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When we see through our hearts, we recognize that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to be courageous, to look and listen deeply, to find the sparks, gather and release them back into the universe, transformed into something new. Join me as we wake up to the sacred-ordinary blessings waiting to greet us each and every day.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Heart Macro 80

It is surely not at all lack of gratitude, rather abundance that has kept me from posting a hakarat hatov (recognizing the good) every day this month as I had planned, plans change, life flows. This week forward will be quite full, preparing to teach later this week, doctor's appointments, "stitching" together our 6th Annual Gratitude Quilt, and creating a little film to accompany it. So please forgive me for being terribly lax in visiting. It may be that I am only able to share I Heart Macro and will not post anything else until unfurling the Quilt on Thanksgiving Day. I am still accepting offerings for the project, so please if you have not done so already, send me a message, It is so simple and uplifting to write down a word, a sentence a paragraph affirming you thankfulness.

"What are you grateful for in THIS moment?"

Welcome to Week Eighty
I Heart Macro
"Pure awareness transcends thinking... It allows you to look at the world once again with open eyes. And when you do so, a sense of wonder and quiet contentment begins to reappear in your life."~Mark Williams and Danny Pennman, from Mindfulness An Eight-Week Plan For Finding Peace In A Frantic World

It is time for YOU to share the love up-close with YOUR

I Heart Macro offerings!

Shine the Divine

Enjoy slowing down with your camera, paying full attention, observing beauty and curiosities many people pass right by. Your generosity of spirit and keen eyes may open the door to miniscule miracles and mirth others would not have access to otherwise. Feel free to include poetry, prose and thoughts your macro photo or series inspire(s) in you. Writing is completely optional for participation. Straight out of the camera (SOC), edited, color, black and white; anything goes as long as you bring the viewer near to whatever it is that drew your heart's attention and "woke you up" to full presence.

Please link back to my blog either using the button provided or by linking the words "I Heart Macro" back to my blog with this link: By sharing the link, visitors to your blog will learn about this meme and have a chance to participate as well if they so choose. 

Visit each other...

S  p  r  e  a  d  the  LOVE. Thanks :-)

*The IHM Linky will open tonight at 8pm/EST and will remain open all week until the next one begins*
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  1. I can completely understand....I am linking in 2 blogs but will be somewhat busy with family through this week....I look forward to the Quilt. And thank you for doing all you do!

  2. I love your macro's Laura. What am I grateful for? Well, not only for my family and friends, but for meeting people like you in blog land. Truth!

  3. let's get small!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  4. You have beautiful images here... visual haiku.

  5. I like the leaf image right above your i heart macro.

  6. Lovely shots, Laura!
    I like it!
    Have a nice week!
    Hugs Britta

  7. Love the first picture ! Adorable !

  8. We are in such busy seasons, celebrations more than gardening, with nature taking a break and leaving such colorful mementos. Much to be grateful for, and we need a heart full of thankfulness.

  9. Lovely photos! Wish you a nice week!

  10. Dear Laura -

    I'm thankful for your "I heart macro" post today and LOVE your pic. It reminds me on taking and giving / trusting & caring ... just to be safe wherever we are.

    I'm taking a little winterbreak and will be back to see you and your wonderful pics in 2015.

    Have a magical Xmas-time & a cheerful New Years Eve: ♥

  11. Lovely shots Laura. Everyone is quit busy these days...Keep calm and enjoy. Thanks for hosting!

  12. Love all your images, specially the first one - so marvelous!!

    warm hugs and have a very nice week, my friend.

  13. Beautiful images Laura. Remember be kind to yourself. :)

  14. I love this purple leaf!
    Have a nice week Laura!

  15. Beautiful fall images Laura. Thank you for hosting!

  16. Wonderful pictures! Thank you for hosting and A happy week of november!

  17. gorgeous macro shots!
    wish you a great week.

  18. Beautiful photos!! Have a wonderful week!

  19. What gorgeous shots!

  20. Hi,Laura. I sent my message to your email address as follows," I could find many various things from the blogger site. I want to express my gratitude to the all o my blogger friends." But,Email did not reach to you. The coomputer only said that " mistake had happen." So it's impossible for me to send a message to you. Sorry.

  21. Beautiful shots Laura..I am so sorry as I didn't get to I Heart Macro even though I had a post ready and then forgot about the gratitude quilt..but I am so grateful to be welcoming a new member of our family this spring... Love and Happy Thanksgiving... Michelle

  22. These shots are a beauty indeed!!

    Cheers :)


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