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Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Heart Macro 96

"Hello. Do you like my hat?"

Second day of spring, I watch a fine dusting of snow descend, coating quiet branches, not yet dressed in the tiny leaves that soon will emerge. Powdered sugar sprinkled on conifers comes to mind, sweetness to ease the transition from this silent season to the vibrant one we are slowly entering. In a few days, March 24th, I will meet the half-century mark; hello to fifty springs, goodbye to forty-nine turns of the wheel up until now.    

I have much to be grateful for; every encounter with beings and Beingness, flora, fauna, mountain, river, marsh, snowflake, single raindrop or drenching downpour, sounds and near silence (for the hum of earth, life, breath are continuous). Thankful for brightly lit days and the dim liminal space between dawn and dusk, not knowing what the day or night will bring, for pitch black velvet cloaked cloudy nights and a moon so full it makes sleep a impossible. Everything, every experience of joy in all its flavors, sorrow steeped and ragged breathed, or wonderfully ordinary yawning stretches of time, all of it has blessed me with opportunities to learn on the sacred pilgrimage to this moment. 

A single bird sings through the delicate snow and dense cloud cover, within moments the sun makes an opening, more birds join in and suddenly as if a dam has burst water pours off the warming roof, while the last flakes drift down, finer than when they started two hours before. Steam rises from the shingles. Blue becomes visible once again.

I rescued some branches that fell due to high winds and heavy snow a few weeks ago, gave them a drink and shelter on our kitchen windowsill, offered them a chance to bloom, they would have withered separated from their mother trees had I not done so.    

Back to my "hat"

As their catkins sprouted I was reminded of one of the first books from which my eldest daughter learned to read, Go Dog Go. Throughout the story two silly characters appear. One dog repeatedly asks, “Do you like my hat?”  The other responds, “I do not like it.” Until wearing an over the top elaborately fancy hat, the first dog asks after many failed attempts at approval, “Hello again. And now do you like my hat?” finally, “I do. What a hat! I like it! I like that party hat!”

Time is fluid, an energetic river flowing with the current of life-force; past becomes present in an instant through memory's gate, nearing my 50th birthday, these exuberant catkin blossoms all looked like party hats to me!

Won’t you celebrate the mystery of life's renewal with me?

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad, thank you for inviting me into the world through your love. 

Life measured by love
this is how I count the breaths
for what else matters?

Half a century
how sweet this cup of nectar
my heart spills over,

head bowed in deep gratitude
one hundred blessings each day.

Ps. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, I am healing, slowly taking my time to return to "normal" activities.

Welcome to Week Ninety-Six
I Heart Macro
"Pure awareness transcends thinking... It allows you to look at the world once again with open eyes. And when you do so, a sense of wonder and quiet contentment begins to reappear in your life."~Mark Williams and Danny Pennman, from Mindfulness An Eight-Week Plan For Finding Peace In A Frantic World

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Shine the Divine

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  1. What a lovely collection of catkins and buds! I hope you have a wonderful day on your birthday :D

  2. A walk in nature, with green all around, rejuvenates our soul. Love your clicks :-)

  3. Your words are amazing!! your thoughts are amazing! I love all the special details from nature that you've shared with us, the lovely catkins ("Mâțișori" to me)...and you're right: "time is fluid"...
    Happy Birthday to you! Warm greetings of well, of good health and joy for you and the whole family! All the best from here and a very happy sunny Spring, as well!
    Hugs, Andra Alexa T

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I like your hat! Happy Birthday, Laura ~

  5. O yes! A fine and fluffy hat :)

  6. Wonderful b&w photo!
    My post at:

  7. Even though spring is stalled, I love your hat...and your beginning of spring....Happy, happy birthday to you Laura! Have the best day!

  8. Love seeing the new buds and catkins in the spring. Happy birthday, Laura!

  9. I like all the pretty party hats shown here.

  10. What a beautiful, loving grateful post this is, Laura. May your birthday be a celebration of all of those 49 years, and may the years going forward be even more filled with blessings. Your writing, your perspective, is a blessing to us all.

