even have time to go through photos of “side of the road flowers,” of which I have many to share and will. So today’s photos are from several weeks ago, and yes they were singing on the side of the road, imploring me to B-present. And I was.

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  1. Dearest Laura,
    I can so relate.

    I too am moving forward with writing and projects and planning for Creative Oasis Coaching, while trying to remain present to time with my teenage daughter, family travels, the day-to-day of running a home, good self-care, friends and, of course, time to pause with gratitude and marvel at the wonders of this amazing life...the delight of a cool breeze off the lake during a hot early morning walk with my husband...the tart tang of an in-season cherry...the beautiful words and images shared by you, my friend.

    With love and light and gratitude for you,

  2. Dear Laura....

    what can i say... Amazing photos :)
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Dear Laura...

    what can i say...Amazing phots :)

    Greetings from Germany

  4. It really got my attention in the first few lines and then was so beautiful! Take some time to enjoy summer!

  5. Hey, hey, hey.... such great flowers again. Have a good time. Sunny

  6. Thank you for the reminder to be present. :)

  7. b u is-ness...ha...i love that laurie...smiles...we oft get busy doing and forget the being...when we dont slow it down and appreciate it...smiles.

  8. You are right, Laura. We DO need to take time to pause now and then. I think the older I get the more I realize their importance. It is in life's pauses that I truly AM who I AM. (I do hope your dog is doing okay.)

  9. I loved this Laura--So much happens and sometimes we fail to perceive it--

  10. How wonderful--Jewish Mindfulness Meditation. I would like to know more. B U Is-Ness reminds me of the book "God is a Verb." Something to hold on to.

  11. Lovely poem and flowers. I hope you are taking time to enjoy the day! Have a happy week!

  12. A wonderful reminder by beautiful Laura. Thank you.

  13. Beautiful pics and a great poem to match! A Laura 'trade-mark' as usual! All these with pressure pushing down hard. Take a leaf from a sage who once said, 'the fastest way to do is to do one at a time!' Brilliant take Laura! And good luck to you Ma'am!


  14. Thanks for reminding me to pause. Life sometimes takes me on a hard journey and I forget to enjoy the simple things.

  15. Love this.... I know you had a good summer last year... I hope the same will be true this year too...hugs.. Michelle

  16. This is really challenging Laura; all that goes on in he world without us, whether we notice or not, challenges our egocentric belief that we are indispensible.

    I hope you manage to achieve all that you have to in the coming weeks, but I also hope that you remember to pause and refelct too; is that not the principle behind Sabbat?

  17. They're beautiful macro shots! The the poetry is great!

  18. Laura, I like your use of the word "dyslexic"! Sometimes the best insights come from this apparently accidental thought. And hooray for you--what an accomplishment, finishing the certificate program, post curriculum...♥

  19. I love how the universe texts you. What a great message. During my recent move, i often felt little pangs of guilt when I went to sleep exhausted and knowing I hadn't stopped to just appreciate a breath or see a cactus flower. Your insight gives me permission to just allow these periods of time, when we're absorbed by the flow of life.

    Sounds like your summer is very, very full and you're prioritizing well. Enjoy it Laura. Enjoy.

  20. Lovely shots, especially that last mystery flower.

  21. :) Geat post Laura, thank you for sharing.

  22. Marvelous post and so thought provoking, and your wildflowers are gorgeous!
    Today’s Flowers
    An English Girl Rambles

  23. Beautiful photos...I love wildflowers. The idea they bloom where they wish to leave a Monet for us to view as we travel.

  24. heisann! Have a nice time during the summer. I invite you to walk on Sunday 21st of July, and if you have time post some photos from your experience on that tour on your blog and comment on mine the same day or the day after: Join Blogger´s Sunday Walk, Summer.

    Everyone is welcome to walk on this particular day. Visit my blog and have information!


  25. my head spins from all that you do! what a gift you are. best wishes for your certification. your photos are so lovely.


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