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Friday, November 15, 2013

Hakarat Hatov #12

crunch leaves feed your soul
inner child comes out to play
soles touch down smiling

openings exist
even on a cloudy day
recognize the good

For the remainder of the month of November, I will post a photo (or perhaps a few) each day that I DO have internet access, of something that invited me to pause and lifted up gratitude, joy, perhaps a quiver of awe in my heart the moment I stopped to be present and really see. By reviewing the image/images to share with you, the experience is engraved deeper in my consciousness, strengthening a reserve of gratitude and goodness to savor and draw upon when gloomy weather outside echoes inside, or vice versa. For me this is a devotional photographic journey for developing the soul quality of Hakarat Hatov…recognizing the good, a Jewish spiritual practice for cultivating gratitude. 

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There is no actual quilting involved and EVERYONE is invited. So far 103 people are participating from all around the world, including two messages from the Philippines. I tear up at the beauty of everyone's words as I read through each message. Thank YOU!

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  1. You are so good at finding beauty in unexpected small places..looking at nature in a different way...the leaf macros are great examples

  2. Love the 'inner child out to play' ~ loving and joyous haiku today ~ happy weekend to you ~ carol, xxx

  3. I for one am grateful for your words, "soles touch down smiling" - so perfect for this time of year of crunchy leaves underfoot!

  4. I will be looking for the openings in today's overcast day in the desert!

  5. Glorious photos, Laura ! Wow!
    That playfulness is so welcome in this changing of seasons.
    Happy that this weekend is supposed to be gentle here in NH.
    Happy Friday !

  6. pulling away the clouds to find the light!!

    wishing you a wonderful weekend

  7. Beautiful photos. I love leaves more. :) You find beauty everywhere, Laura!
    Happy weekend!

  8. Beautiful images and words. Thank you for sharing your light!!

  9. I love the sound of feet walking through the dried, fallen leaves. your haiku describes my feelings about dried leaves exactly!

  10. Beautiful captures of the leaves..

  11. Leaves crunching is one of my favorite sounds from nature. Beautiful words.


  12. I can hear the leaves crunching juste by looking at your pics, well done !

  13. gorgeous shots and textures!
    with my favourite being the black and white leaf.

    happy weekend, laura!

  14. I love that golden leaf. It looks metallic.. silver in the monochrome image. Beautiful.

  15. Those leaf pattern macros are wonderful!

  16. Lovely photographs and eloquent words.

  17. Crunchy leaves. Grey sky. My favorite time of the year.

  18. always the gift of gratitude and the sharing of light.
    thank you for this every day of the year.

  19. Interesting blog with wonderful photos


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