Shine the Divine:

Creativity IS a Spiritual Practice

When we see through our hearts, we recognize that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to be courageous, to look and listen deeply, to find the sparks, gather and release them back into the universe, transformed into something new. Join me as we wake up to the sacred-ordinary blessings waiting to greet us each and every day.


A River Of Stones

An explanation and invitation from Fiona and Kaspalita:

What are small stones?

A small stone is a short piece of writing (prose or poetry) that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment. The process of finding small stones is as important as the finished product – searching for them will encourage you to keep your eyes (and ears, nose, mouth, fingers, feelings and mind) open.

Read more about small stones here, and read many examples of small stones at my blogzine, a handful of stones. Read Fiona's free ebook about Lorrie with pea-green eyes.


Below you will find links to stones I've been collecting from the river of mindful awareness since that first challenge January 2011:

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and some more that tumbled about longing to be noticed...
1. The brilliance of sun across sheets after a day of rain gray skies awakens gratitude. 
2. Right foot burns, yet is cool to the touch, lips and tongue cannot coordinate to form words properly; neurons befuddled, mind oh so clear.
3. I watch her wooly chest as it rises and falls in medicated sleep; silvered chocolate curls cut short, into rivulets of fur. Poor pup, in need of surgery today.
4. Inhaling the scent of fresh basil on my hand (having torn the leaves for our marinara), I listen to the first mourning dove; home from her winter wanderings.
5. I watch as he lifts her with such tenderness from her little bed. My heart breaks for the love of man for dog as his soothing voice, gossamer, whispered ribbons, trails down the steps with her in his arms.
6. I wait in the light of my computer screen, for my daughter to arrive, hands glowing in the darkened room. My body is ready for sleep, but my heart simply will not allow it, not until I hold her in my arms and welcome her home. The digital numbers on the bedside clock shift too slowly.
7. Sun streams through the bedroom window, shower steams the bath on the other side of the door, birds trilling morning songs beyond my window, my belly comfortably satiated from breakfast; ahhh, gratitude for this moment infuses my whole being.
8. The unique trill of each bird’s morning song resonates, vibrates and harmonizes with the sound of my breath and the beating of my own contented heart.
9. As my tea touches my lips, I realize they are the same temperature. How long has the cup been sitting while my mind was occupied with writing?
10. Dripping, drumming, thrumming, on the roof, against windows, not so random rain-notes harmonize with my own breath. This song of the earth rises up-- a crescendo, a wave of sound infused with emotion that cannot be sustained forever. I sigh. Relief. Silence slowly fills my ears again.
11. The smallest act of kindness reminds me that gravity exists, and even more to the point that there is a wise and loving force flowing through the universe, holding everything in alignment, exactly as it is meant to be, releasing me from a chaotic whirling mind state, cradling me in calm centered gratitude. 
12. It is often the simplest things we notice; new leaves like bat wings freed, silhouetted against the sky in a pattern that will last no longer than a single day, that remind us how tenuous and precious each moment is.
13. The emerald hue of rain drenched leaves and grass is brilliant beneath the weight of gray skies. Life is flowing and growing, and I'm so grateful to have eyesight with which to witness the landscape and a nose that capable of inhaling the perfume of blossoms doused in heavens tears.
14. At 5 AM, the woods were shrouded with a thick blanket of fog; an apt reminder that we can only see-feel where we are standing right now, beyond this lays mystery. Taking the next step is a matter of faith. Faith that after lifting one foot, there will be stability when it meets the earth next to the other foot, and if not, trusting that we will gradually discover a way to find balance again soon.
15. The heat rose from the pavement in waves around my wheelchair as we got out of the car on an errand. Temperatures above 80 interfere with my motor functioning, making it nearly impossible to express myself with intelligible words until my body cools down, yet my joy for the shimmer of sun is clear to anyone looking at my smile.
16. The rhythmic chirping is metronome perfect, as that chipmunk announces dawn and warns of dusk.
17. Sunlight slips across my lap, air conditioner hisses, drowning out birdsong, keeping my core temperature cool, offering invisible protection with a wall of diffused “silence” so I can contemplate and write.
18. I woke to a single bird’s song rising above the early morning thunder.
19. 613-not only today’s date—that is how many people viewed my blog today and the same number as there are mitzvot in the Torah; I feel blessed knowing that my words and images have reached that many hearts of other human beings in a single day.
20. Who knew my chariot had magical powers….not only can it get me where I need to go gliding smoothly like Aladin’s carpet, but it can make me disappear. I hope this does not sound bitter; this was simply my experience. I felt strangely invisible as parents of kids I’ve known since my daughter was in kindergarten walked right past without saying hello during the award ceremony. Perhaps it was because they were focused on their kids, or because I’ve not been able to be involved in volunteering for such a long time, or because I was below their line of vision, seated in my wheelchair. But I remembered all of them and watched them chat with one another…it is interesting to simply observe without the burden of small talk.
21. Listening to the rhythmic sound of my cat “nursing” on our standard poodle’s paw, while the dog grooms her other foot; such affection between two adopted animal siblings, one 8lbs, the other 50lbs, opens the heart to hope for humans to love one another with more ease and acceptance of differences.
22. I watch the light softening the sky to a pale lilac-blue, every tree and boulder rosy as the sun makes her descent. Spring bids us farewell, a new summer to be born tomorrow.
23. Perhaps it is the density of clouds, the chill,  (55F even though it is officially midsummer). I feel small, thin, translucent, as though I might soon be swallowed into the gray along with the vapor that has not yet been released into seemingly pointless drops and puddles, just sitting there upon the surface of fully saturated earth breeding mosquitoes. I hold a warm cup of tea in my hands and wonder when the sun will return, balance restored.
24. Silver sparkles; droplets of rain adorn oak leaves, a small miracle lifting my spirits in gratitude this morning.
25. I sit observing the statue-still cat’s face reflected in the glass of the sliding door, as she is intent on watching every motion of a chipmunk on the other side. Cat TV.