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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Red Fox

-remembering Pete Seeger today with flowers the snow has not drowned
they seem determined not to be forgotten.
-this was a song we sang on every long car ride when I was a child
four kids squished across the back seat of a station wagon early 1970’s not understanding war exactly (who does?) but the weight of sadness, of loss
this we felt, it perfumed the air we breathed with the vinyl upholstery in
summer heat

on a crying day (I have them, don’t you?)
my heart imploring the holy blessed One for guidance
not even sure what for (besides “I feel lost” in this moment)
the aura of sorrow thinly draped around my shivering skin
-was pierced by a high pitched moan (not my own)
the sound uncloaked red fox as she meandered
with purpose though the snowy woods and I
watched her through the window
a blaze of color and determination
she deftly wove between trees and brambles
her path was not straight (I felt uncertain on her behalf)
tilting her snout upwards sniffing the air to find her bearings
she trotted her winding path undaunted by the cold
disappearing into silence

she was so quick and I was too surprised to get my camera
but I see her in my mind a flame (tale) lighting the way
-through my forest of confusion and self-doubt
faith intuition a nose for business
(the business of living)
doing my best whatever that happens to be
on a given day (especially a crying day)
as the winds keep changing direction
meandering with attentiveness
even if purpose (beyond finding the next step)
remains unclear

red fox so kind of you to visit on a gray day
these seasonal blues prevailing
even the bare trees have
taken on this hue
but you
a flash of diligent dignity 
called out to let me know
"not all ... who wander are lost"*

*J. R. R. Tolkien

Foxes are masters of camouflage, when one reveals itself during the daytime, it may mean it has something to teach you, or at least be hinting that this is a time to take a closer look at what is hidden in plain sight in your own heart/mind.

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  1. Lovely pictures ~ I think its good to be reminded of the beauty of life by observing the serenity of nature & its creatures ~ Cool on seeing the red fox ~

  2. I so envy you seeing that red fox, Laura. It must have really brightened up such a gray day. (And I am saddened by the death of Pete Seger too...he was one of a kind!)

  3. I didn't realize the "wander are lost" came from Tolkien. I enjoy your photography and poems that walk thru wood and meadow. I can't decide between the green shifted, or the desaturated photograph of the trees, they are both nice. "[T]he aura of sorrow thinly draped around my shivering skin" is a nice line.

  4. Beautiful words to the fox. Sometimes the best gifts, even for a photographer, are those we can't capture in any way. I'm glad the fox gifted you with his presence when you needed it. Hugs.

  5. In the stillness of nature there is life..the red fox a reminder that not all are lost..

  6. I am sitting here and listening to Handel's Alcina--and somehow your blog came to mind--those moments that slip away somehow are like the most profound music--lovely Laura!

  7. "On a crying day", there are times when we have many of them indeed. Not knowing why, yet overwhelmed by an overmastering sadness. I am glad the fox lit up the darkness in your soul.
    We both share cabin fever, it is not just something for a cold climate. Here in our heat-waves with temps into the 100's I dare not step outside for fear of spontaneous combustion.

  8. Beautiful all around!
    Pete Seeger was a part of the music of life as long as I can remember. His songs were heard and sung at all stages from childhood to now. I like your photo tribute here. :)

  9. This past weekend my daughter was telling me she had been enjoying an album of Pete Seeger's she loved as a child, an album that was given to me when I was a young girl. His music will live on for generations to come ~

  10. Often the living make rare appearances when one longs for it. It is true for humans more so for animals! Great write and pics Laura!


  11. So beautifully said Laura. And the Universe listened and sent Red Fox to guide you, The Universe never ceases to amaze me.

  12. Laura, beautifulo
    and I have not disappeared
    seems going inward also.
    I have seen several fox in my area.
    Your images of the woods
    looks like what I see from my windows :)

  13. i def have my crying days....its part of being human you know...nature though brings me back ot the reality of life
    and the peace of it all...

  14. How wonderful to spot a red fox. Your poem is beautiful. I especially love
    "but you
    a flash of diligent dignity
    called out to let me know
    "not all ... who wander are lost"*

  15. We have foxes too here and they were out the messages they bring...I am doing a whole post next T at the Wildlife blog I write for. I did not know of this from Tolkien and I wrote my own poem....wonderful creatures.

  16. Such a beautiful post and tribute to Pete Seeger, Laura!!! Your words and photos are so wonderful!!!
    I also sang that song in my childhood...

  17. what a masterful writer Tolkien was! your flowers even in their dried state are quite lovely. I had an LP of Peter, Paul and Mary so their rendition of Where Have All the Flowers Gone is the one with which I'm most familiar. Seeger was a prolific writer.
    When we lived in the country, there was a fox that we would encounter occasionally along our long lane (1/2 mile) to our home. It always cheered me when I saw him.

  18. all that is gold does not glitter :)

  19. What lovely words and images paired together to create a wonderful tribute. happy new year to you too.

  20. Poignant reflection…thank you. I particularly liked this line "her path was not straight (I felt uncertain on her behalf)"… love and blessings to you, m'dear...

  21. Great photos and post Laura!

    I love J.R.R.Tolkien...

    Happy weekend


  22. A great post, full of hope. Yes, I think we all have crying days.

  23. Such beautiful woods ... such beautiful words. Yes we all have those days.

    Our son just e-mailed a picture of one of the foxes in the vacant lot next door to them. He is sad because they are starting to develop the lot....they have lived next door to the foxes for over 10 years. We wonder where they will go.

  24. Great post, and I find your photos very interesting. Nice work!


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