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Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Heart Macro Week 33

Peculiar, dagger tipped, well defended, resembling some sort of Klingon foodstuff, tucked away on craggy rocks, mud and moss near the river’s edge. They did not fall from a tree. A high-tech Google investigation yielded incontrovertible proof of an alien invasion.

Indeed these cling-on water chestnuts arrived on ships from distant places

                                     - Earthborn transplants.

 2014? Anything is possible!

What if instead of “peculiar” we saw unusual beauty? 

What if instead of “dagger tipped” we saw arms reaching out? 

What if instead of “well defended” we recognized fear, mirrored back at us in need of tenderness? 

What if instead of alien we saw a newcomer who could use a friend? 

What if we set an intention for this New Year to stretch out our arms, open our hearts with more compassion than ever before and welcomed more love into our lives while offering the same in situations in which we had been afraid to try in the past? 

I think this kind of expansiveness requires courage. 
This is the word I choose to explore and cultivate in 2014. 


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Welcome to Week Thirty-Three of
I Heart Macro
"Pure awareness transcends thinking... It allows you to look at the world once again with open eyes. And when you do so, a sense of wonder and quiet contentment begins to reappear in your life."~Mark Williams and Danny Pennman, from Mindfulness An Eight-Week Plan For Finding Peace In A Frantic World

It is time for YOU to share the love up-close with YOUR

I Heart Macro offerings!

Shine the Divine

Enjoy slowing down with your camera, paying full attention, observing beauty and curiosities many people pass right by. Your generosity of spirit and keen eyes may open the door to miniscule miracles and mirth others would not have access to otherwise. Feel free to include poetry, prose and thoughts your macro photo or series inspire(s) in you. Writing is completely optional for participation. Straight out of the camera (SOC), edited, color, black and white; anything goes as long as you bring the viewer near to whatever it is that drew your heart's attention and "woke you up" to full presence.

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  1. Wonderfully creative photos and post ~ Happy New Year coming to you ~ carol, xxx

  2. What you've written here really touched my soul. I think I'll join you in that word. I lack courage sometimes and I think I miss opportunities for love. Thank you for this. Hope your New Year is filled with peace, joy, good health and all good things.

  3. ha. they do look rather Klingon...chestnuts...really? they are cool...they look like skeet shells from the beach....

    just got my little man asleep here in the hotel on our trip...thanks for popping in...and i hope you have a wonderful new years...

  4. unusual for certain. color - black, dark blue, or purple? i'm not sure. chestnuts, i believe you. i've never seen a chestnut in the real, or tasted one either.

    happy new are in my prayers.

  5. The little Klingon delicacy has an interesting history in this country. It also sounds like it might be quite tasty, too bad it is invasive. But on the other hand it makes a very nice macro shot.

    Wonderful words and thoughts, I wish people would take it to heart and make the coming year a nicer one.

    Happy New Year!

  6. A crazy looking little thorned monster. I like your thought processes although regarding chance spreading of vegetation so often results in very invasive species which can become a huge problem. Applied to people it is a good thing though.

  7. Hi,Laura. Nice captures. Thank you very very much for hosting this meme. Wishing you a happy new year.

  8. Happy New Year!

    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  9. That's what water chestnuts look like on the outside? Who knew?
    I thought for a minute that it might be one of those bullheads, which I could never think of as being in my friends because I've stepped on them more than once, and they hurt!
    Water chestnuts, on the other hand, are a tasty addition to Asian food!
    They are beautiful, really.

  10. Love the macros...they do look like an alien life form...great shots!

  11. Happy New Year 2014, Laura, and thank you for hosting!

  12. Excellent macros! Happy New Year, Laura :)

  13. Its all a matter of angle & perception ~ Happy New Year to you and your loved ones ~ Cheers ~

  14. Oh! I love your word for 2014. You may know that it was my word for 2013. It's a goodie. Best of luck with it. *smile*

  15. Oh! I love your word for 2014. You may know that it was my word for 2013. It's a goodie. Best of luck with it. *smile*

  16. Wonderful Macros, Laura, like your photos so much. :-)
    Thanks having visited my blog. :-)

    Have a nice Sunday evening and should we read again in 2013 I wish you all the best for 2014.

    Lots of warm greetings

  17. My word this year is Thrive....time to live my life fully!!

  18. I found something new to learn about... chestnuts!! Thank you for hosting and may that 2014 to be a Happy and Prosperous Year, too!

  19. I love your work Laura. It always finds that still place inside me--what a gift you give us all

  20. I like your word for 2014, Laura! Happy New Year!
    Nice photos. I had no idea what water chestnuts looked like.

  21. These are gorgeous. I have never seen this blossom before! The blue is gorgeous.

  22. Beautiful photos again. I like the idea of thinking of an alien as someone who might need a friend. You have a lot of positive philosophy in your words, Laura. I wish you a very Happy New Year.

  23. Laura...
    Happy New Year to you Lovely Lady.
    My busy work schedule made me Hose Out on your quilt.
    I'm so sorry.
    But you had some GREAT entries.
    I just LOVED your beautifully creepy Pics
    You are such a Peach!
    Thanks for playing, all visits by you are highly valued
    Have a Kick Ass New Year

  24. Such unusual shapes and colour. The mind could go wild what they are.

  25. Amazing shots of these "aliens", Laura!
    My best wishes for health and happiness in 2014.

  26. Dear Laura,
    thanks for your amazing macro shots, love it!
    Have a nice monday and....a Happy New Year,
    hugs moni

  27. Wow - amazing shots! And courage is such a good word.

  28. Hello Laura!

    Thank you for reminding me of courage.... I will use my courage even more in 2014, I promise!

    I wish you a happy and peaceful new year - full of good adventures, hugs from bjorgnin

  29. Fascinating photos! Wonderful macros!
    Happy New Year!!!

  30. I wish you a wonderful new year and look forward to following your blog on into 2014!

  31. I have never seen anything like this.
    Really so interesting!
    I wish you a very Happy New Year, Laura.

  32. That is a n interesting perspective of water chestnut.
    Happy new Year to you!

  33. Very thoughtful, that's a great post!

  34. Happy New Year, Laura, and thank you for hosting!

  35. Dear Laura,
    I don't have known that water chestnut exist on this earth. It really doesn't look like a plant...
    Your word(s) for 2014 are so beautiful and great!!!
    I wish you and your family a wonderful, healthy, powerful, good and blessed Happy New Year!!!
    Thank you so much for hosting this meme!

  36. Kind of weird shapes! Great shots! Laura, wishing you and your family all the best in 2014, a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!

  37. I think this is your most powerful and inspiring post of the year Laura.

  38. Absolutely amazing, including the Klingon part. All the best for 2014!

  39. Love your word for the up and coming new year. Wishing you and yours all the best in 2014!

  40. Unusual macros - you have an observant eye. Have a happy healthy new year!

  41. 。❊ * 。❊ 。 ❊ _█_ ❊ 。 * ❊
    _Π_____ (•.•) * 5☆★☆★☆
    ❊ /______/~\ ( ♥ ) ❊ 2014 and Peace ❊
    |田 田 |門| ( ♥ ) Happy New Year❊

  42. Scary but interesting. Hopefully an alien invasion is not being awaited for. Great pics Laura!


  43. Thank you for visiting me this year. Blog friends are such a blessing.
    I have a few wishes for you.
    May 2014 bring you much joy.
    May we all have peace in our homes,
    laughter by our firesides,
    time spent with family,
    and contentment in our hearts.
    Be well, my friend.

  44. Blessings to you dear friend. xo

  45. Wonderful contributions! I wish everyone a happy new year!


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