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Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Heart Macro 125

meandering through the snow
delight in discovery
my friend leads the way

During the storm…

Later that afternoon…

This morning, two days after…

Welcome to Week 124
I Heart Macro
"Pure awareness transcends thinking... It allows you to look at the world once again with open eyes. And when you do so, a sense of wonder and quiet contentment begins to reappear in your life."~Mark Williams and Danny Pennman, from Mindfulness An Eight-Week Plan For Finding Peace In A Frantic World

It is time for YOU to share the love up-close with YOUR
I Heart Macro offerings!

Enjoy slowing down with your camera, paying full attention, observing beauty and curiosities many people pass right by. Your generosity of spirit and keen eyes may open the door to miniscule miracles and mirth others would not have access to otherwise. Feel free to include poetry, prose and thoughts your macro photo or series inspire(s) in you. Writing is completely optional for participation. Straight out of the camera (SOC), edited, color, black and white, anything goes as long as you bring the viewer near to whatever it is that drew your heart's attention and "woke you up" to full presence.

Shine the Divine

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S  p  r  e  a  d  the  LOVE. Thanks :-)
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  1. Stunning macro shots Laura and a sweet companion to guide you through the storm. Happy week to you my friend!

  2. It looks still very cold ! The macro is beautiful !

  3. Helo Laura,
    thanks for the amazing macro shots, I love it!
    Have a nice week,

  4. Incredible changes in short time...Well captured through your lens to let us admire and observe the nature in splendour!! And the little friend is so pretty, a good companion for a lovely walk*-*
    In every aspect I see something like a delight for soul, but the golden light is my favourite...what sight!!
    Best regards, Laura, for you and whole family, in this month of february and always!

  5. I like your pictures and the atmosphere they convey.

  6. beautiful! Love the spotty collar too.
    Thank you Laura for inspiring us.

    Have a lovely week!

  7. Beautiful macro photos, Laura. I love this post!

  8. Dear Laura, great photos of the snow! We don't have a "really" winter with lots of snow this year, so I enjoyed watching yours :-)
    Have a good week!

  9. Hi Laura :o)
    OMG what beautiful ice shots! I like it so much! And i see, you had a lot of fun with your dogidog in the snow ;-D
    Have a nice week, cherry!
    Greetings form Hamburg

  10. Hello, Laura! Your furbaby is so cute! What a great companion for your walk. I love the frosty images. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  11. That last one looks like an ice caterpillar. Right now the snow is the size of cornflakes, which makes me think about all the milk being sold at the grocery store so the kids who don't have school can have cereal in the morning. Sorry my thumbnail link got messed up.

  12. Great shots. How brave is that doggie to go out and play in the cold.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  13. How very exquisite!

  14. I love your poodle in the snow photos, Laura! The ice and snow are really reigning at your house, I love the final bud full of hope and promise.

  15. Those frosty images make me feel good to be here in Florida. Funny-- I grew up in New Jersey and loved winter, so everything is relative. My actual macro is the butterfly on my blog header, which does not transfer to Linky. Zoomed to eagle's head as a poor substitute.

  16. Super snowy shots! I love your cute dog!

  17. Hi Laura, how is your health going. I still keep you in y daily prayer. Love your wirer shots especially since I am melting in our continuing heat.

  18. Beautiful images of snow and light and shadow. Your dog is adorable.

  19. I love that shot of the ice crystals on the twig!

  20. It is SO good to see you again. It has been a long time. I have been doing a lot with my artwork and neglecting my posting. I am trying to put up one shot a day for 2016 but don’t know if I will make it. Love these macro sots. The bud in the last one is awesome, and the ice on that branch really reminds me we are in the heart of winter. Hope you are staying warm. It is very cold here. Added my name to your follower list. Do not know how I neglected to do that earlier.

  21. The pics make me feel cold. But enjoyed seeing the details. :)

  22. your photos are always so wonderful! We got more snow today. Has warmed up enough to melt it off the drive but it is still too cold! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

  23. Again I am awed by your icy photography. Lovely!

  24. Hello dear Laura, how I love wandering through your woods through your lens... that bud... another one of your magic wands spreading beauty for us all... much thanks to you and your friend for leading the way...

  25. Beautiful wintry photos ..... I hope something helps your pain dear Laura

  26. Thanks for dropping in at my blog Laura
    Have a happy ST Valentines Day

    much love...

  27. So many beautiful pictures here :) Love the snow..

  28. dear laura,
    thank you for sharing your snowy adventure. glad your sweet friend was there leading the way!


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