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Thursday, January 23, 2014

clouds part

clouds part as sun sets
blush through tangled branches rush
toward indigo night

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Shine the Divine


  1. soon they will drip down...........

  2. Chmury na niebie też pięknie wyglądają, byle tylko na zbyt długo nie zasłaniały słońca. Pozdrawiam.
    Clouds in the sky can look beautiful, if only for too long obscured the sun. Yours.

  3. Lovely collection of sky shots, Laura! Wishing you a happy weekend!

  4. Beautiful and so colorful ~ Wonderful sky shot for SWF ~

    carol, xxx

  5. What beautiful and dramatic shots!

  6. Hauntingly beautiful captures Laura!

  7. Wonderful series of sky shots, Laura,

  8. That is just lovely! And dreamy too.

  9. I am mesmerized by your indigo haiku... And it is almost like looking into a lake... Each of your sky pictures transport me... Into that deep beyond through the portal of your words.... Xo

  10. ~~blush through tangled branches rush~~

    ooowwwww !!
    i wish i had written THAT !!

  11. The deep blue sky enhances the pictures.
    Great series!

  12. Great haiku for the excellent pics.

  13. I love the blue hour!!! thanks for sharing yours!

  14. Beautiful Laura, I particularly liked the last two.

  15. Night's rush is usually MUCH too fast! ;)

  16. What beautiful images, that last taste of indigo is always my favourite as twilight fades to black.


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