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Monday, November 25, 2013

Hakarat Hatov: Recognizing the Good #20

first snow fell last night
a dusting twinkled beneath starlight
(oddly clear & the cold so sudden)
each breath a sharp bite
as we left the warm auditorium
(high school play)
wind howled as we rushed to the car
careful not to slip on the pavement
(still gusting come morning)
o’ yes kept baying at the moon like some
wounded winter creature demanding freedom
(our daughter was in “our town”)
one is left to ponder how can it be
fragile crystals are born of such fury?
(narrator voice STILL stuck in my head)

The ice crystal photos at the top are from the first frost are from a few weeks ago. The three below are from the first snow this past Saturday evening. And it's true, you never know what a furious storm will offer as a gift when life settles again, the winds stop howling and stillness returns so you can breathe a little easier again for a while. The weather inside and out is constantly changing. Learning to be strong and compassionate come from being tossed about and finding your way back to the shelter of feeling safe over and over again; a lifelong process, noticing gratitude and joy along the way. Hakarat Hatov, recognizing there IS goodness in your life no matter what.

If you are looking for the I Heart Macro Week 28 link, it is open hereand will remain open until Wednesday evening… don't worry, you haven't missed it!

Because I think it would be wonderful to have 200 offerings again this year, so I'm extending the opening for entries ONE MORE DAY for the Gratitude QuiltAs of waking   and opening my email this morning we are 197 beautiful voices sharing words of thanks. 

What are you grateful for in This moment? 

Send me a message by midnight tonight, Tuesday, and I'll add it to the quilt. Return Thanksgiving morning, Thursday November 28th, here in the United States for a magnificent testament to thankfulness in the midst of tremendous challenges, ordinary life, and wonder filled joy.


  1. So grateful for shelter and heat after this abrupt change in weather this weekend. Having just hung my bird feeder and connected with a few of its sweet, sweet visitors, I continually thought about their little bodies facing that cold yesterday. Such strength to make it through the winter here in the North. Sending warm love and light your way, Lovely One !
    ps - feeling myself again ! Grateful for that as well.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours !

  2. The ice crystal photos are beautiful!

  3. Most beautiful crystal like snow shots ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  4. Love the photos you shared. I too am always delighted to see how beautiful snow can be. As a child I would let snow crystals land on my coat sleeve and wonder at the beautiful designs. I haven't changed.

    xo, Jeanne

  5. The snow crystals are so pretty. I love the photo with the acorn cap.

  6. These photos are wonderful, I love these beautiful macro!

  7. Great frost captures!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  8. Lovely captures of the ice crystals! Have a great evening and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Gorgeous! I love looking at pictures of snow and ice crystals. Yours are close-up which is a bonus. Thanks, Laura.


  10. You have beautifully captured nature in image and words.

  11. I am a warm weather person but I still love your ice crystal shots

  12. I like the acorn cap you did in autumn, now covered in snow. Nice!

  13. Wonderful; shots first snow of the season.

  14. Oh yes, it is a miracle, I think, how fragile crystals can be born of such fury. First snow can be beautiful, however also treacherous!

  15. I enjoyed both your photos and poem, Laura! "a dusting twinkled beneath starlight" - a beautiful line.

  16. such wonder you captured in that pics again... i love how each ice crystal is designed with such unique thoughtfulness and beauty...

  17. ha. we got no snow....just freezing rain and ice...
    just came in from getting the buses out of here for the day and i am soaked to the bone....brrr.....lovely pics....

  18. The images in words are as strong as those in the photos. I'm grateful to be inside and warm on this cold stormy night.

  19. Gifts after the that. I hope we get some snow soon. Lovely photos!

  20. Love this wonderful celebration of winter's arrival. And the photos are inspiring as well. Lovely!

  21. Beautiful snow crystals, something we do not have in our part of the world. Great pics Laura!


  22. I love the imagery in your poem, and the photos are a gorgeous accompaniment. Lovely.

  23. The poem is beautifully wrought, wonderful imagery. And the photos are spectacular. Lovely.

  24. Perfect all around. Thank you! Have a Wonderful week!

  25. Beautiful prose and photos Laura... Michelle


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