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Sunday, August 7, 2016

I Heart Macro 132


Long ago glacier, become river
smoothing stones for one hundred
million years season after season life
and death and life given, touched, taken,
tumbled, carried along these waters where
beginnings and endings begin and begin. Come
dip your toes in the clear golden flow of eternity.

Where shall I begin?

Much has happened since I last posted in June. The intensity of this last MS pseudo exacerbation has abated after three months. There are no visible changes on MRI scans, which is good, even though my body feels different with some of the last round of symptoms persisting (new normal). And so it goes.

During these months, I received initiation as a reiki master, completed an intensive training from our local Home Health and Hospice Care as a volunteer and have been visiting with folks at various way stations on their journey. Most people think Hospice is about death, I'm learning more and more that it is about life, which of course includes letting go into Mystery.

It is a deep, humbling, heart expanding, life affirming honor and privilege to companion and witness each individual person, to meet them exactly where they are. Some talk with me about their day, their life from childhood through adulthood; snippets, here and there about their joys, sorrows, as they show me photos of beloveds. For others memory is no longer attainable or essential, the present moment is truly all that exists. And for those who are unable to respond in words, I talk gently so they know they are not alone, or sing softly with my hand touching their arm or hand. I have offered reiki as part of sitting vigil when a family member requests it, to ease the journey of their loved one who is actively dying, and to the family members as well, because they too benefit from the comfort and healing flow of love.

All of this feels natural as though it is where my personal history, education, innate gifts and BEINGNESS have been leading me all along.

This is why I have not been online. I’ve been living life to the brim. 

I did have an opportunity to go to the seashore over the fourth of July, driven down by one daughter and our niece who lives in Boston. That was really the start of feeling better as I took my first solo walk of the season along a short stretch down the beach and back. It was good to be with the four out of seven young adult “kids” who could make it this year, my sister, sister-in-law and mom. My husband and I have had a few adventures together this summer as well. Visiting friends at their lake house in northern New Hampshire (there was a mamma and papa loon and two chicks paddling with us.) Lets see, we went to a beautiful wedding. And then spent a weekend with other good friends at their lake house in Maine. We have taken two short hikes. In early July I was able to see some lady slippers blooming, which was lovely since I was unable to walk to visit our local patch in June. And then another slightly longer hike (not steep because my body won’t allow it) last weekend, just 3.4 miles round trip to a lake in the mountains where there was a single lonely loon gliding across the water. 

Below are photos from the little adventures mentioned above.

I am not sure what I want to do about I Heart Macro. I suppose whenever I do post I will add a linkytools link, for now it is obviously not a weekly meme. That said, the one thing you can depend on is change, so who knows, maybe it will be weekly again at some point, or bi-weekly or monthly. Lets see what happens?
Welcome to Week 131
I Heart Macro
"Pure awareness transcends thinking... It allows you to look at the world once again with open eyes. And when you do so, a sense of wonder and quiet contentment begins to reappear in your life."~Mark Williams and Danny Pennman, from Mindfulness An Eight-Week Plan For Finding Peace In A Frantic World

It is time for YOU to share the love up-close with YOUR
I Heart Macro offerings!

Enjoy slowing down with your camera, paying full attention, observing beauty and curiosities many people pass right by. Your generosity of spirit and keen eyes may open the door to miniscule miracles and mirth others would not have access to otherwise. Feel free to include poetry, prose and thoughts your macro photo or series inspire(s) in you. Writing is completely optional for participation. Straight out of the camera (SOC), edited, color, black and white, anything goes as long as you bring the viewer near to whatever it is that drew your heart's attention and "woke you up" to full presence.

Shine the Divine

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  1. Wow !! Beautiful shots !!

  2. Love the heart shaped white petal and the heart rock; you are a blessing to those you serve in hospice. I admire all you accomplished even during your health crises.

  3. Good to see you back and feeling better, Laura. Your photos and narrative are beautiful and inspiring. I just happened to check your link and hope you will have time and energy to host this meme whenever possible. Thank you!

  4. Hi! I knew many things happened for you. I hope you will keep your health. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful and speaking photos!
    Glad to read about you and your "love-live" (don't have the words in English). Real life is much more important (I'll going in a break today)... but when you are blogging, I'll find you :-)
    Much love from far away

  6. Hello, Laura! Lots of beautiful things for you! and so lovely aspects captured in images above! many thanks for sharing them with us! Greetings of well to you and whole family! Best regards!

  7. Glad to hear you are feeling much better Laura.
    Your photos are the tiny bugs....amazing colours!
    Best wishes,

  8. So nice to see a post from you, Laura. Lovely to know you are doing hospice work. I did as well, and it is truly a privilege. As you say, it is much more about living than dying.

  9. So good to read your work again and see you gorgeous pictures. You have been busy! Keep living life to the brim!

  10. What a lovely post Laura. Reading about what you are doing, working with hospice, reiki, hiking and nature. Not so good that you have had a bad MS phase. I do love all your photos but particularly the rushing river and the heart stone.

  11. So glad to hear you are feeling much better Laura :) So beautiful photos you show here!

  12. Beautiful post Laura and so inspiring. Wishing you good health.

  13. Heisann, have a nice week, Laura ;:OD)

  14. I am glad the exacerbation has eased and LOVE that you are doing hospice work. I have done so, as well, and as you say it is an honour to accompany a soul as it makes that journey. You are, as always, an inspiration, Laura.

  15. I, too, have been blogging less, but I do think of you and am glad to check in and see you've had a respite and the chance to have some lovely times with family and friends. I am also so thrilled to read that you've been able to minister at the Hospice in your area. I know your loving and empathetic spirit must be deeply appreciated. ❤


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