  11. Aw ! the first spring signs ! Beautiful, I wish we would be so far in Belgium !

  12. Heisann!

    Here too, Winter -Spring-Winter-Spring change in a day...
    Lovely photos of yours . Have a nice week ☺️

  13. Wonderful photos, Laura!
    Have a nice week!

  14. Beautiful pictures, not only the macros!
    From today I come to your blog with my macros, too.
    Best wishes

  15. Happy Birthday, Laura and welcome in the club 50! Let's celebrate spring and a new beginning.

  16. Lovely post Laura........beautiful images and words!
    Your woods look magical....

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  17. Thank you Laura for your heart warming, spring approaches post!

  18. Wonderful spring fotos! I like it!
    Have a nice day, Nina

  19. Happy Birthday! I turned 50 last October. You're not alone. :-) Lovely pictures by the way!

  20. Like usul, beautiful pics. Such interesting plants. Happy Birthday!

  21. Thank you as always for hosting and for your own pictures and thoughts. I'm glad you're feeling better, Spring is certainly the perfect season for healing and re-emerging. And PS, I am sorry I goofed up on my thumbnail, no idea what I did wrong, but sure it was my fault ((

  22. Wonderful capture, nice macros, beautiful pictures with exquisite colors and reflections!

  23. Great macro pictures of spring! Marit

  24. Lovely and creative post and photography! Happy 50th to you ~ You are just a 'young un' ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  25. Your journey has given you so much insight! A thankful spirit is a wonderful thing. It's great you gave the cut branches a chance to break forth into their blooming catkins, and so fascinating!

  26. Very beautiful shots and insightful post.

  27. What gorgeous spring shots. We celebrated with snow too!

  28. Beautiful images and thoughts of springtime.

  29. How good to see that you have some indoor plants that are thriving despite the cold outside!

  30. Happy, happy birthday! These are wonderful images.

  31. To bring in those little branches.. to have that beauty for your birthday.. what a wonderful reason to pass and send my greetings.

  32. Happy Birthday!

    "Life measured by love
    this is how I count the breaths
    for what else matters?"

    love is all you need and all we can take with us in the end.

  33. Happy Birthday!!!! These are wonderful photos of spring and great macro detail...Thank you for viewing my blind children birding video. Most people didn't and didn't get it... I knew you would...Michelle

  34. All your images are wonderful, and I love your talent with macro photography.
    Please come share at

  35. Happy Birthday! Love the hats and I remember that book Go Dog Go.

  36. Thank you, Laura, I needed to read this on today's morning. I loved reading all that you had to be thankful for. It's a great life and we should all be thankful for surviving the winter so we can enjoy the spring. (I am thankful for living another fourteen years, special thanks to modern medical advances and doctors' skills and knowledge, now keeping me alive.)
    [ ] past it in if you care to read it, an early blog of mine.

  37. Happy Half Century! Looks like winter is still holding on for you. Lovely macro shots.

  38. Wonderful photos!
    Congrats to your birthday (I'm to late - ), all the best, much love and blessings

    (I'm a little ill in last time, but I will join again next week)

  39. Quite fond of that "hat" - such beautiful colors and texture.

  40. Ha, I remember reading "Go, Dog, Go" to my kids! They loved it!! Beautiful macro shots, and happy 50th!!

  41. Hope you had a perfectly lovely birthday Laura. Lovely to see your trees burgeoning into life again.

  42. Thanks for letting us link to your lovely page Laura.

  43. Dear Laura, I love these party hats celebrating you and the beauty you share with us all! May spring kiss you gently and bring life and breath to your healing... surrounding you with love, lots and lots of love!

  44. a (late) happy birthday! YES!! i love your hat!!
    have a nice weekend!

  45. we have missed the snow here in the west, missed the hush of snow and the thaw of spring, lovely to see it here!

  46. Did a birthday slip through, Laura. I see you celebrating 50 years, or so it seems. Lovely haiku series celebrating life.


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